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10 Awesome Blonde Hairstyles for Women with Brown Skin

Girls and women with brown skin usually believe they can’t pull off the blonde look, but the reality is different – they can. Contrary to the belief blonde hair on brown skin tone suits really well! Blondes have more fun, they say.

The most outstanding fact about blonde hair is that there is a perfect shade for everyone regardless of your skin tone. Scroll down to see ten blonde hairstyles for brown skinned ladies.



Skin Undertone – How to Determine

how to determine skin undertone

Skin tone and undertone are not the same things, although that’s what most people think. While skin tone can change over time due to various factors, the undertone remains constant even when you tan.

Basically, the undertone is the color underneath the surface of your skin. It’s important to know your undertone in order to make sure your makeup and hair look perfect at all times. Your undertone will help you choose proper products.

Generally speaking, there are three undertone colors:

  • Warm – You can recognize it by the yellow or gold base tone of your skin.
  • Cool – Hints of blue, pink, or red on your skin.
  • Neutral – A combination of both warm and cool hues.

Speaking of undertones, it’s crucial to debunk a myth which states that dark-skinned girls have warm undertone only and fair-skinned girls cool undertone. It’s entirely possible for a fair-skinned girl to have a warm undertone just like a dark-skinned woman can have a cool undertone.

Determining your undertone isn’t that complicated. In fact, it’s quite simple! The easiest way to determine the undertone is to look through your skin at the inner part of the arm and at the veins on your wrist. The color of the veins will tell you all about your undertone.

For instance, if veins appear blueish or purple, it means you have a cool undertone, but if they’re green your undertone is warm.

Another useful way to determine your undertone is to answer the question “do you tan easily and rarely sunburn?” Ladies with neutral and warm undertones do tan easily, and they rarely have sunburns unlike women with a cool undertone.

Women with cool undertones look better when wearing silver and platinum while warm undertone works great with gold jewelry.


Watch The Following Video to Know about How to Determine Your Skin Undertone


How to Choose A Suitable Blonde Shade for Brown Skin Tone

Blonde Shade for Brown Skin Tone

There’s a perfect shade of blonde for every skin tone. Your hairdresser will give you ideal hue based on your complexion. Generally, speaking women with brown skin look best when opting for darker shades of blonde which perfectly blends with their skin tone.

Honey blonde is a style that looks great on everyone, especially on women with brown skin, just like caramel blonde. Lighter shades can also work when styled properly.

The best way to choose the right shade of blonde for your skin tone is to determine your undertone. Cool undertone is suitable for shades such as platinum, golden blonde highlights, creamy and buttery shades. Women with warm undertone may want to choose golden strands and rich honey hues.


Best Blonde Hairstyles for Brown Skin

Now that you know how to determine your undertone and what shade to choose let’s see some of the best blonde hairstyles for brown skin tone.

1. Honey Blonde Ombre Bob

Honey Blonde Ombre Lob for Brown Skin

Bob, whether short or long, is a timeless and classic hairstyle you can always rely on. This lob haircut is always IN, and it looks chic on everyone.

If you have brown skin then choosing honey blonde is a great decision, but you can go one step further and allow it to easily turn into lighter shades down at the ends, just as seen in the photo.


2. Short Platinum Blonde Hair with Waves

platinum blonde hair for brown skin

How many times have you heard that women with brown skin should avoid platinum hair? Why? There’s no rule which says you can’t look awesome, because you can indeed.

All you need is a great hairstylist who will give you this shade while preventing hair damage. Platinum blonde hair on brown skin tone with gentle waves screams elegance and kind of reminds us to the golden era of Hollywood.


3. Long Sandy Blonde Hair

brown skinned woman with sandy blonde hair

Sandy blonde and brown skin is a perfect match, and they blend so beautifully. Let you smooth and silky hair gently flow over your back or shoulders for a sensual look. The best thing about this hairstyle is that it looks so natural.


4. Light Blonde Short Curls

curly blonde hair for brown skinned women

Brown skinned girls with curls can rock blonde as well. What’s more, the light blonde hair shade will bring more attention to your locks even when your hair is short. Grab a hair styling product such as mousse to give your curls more volume and definition for a complete look.


5. Ash Blonde Style

ash blonde hair for brown skin

Ash blonde is one of those styles that look great on everyone. This blonde shade flatters brown skin tones regardless of the hair length. If your hair is long, you can style it in any way you’d like.

For instance, you can opt for top knots, braids, buns, ponytails, but you can also do nothing and still look absolutely amazing.


6. Dark Root Blonde Hair

Short hair is often considered too limiting as many people believe it doesn’t leave a lot of room for experimenting and styling. Not true! You can style black bob haircut in various ways, and you just need a bit of imagination.

For instance, one blonde hairstyle you can try is a short bob with dark roots that give your hair more edge, and maintenance is easier as you won’t have to touch upon the root section so frequently.


7. Blonde Buzz Cut

blonde buzz cut for brown skin women

Bob, long hair, mid-length hair all look great in blonde shade, but what about the minimum styles such as buzz cut? Guess what; they also look super awesome. This amazing haircut in combination with blonde hair color gives brown skinned ladies an edgy yet feminine look.


8. Curly Beige Blonde Hair

beige blonde curly hair on brown skin

Show off your free spirit with curly hair. Use a scarf, bandana, or any other accessory to complete your look, but you can also rock curly blonde hairstyle on brown skin without any addition as well.


9. Blonde Bangs

long blonde hair for brown girl

Bangs frame your face and give you a gentle, delicate vibe. Style them according to your preferences. Keep them blunt and straight or sweep them aside, part in the middle, options are endless.


10. Blonde Dreads

blonde braids for brown skin women

Speaking of blonde hair on brown skin it’s impossible not to mention it also looks great on braids and faux locs.


If you’ve ever wanted to try blonde hair on brown skin now is a great opportunity to do so. Make sure you determine skin undertone in order to choose the proper shade of blonde easily. Remember, blonde hair needs more maintenance, so it’s important to care for your hair properly.