35 Outrageous Gothic Hairstyles – Go Insane With Style

6. Cornrow mohawk

Cornrow mohawk with Gothic Hairstyles

Mohawks are a frequent choice of goths, but shaving half of your hair of is often too bold of a move. Take a smarter approach and use cornrows to imitate the shaved parts. Keep the colors wild!

Brown Hairstyles With Caramel Highlights


7. Shaped bangs

Shaped bang Gothic Hairstyles for young girl

If you have straight hair, you can play around with shaping your bangs. You can create a spear, a triangle or an asymmetrical style. Remember, such bangs will require careful daily styling to keep the shape.


8. Bat wings


If you want to create the bat wings hairstyle, you need a short bob, shaped bangs, and a little imagination. Lift the sides of your hair up with hair accessories to make it look like the wings.


9. Asymmetrical bob


If styled correctly, an a-line bob can become a wonderful gothic hairstyle that your friends will love. The extra zest is added by keeping the sides a different length, which gives the haircut some much-needed asymmetry.


10. Eye of the beholder


This hairstyle is for a beautiful goth. The hair is dyed mostly black with an addition of a large violet strand in front. There is no outrageous styling. The hair looks neat and a little wavy.