15 Coolest Lavender Purple Hair Ideas for This Summer

Lavender purple hair looks amazing on girls and women who have a confident fashion sense. It is so eye-catching that people can’t fail to spot it when someone walks into the room. Although it looks great on most women, dyeing your hair purple or lavender color can be a massive step. Why not take a look at some of the coolest lavender purple hair ideas from our list?


Getting Vibrant Lavender Purple Hair

If you want to dye your lavender purple hair, then you may need to bleach your natural hair first. The color will not display properly on naturally dark hair, so you will apply bleach products first. It is better to ask a professional stylist to do this for you so that you do not do any damage to your hair. Once your hair has been successfully bleached, you will be able to apply the vibrant purple dye. Make sure that you continue to use color care shampoo and conditioning product to keep your style looking great.


Thick and Lightly Waved

Lightly Waved lavender purple hair

Blissful Purple Plum Hair Ideas

Pale Lavender and Light Curls

pale lavender purple color


Lavender and Blue Multi-Shade Style

lavender purple multi colored hair


Shoulder Length Style with a Cute Flower Crown


Purple Ombre and Big Waves


Short Style and Victory Roles


Two Tone Purple Style


Curled Up-Do with Complementary Hair Accessories


Grey and Purple Mix on a Shoulder Length Cut


Pink with Lavender Highlights


Amazing Fishtail Plaits

lavender purple hair with Fishtail Plaits


Blonde and Dusky Purple with a Tousled Hairstyle


Boho Hair

Boho Wedding Hairstyles for Real Beauties

Straight and Sleek

Straight and Sleek lavender purple hair


Layered Look with Light Curls

Layered Look with Light purple Curls

Blonde and Purple Hair to Get Your Kicks

If you want to make a big impression, why not think about choosing a lavender purple hair color. This color choice will help to turn heads wherever you go.