10 Hottest Frohawk Styles You Need to Try

The afro hairstyle is a trademark for the African men wherever he goes. The current trend is Frohawk. This is a blend of the Afro and Native American Mohawk hairstyle. Today, we are sampling 10 of the best Mohawk trends for your collection.


Best Frohawk Styles for Men

Here we have 10 best afro Mohawk styles that are trending like crazy. Have a thorough look to get the look that you desire.

1. Curly High Top Fade

medium fade afro mohawk

This frohawk is famous for its combination of several hairstyles. It has a medium skin fade which has a demarcating line on the side. The hair is medium with slight rough unkempt tufts.

Its maintenance is simple. You just have to wash, dry, and ruffle your hair. It has a high appeal to the high school going young men.


2. Low Fade Afro 

frohawk styles for men

This is the basic Mohawk style available for black men. The sides are fading, and the middle hair is nice and wll kept. You do not have to worry about maintaining it. It is easy to wash and dry. When your Afro hair is dry, you comb the hawk like any hair. The simplicity gives you a serious and trendy personality.


3. High Bald Fade 

high bald fade afro mohawk with beard

This is the real presence of the African machismo. In addition to the mean-looking Mohawk appearance, the accessories like the bull ring and studs give you the no-nonsense demeanor.

It is popular with bikers and tough men with high adrenalin activities. If you are the tough guy character, this look matches your personality.


4. Low Bald Fade + Highlights

colored afro mohawk with design

This is an expression of art. The bald fade gives you the platform to design some patterns to match your colored curls. Besides the artistic heart, you have the chance to explore all the colors you deem fit.

This gives your heart the free will to have what you really want. It is more prominent in young men, and the young at heart.


5. Short Mohawk Fade

afro mohawk with high fade

This is a combination of the simple hairstyles. It is a simple high fade with a short frohawk. It is not explicit.

Thus you will rarely notice it. The crown has curls making it professional. It is a good way of expressing your maturity. The frohawk is popular with young professionals and athletes.


6. Disconnected Haircut

This Mohawk stands out for its sideline demarcation. The line starts from the face and runs down to the back of the head on both sides. This sets a separation between the fade and the hair crown.

Though the Afro hair is high, the style gives you a serious professional look. Ultimately, you will earn respect wherever you go.


7. Big Afro Hawk

This style has two lines running from the face downwards to the backside of the head. It is the lines that set the demarcation boundaries between the side fade and the hair.

Maintaining this style may look hard, but it is not. The Afro curls are not chemically induced. You have to ruffle the hair to keep them. It is best for high school students feeling high with themselves.


8. Short Mohawk with Dye

This traditional short afro haircut has a high fade with a short crown. The base of the crown is the original black color. To add on the artistic spirit, the top of the crown has a brown dye.

This gives you the exploring spirit to define your heart. If you are the experimenting type, this is for you.


9. Mohawk Mullet

frohawk hairstyles with pattern

It is a simple combination of the Mohawk and well-maintained Afro curls. The sides of the hawk have well defined artistic patterns to match.

The Afro Mohawk with design is a trademark of elegance for the young, rich, and vibrant. If you are looking to express your heart in style, you need to have a look at this.


10. Taper Fade + Mohawk 

afro mohawk styles for men

The style is unique for its top fade sides and the high afro top. Also, the crown has its share of slight curls. In addition to the hair, there is a beard to hatch.

The combination of a well-maintained Mohawk and a neat curly beard gives you that extra sparkle. You will get the attention you need anytime. It is best for fashion models and outdoor fun-loving summer season men.


Fashion is a statement of elegance. With these 10 frohawk hairstyles, we sincerely hope you have the sample of what you want.

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