35 Outrageous Gothic Hairstyles – Go Insane With Style

21. Long and dramatic

Lusciously long caramel hair makes a perfect dramatic gothic look. Brush your hair once and leave them loose and long. Contrasted with a black belted skirt and smokey eyes, these hair look super-hot. Oomph up the goth hair look with a black moon locket and a netted choker.


22. Pink ombre braids


Dark pink ombre hair over a blonde base look very bold and truly gothic. Make a side part and tie your hair into high ponytails on each side. Then twist these ponytails into braids. Keep the hair messy to look effortless. A gothic-themed locket and bizarre face piercings will carry the look a long way.


23. Metallic grey hair

Long metallic grey hair, left open with a side part look mysterious. Oomph up the goth hairstyles with smoky eye makeup for a morbid appearance that will make everyone fearful. Represent the true gothic subculture with a black dress and a fiery nose ring.


24. Half and Half

Half and half can be of anything! A non-homogenous blend of clack and funky parrot green goth hair paired up with dark makeup create a very antiquated look. Pointed eyebrows, long lashes, and nude lipstick are the additional accessories you need.


25. Color splash

goth hairstyles for women

That’s too much of colors! But this is what a true gothic look is about. The mysterious color combination on hair, as well as eye makeup combined with fierce jewelry, looks very dramatic. This is a perfect blend of metal and emo fashion.