20 Stunning Looks with Graduated Bob

Graduated bobs, also known as inverted bobs, are ideal picks for women who want a medium or short cut that looks ravishing with just a little styling. One of the perks of this hairstyle is that it creates stacked layers for the back, providing lots of volume.

Also, the haircut is a perfect choice for women with thin hair because of the tapered strands in the nape area. It will create dimension while the longer bangs will frame the face. You can opt for so many ways to wear the fringe, and you can discover so many stunning ideas among the images below.

1. Long Graduated Bob

long graduated bob

Go for stacked layers in the back and long bangs in front. You will obtain a ravishing long graduated bob that is so easy to style. To make it look even better, go for a brown ombre.


2. Black Medium Graduated Bob

medium graduated bob

A medium graduated bob like this will make everybody turn their heads to see you. It provides a fabulous face-framing, and it will make your green eyes stand out.


3. Blonde Layered Graduated Bob

layered graduated bob

When you want a  layered graduated bob, this haircut that has layers not only for the back but for the whole hair, including the bangs, is one of your best choices out there.


4. Curly Graduated Bob with Bangs

A short graduated bob is ideal for wavy or curly hairstyles because it will look bouncy and glamorous. If you are a woman over 50, keep the bangs covering the forehead and tousle the hairdo just a little, to obtain a modern messy look.


5. Brown Graduated Bob

brown graduated bob

Keira Knightley’s brown graduated bob inspired so many women to make a change. She beautifully frames her face with the long bangs, and you can obtain the same result if you recreate her look.


6. Dark Violet Graduated Bob

graduated a line bob

For this graduated A-line bob, keep the back shorter and the front strands reaching the shoulders. The bangs should be split in the middle and must reach the chin line.


7. Graduated Bob for Curly Hair

A graduated bob for fine hair will solve all your problems, especially if you have a curly mane. Get short bangs that you can wear on the forehead and slightly tossed on one side. Keep the hair short, reaching the jawline if you want to pull off a glamorous look.


8. Graduated Bob for Thick Hair

graduated bob for thick hair

A graduated bob for thick hair will better define your fabulous strands, and a dark ginger color will make everyone around you compliment your hair. Tousle the top a little bit, and swipe your bangs on one side.


9. Graduated Bob for Women over 50

graduated bob for over 50

A graduated bob for women over 50 that makes your gray hair stand out will make even adolescents love this fancy look. Blend the grays with a bright blonde shade, and you’ll obtain a hair color that will make anyone admire you.


10. Graduated Bob with Short Bangs

graduated bob with bangs

This graduated bob with bangs is a great pick for women who want to give their hair more dimension and texture. And in this case, the layers make it all work fabulously!


11. Graduated Bob with Undercut

This graduated bob with undercut looks messy and very cute. Keep the layers from the back beautifully falling one over the other and on one side, in the temple area, style an undercut with a razored line design. Flip the rest of the hair on one side and you will look uber cute and stylish.


12. Auburn Graduated Bob

graduated bob

If you want a hairstyle that provides a lot of dimension, a graduated bob should totally be your pick. Style waves and curl,s and you will obtain a bouncy hair that looks tremendously cool.


13. Curly Graduated Bob with Red Highlights

A curly graduated bob is ideal if you want to give your strands a fuss with some dark red highlights. Use hair foam to define the curls and wear the bangs on one side. This is a great trick for women who have rounded features and want to elongate their faces.


14. Blonde Choppy Graduated Bob

graduated choppy bob

A graduated choppy bob will beautifully suit you if you keep the back layers stacked and the front strands longer, reaching your shoulders. Flip your bangs on one side, and you will look fabulous.


15. Messy Graduated Bob with Waves

A messy graduated bob hairstyle is ideal for women who want to adopt a casual look. Use hair foam and wax to define your natural waves and tousle your strands to obtain that stunning messy effect.


16. Graduated Bob with Ombre

wavy graduated bob

If you love unusual looks, make a beautiful ombre by opting for a grain blonde hue for the top that transforms into a gorgeous gray shade. Keep the hair curly and go for a red pair of glasses.


17. Dark Red Graduated Bob

If you have dark skin, a dark red violet ombre is going to look incredibly cool. Keep the roots in their natural black shade and style only the front strands tips. You’ll pull off an elegant look that provides amazing framing.


18. Straight Graduated Bob

To create a perfect look that has loads of volume, opt for stacked layers in the back and use a straightening iron to make your strands look fabulous. Let the temple hair frame your face and place the rest over the ears.


19. Graduated Bob with Peekaboo Blue Highlights

To recreate this hairstyle, go for a black graduated bob with stacked layers for the back and make one blue highlight on each side on the top hair. Also, blend a few peekaboo highlights that will beautifully mix with your dark shade.


20. Gray Graduated Bob

Dye your top hair in a stunning shiny gray color and create black peekaboo highlights. Also, dye the back hair in the same shade and get yourself some baby bangs. Tousle the hair and you are ready to break some hearts.


As you can see above, the styling options and colors for graduated bobs are limitless. Wear the bangs on one side, if you have a rounded face, create loads of layers in the back for thin hair or even use baby fringe for a gorgeous framing. The hairstyle you’ll get will be ideal for days at the office or casual weekends, and the compliments will never stop.