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30 Hottest Frohawk Styles You Need to Try

The frohawk haircuts are becoming increasingly popular among men due to their unique and eye-catching style. Although this hairdo has been around for centuries, it underwent a revival in the 2010s. It is an innovative style combining two popular trends, mohawk, and afro hair.

For some men, this combination of afro and mohawk add an extra bit of edge to their style, while other might find that it helps them look more polished. Regardless of why you might choose this style, there are plenty of variations you can try.


What Is a Frohawk?

frohawk haircut for men

A frohawk is a hairstyle among men with afro hair. The style is a mohawk with afro-textured hair and in most cases, the hair will stand up on its own. Women sometimes wear a frohawk, but it is generally a male style.


How To Do a Frohawk 

Most of the time, a ‘hawk is created by shaving the sides and leaving the strip of hair in the center of the head from the forehead to the base of the neck longer in length.

You can achieve this without shaving the sides by using cornrows to pull the hair back on the sides.

Here is our step-by-step guide to creating a frohawk with shaved sides.

  1. Mark off the area you want to leave long. Make sure it is centered and equal on both sides of your center line.
  2. Create a fade from the bottom of your hairline to the beginning of the frohawk.
  3. Style the frohawk in any way you like to style your natural curls!

It is a simple hairstyle that is fashionable and useful for those who have afro-textured hair or want to keep their curls out of their face. It is common among professionals and athletes for this reason.

If you prefer to use the cornrow method, ask for cornrows in a symmetrical design that leads up to the center line of hair you want long on the top. It is better to use cornrows if you want more versatility in styling and do not want to commit to having shaved sides.


Watch Following Tutorial to Learn How to Do Frohawk


Easy Frohawk Hairstyles for Men

Try one of these easy frohawks if you’re looking to rock with your hairstyle. They’re simple to do and will help you take your look up a notch.

1. Undercut Frohawk

frohawk with undercut for men

Men who want a rugged and masculine look can try frohawks blending with an undercut. It is ideal for looser locks. You can just fade the sides while keeping the top a bit longer to achieve this style.


2. Spike + Skin Fade

spikey frohawk haircut for men

If you want to get a spiky style, but don’t want the hassle of getting a full Mohawk, then you may want to consider trying a skin fade. Begin by fading all hair above your ears and spike the top with the high center portion.


3. Dreaded ‘Hawk

frohawk with dreads for men

To achieve this updo mohawk style, shave or skin fade the sides to keep the dreadlocks out of your face and tie them high on the center part of your head. Although this style requires a little maintenance, it is versatile and can be worn with most outfits.


4. Short Frohawk

frohawk for men

This hairstyle is popular for men with short afro hair to get a fresh look that’s different from any other hairstyle out there. For this style, keep your curly hair short on the top and shorter on the sides.


5. Fohawk with Braids

frohawk with braids for men

Instagram / thatssoraven_hair

Braids are the perfect option if you’re looking for a stylish, easy, affordable way to rock a fohawk hairstyle. To style it, part your hair in the middle and braid the hair on either side of the part, making sure to keep it tight against the scalp.


6. Long Spiral

frohawk with shaved sides for men

Instagram / zabrinamakeup

If you have long curly spiral-type hair and looking for an attention-grabbing style, then you can try shaving the sides while the middle part kept long. The shaved side gives the appearance of a longer hair length and creates an exciting contrast with the long curly hair.


7. Patterned Undercut

frohawk haircut with beard

Instagram / savagehairproblems

The pattern will add a touch of class to your look, while the undercut emphasizes the afro hair volume. Begin by cutting hair on the side of your head closest to your ear shorter than the hair on the top. Take care to make sure the undercut is symmetrical on both sides of your head.


8. Faded Lineups

dyed frohawk hair for men

Instagram / mscuttinup1

Faded hair with lineups on the back is a daring and bold look that will get you noticed. Start cutting your hair short on the sides and back to get this look. You can even dye your hair to add more appeal.


9. Kids Hawk

frohawk haircut for kids

Instagram / barberjess_uk

This style can be a great option if you want your baby boy to look different and unique. It is very simple to style; just leave the top hair long and bushy. On top of that, you can add some designs on the faded sides.


10. Blonde Frohawk

frohawk with color for men

Instagram / xo_xo_rel

This modern conversion of the mohawk is perfect for men with puffy afro hair. The top hair has blonde color paired with shadow fade, which highlights the length. There is no doubt that the blonde shades on the top add the blonde Mohican feel.


11. Burst Fade with Twisted Top

frohawk haircut for men

Instagram / wjunior_barbeiro

The burst fade hairstyle blending with an afro-hawk is a cool and modern look that can be easily pulled off with a twisted top. It is perfect if you want to add some contrast to your look. The slightly twisted top on the front provides the necessary support so that the hair can hold its shape throughout the day.


12. Nappy Fade

frohawk with fade for men

Instagram / swolkutz

If you have kinky black hair and looking for an easy-to-do style, the faded nappy hairstyle can be an excellent choice. The most common way to get this hairstyle is to trim the hair off in a vertical line right down the side of the head or chop off the hair.


13. Designed Sharp Fade

frohawk with design for men

Instagram / junior_barbershop

This hairstyle will give you the look of a funky mohawk. The style includes cutting the hair short on the sides and gradually fading away while the top remains intact.


14. Faux Hawk

frohawk haircut for men

Instagram / thebarbershoppect

Men who want to have a little length on the top should try the faux style. The best way to achieve this style is by combining the skin fade with medium or long hair on top. This can be an alternative to the classic mohawk for men.


15. Long Hawk

long hair frohawk for men

Instagram / rasburu

If you have thick afro hair and want to keep them long, you can go for a hawk. It is characterized by extremely long bushy hair tied with a hair band or clip and makes a fauxhawk.


16. Mid Fade

messy frohawk haircut for men

Instagram / dylanreyes

A messy frohawk hairstyle with a mid fade is a great way to add some edge to your look. This style is easy to do and can be done in just a few minutes using your favorite hairspray, and mid fade creates a natural-looking shadow on the sides of your head.


17. Twisted Locs

frohawk with locs

Instagram / source

Men with medium to long hair can add length and texture with the locs. It can give you the appearance of hawks without having to shave your head or take any other drastic measures. However, this kind of hairstyle will look great on men with rectangular or square face shapes.


18. Buzzed Hawk

short frohawk haircut for men

Instagram / uppercutsjosh

This style includes fading the sides and leaving the top of the hair trimmed short. It is effortless and works great for men who don’t want to waste their time combing their hair.


19. Low Faded Mohawk

frohawk with low fade

Instagram / saltthebarber

This variation of afro fade creates a burst impression around your ears, which eventually enhances the visibility of the length. It is perfect for the guys who don’t want to style with a full hawk and want to keep it up with a low-maintenance look.


20. Disconnected Undercut Design

If you’re looking for a new way to express yourself with frohawks, try a designed side. You’ll need to find a style that suits your face and then get a hairstylist who can help you create the design.


21. Bun with Crispy Lines

If you have dreadlocks and want to style your afro hair with a man bun, pull the hair back into a ponytail. Use a hair band to secure the ponytail in place and create a bump on the top of the head. Next, create the lines on the forehead while fading the sides.


22. Burst Fade Hawk

frohawk with burst fade

Instagram / hcut.z1

If you’re looking to add a little something extra to your curly hair, consider using a burst fade. Start by cutting your side close to the scalp and leaving some length on the top. Next, use a hair spray to give your hair a natural finish.


23. Disconnected Frohawk

frohawk haircut with part

Instagram / ingenousscisors

If you’re looking to spice things up a bit in your hairstyle game, the frohawk’s sideline will make your style unique. The line runs from the front to the back, which eventually creates a clear distinction between the top and the sides.


24. Temp Fade with Buns

frohawk buns for men

Instagram / dangerouscuts

Temp fades are a simple yet effective way of adding a subtle style to your huge afro hair. While fading, the sides keep the top considerably long so that you can create buns that will give you a shape like a mohawk.


25. Dyed Frohawk

dyed frohawk for men

Instagram / african.cut

You can add different colors and shades to your afro textured hair. However, the hair should be cut according to your preferred length before adding shades to it. The sides are trimmed from top to the bottom, and it ends with skin fade around the ears.


26. Blurry Fade

frohawk haircut for men

Instagram / blendzbyyak

This look is achieved by cutting the hair on the sides of the head very close to the scalp but leaving it moderately long on top. The result is both a modern and edgy look. Whether you are looking for a new style or just want to add some creativity to your look, this hairstyle is perfect for you.


27. Designed Taper Fade

frohawk with design for men

Instagram / kinyozikutsbarber

This hairstyle features a wide mohawk with a gradual taper toward the end, giving it a more refined look. The design can be added by either cutting the hair shorter on the sides or by using a fade haircut. Whether you go for a clean look or want to add some extra visual interest, this style is perfect for you.


28. Red Frohawk

red frohawk hair

Instagram / salonstudio32

This striking look is perfect for those who want to remain unique and show off their personality. The hair is cut short on the sides and keep it medium on the top. When you are done with the cutting, color the top portion of the hair.


29. Punk Look

punk frohawk haircut for men

Instagram / blackhair_magic

Punk hairstyles are a bit more extreme than other hairstyles, and it’s not for everyone. To get this style, shave the sides and keep the top long. Use hard hair gel or styling products to make the top hair strong and keep in place.


30. Shaved Temple with Hard Part

If you’re looking for a sleek and stylish hairstyle that can easily be adapted to any outfit, this hard part hairstyle is perfect for you. To achieve this style, just shave the temple and keep the rest of the hair short. Add a hard part on the side to create a rebellious look.


Frohawk haircuts are a great way to up your style and look sharp. Whether you need a quick change for work or an update for a special occasion, these styles will get the job done quickly and easily. So go ahead and give one of these looks a try today.