35 Outrageous Gothic Hairstyles – Go Insane With Style

Gothic hairstyles make an impression better than mohawks, fohawks, military styles, and more. Especially when they are created by girls.

If you are out of ideas about what to do with your hair in order to achieve a more gothic appearance, you can get inspiration from what other goths did about their image.

Gothic haircuts vary from simple cuts with outrageously-dyed locks to crazy hair extensions and cornrows. Whatever is your choice, you can easily create a stunning hairstyle without going to the barber shop.

gothic hairstyle for women


Different Types of Gothic Hairstyles

When you are just starting out on your way to creating an outrageous hairstyle, you might want to find out about different types of haircuts that look completely different yet can be called truly gothic.


Vampire Style – Everyone knows the blood-sucking image of a goth. Black or completely white and long hair that looks as shiny and vibrant as possible.


Cyber Style – A futuristic looking hairstyle involves various accessories and hair extensions to make you look out of this world.


Death rock Goth – Marilyn Manson fans know his gothic style and follow it. Undercuts, pink colors, black Mohawks – take your pick.


Ugly Goth – These goths like long and messy hairstyles that usually involve dirty hair and no neatness at all.


Beautiful Goth – Goth girls who like keeping their hair neat, go for the beautiful goth hairstyles. This is somewhat similar to the vampire style and involves high-maintenance cuts without any messiness.

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Creative and Unique Gothic Hairstyles

Gothic hairstyles are an amazing way to make the heads turn your way. Goths express themselves using many different approaches, including piercing and tattoos.

Changing the hairstyle is one of the most innocent ways to make a statement. If you are not sure what hairstyle to choose next, we are offering you 35 different options.

You can get inspiration from what other goths did before you and add a personal touch to their ideas. Each gothic hairstyle is unique and you can make it even more stunning by adding some new details.


1. Gothic messy color mix

Messy color with Gothic Hairstyles

This messy gothic image is a great choice for girls with long hair. The locks are pinned up to make a crown around the head. The strands are dyed red and black for an impressive contrast.


2. Romantic gothic hairstyle

women Romantic goth Gothic Hairstyles

This vampire-style haircut doesn’t require any special styling. All you need to do is dye your locks raven black and create a few voluminous waves. You might want to consider a feathered headband or hat.

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3. Smart approach

girl favorite Smart approach Gothic Hairstyles

You don’t have to create a special hairstyle to get a gothic image. The right approach to the wardrobe, the dress, the hair and the makeup, can make you look more like a goth than girls with striking black mohawks.


4. Dark Gothic Hairstyle

 Asymmetrical Gothic Hairstyles you love

This gothic hairstyle is easy to make. All you have to do is lift your black hair to make a low bun and leave two asymmetrical strands hanging around your face. Use a feather elastic band to hold the bun.

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5. Flaming red braids

Flaming red braid Gothic Hairstyles for women

Flaming red hair color goes great together with black attire. There is no need to create outrageous hairstyles. You can just make two long red braids and hang them down your shoulder.