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20 Ideal Pixie Cuts for Different Face Shapes

Choosing the right pixie cut for face shape is so crucial. Cutting a pixie is considered a huge risk, especially if it is not done right or it does not follow the lines of your face. The pixie hairstyle has a lot to do with your face shape so it is important to determine what type of face you have so that you can choose the right cut.

How to Choose A Suitable Pixie for Your Face Shape

pixie cut for different face shapes

Pixie is one of the hairstyles that is trending now, because of its rarity and unique look. What is specific about this hairstyle is that it does not look the same on every face shape.

The types of pixies are divided into different styles, considering some face lines like the angular jaw, high cheekbones, high forehead and many more. The shape of the face has a lot to do with the beauty of the cut.

As the shapes of the faces come in oval, round, heart, diamond, square, and long, the cuts also are adjusted to flatter each one and provide the best possible look. So, cutting the pixie is the easiest part but first, you need to determine the shape of your face and what type of pixie suits it.

Oval Face

Oval face shape is the perfect base for those who like wearing very or extremely short pixies. It opens up the face and expresses the facial feature. Every type of pixies suits this face shape. Even the bangs are allowed to this face shape because they will only add to the beauty and the uniqueness of the look.

Heart-shaped Face

Heart-shaped faces come with a high forehead, which also comes with features like accented eyes and cheekbones. Since these facial features are already accepted, it is best not to add lots of hair volume at the top. The pixie cut here should be created to give your head a certain height instead of making you look short.

Round Face

Round faces ask for a haircut that will give the face elongating effect. This means that the hair of the cut should go below the chin which will instantly give a slimming effect. What will also contribute to the slimming look is the volume of hair on the top of your head. The pixie cut you choose should minimize the roundness of your face, and this can also be done by cutting some side swept bangs.

Long Face

When it comes to long faces, the pixie cut is the one specific cut that is not suggested for this face type. Instead of a regular pixie, the pixie bob is suitable. Pixies tend to add an accent on the length of the face, which is something you do not like to achieve since you already have a long face.

Square Face

Choosing a pixie cut for a square face should add texture to the face and volume to the hair. This means that you should consider wispy bangs, light layers and not adding too much accent on the jawline.

If you’re looking for a specific pixie haircut and want to know whether that style will suit your face shape or not, check the below table showing different pixie styles vs face shapes.

Pixie StyleFace Shapes
Classic PixieOval, Round, Heart-Shaped
Choppy PixieOval, Square
Long PixieOval, Round
Blunt PixieOval, Heart-Shaped
Textured PixieOval, Square, Round
Messy PixieOval, Square, Round
Curly PixieOval, Square, Heart-Shaped
Tapered PixieOval, Square, Round
Spiked PixieOval, Square, Round
Shaggy PixieOval, Round, Heart-Shaped
Asymmetrical PixieOval, Square, Heart-Shaped
Wispy PixieOval, Round, Heart-Shaped
Undercut PixieOval, Square, Round
Short PixieOval, Square, Round
Bangs PixieOval, Heart-Shaped
Pixie BobOval, Square, Round

If you want to know which pixie cuts will suit your face shape, see the below table.

Face ShapeSuitable Pixie Styles
OvalClassic, Choppy, Long, Blunt, Textured, Messy, Curly, Tapered, Spiked, Shaggy, Asymmetrical, Wispy, Undercut, Short, Bangs, Pixie Bob
RoundClassic, Long, Textured, Messy, Curly, Tapered, Spiked, Shaggy, Wispy, Undercut, Short, Pixie Bob
SquareChoppy, Textured, Messy, Tapered, Spiked, Asymmetrical, Undercut, Short, Pixie Bob
Heart-ShapedClassic, Blunt, Curly, Shaggy, Asymmetrical, Wispy, Bangs, Pixie Bob

Various Pixie Haircuts for Different Face Shapes

Here are 20 ideal pixie haircuts for women with different face shapes!

1. Textured Pixie Cut for Diamond Face

Textured Pixie Cut for Diamond Face

The textured pixie cut adds volume and dimension to the hair, which complements the angular features of a diamond-shaped face. The hair is styled in layers and tousled for a trendy and edgy look.

2. Pixie with Side Swept Bangs for Oval Face

Pixie with Side Swept Bangs for Oval Face

Oval faces can pull off various pixie styles, including one with side-swept bangs. The bangs are styled to sweep across the forehead, softening the face’s length and highlighting the eyes.

3. Voluminous Pixie Cut for Heart-Shaped Face

Voluminous Pixie Cut for Heart-Shaped Face

The voluminous pixie cut adds fullness and volume to the top of the head, balancing out the narrower chin of a heart-shaped face. The hair is styled with height and texture for a bold and confident look.

4. Pixie with Undercut for Square Face

Pixie with Undercut for Square Face

An undercut pixie cut is a daring choice for a square face. The hair on the sides and back is shaved or cut very short, while the top is left longer for versatility in styling. This cut adds an edgy and modern touch to the face shape.

5. Pixie Bob for Round Face

Pixie Bob for Round Face

The pixie bob combines the shortness of a pixie cut with a slightly longer length, creating a bob-like appearance. It is a flattering style for round faces, as the longer strands elongate the face and provide a slimming effect.

6. Textured Pixie Cut for Long Face

Textured Pixie Cut for Long Face

A textured pixie cut with layers and choppy ends adds volume and width to a long face, creating a more balanced look. The hair is styled with texture and movement to create a dynamic and trendy appearance.

7. Pixie with Side Swept Fringe for Diamond Face

Pixie with Side Swept Fringe for Diamond Face

A pixie cut with a side-swept fringe helps soften the angles of a diamond-shaped face. The fringe is styled to sweep across the forehead diagonally, creating a flattering and feminine look.

8. Pixie with Tapered Sides for Oval Face

Pixie with Tapered Sides for Oval Face

A pixie cut with tapered sides enhances the natural oval shape of the face. The hair is short on the sides and back, gradually tapering towards the nape of the neck. This style highlights the facial features and creates a clean and polished look.

9. Pixie with Asymmetrical Bangs for Square Face

Pixie with Asymmetrical Bangs for Square Face

An asymmetrical pixie cut with bangs adds a touch of asymmetry and softness to a square face. The hair is cut shorter on one side and styled with bangs that sweep across the forehead, creating a flattering and modern look.

10. Choppy Pixie

Messy Blonde Pixie for Round Face

If you want to keep some length on your hair but still sport a pixie with round face, then this style is the perfect look. The fringes are discreet, swept to the side and the whole hair is tousled back.

11. Pixie with Long Bangs for Round Face

pixie with long bangs for round face

This is a hairstyle that is very feminine and elegant. Its beauty is defined by the long front side bangs. The rest of the hair can be pulled back or parted to the side. It is an elegant pixie hairstyle for round faces and allows the addition of a fancy headband or other accessories.

12. Highlighted Pixie Cut for Oval Face

Side Swept Pixie Cut for Oval Face

As mentioned above, pixies are delicate short haircuts for oval faces. However, this cut is somewhere between a bob and a pixie. The sides are longer and the hair is swept to the sides, giving a balance to the whole head.

13. Curly Pixie for Square Face

Curly Pixie for Square Face

The square faces need softening because of the accented lines around the jaw and chin. The short curly pixie is just what makes the face look nicer and softens the accented lines.

14. Sleek Pixie Cut for Round Face

Sleek Pixie Cut for Round Face

This pixie cut is a popular choice among women with round faces. It is a sleek and polished look, starting with a deep side part and bangs tossed to the other side, without covering the eye. It makes the face look longer, rather than rounder.

15. Asymmetrical Pixie Cut for Oval Face

Adding volume to the pixie for the oval face will balance the length of the face. The layered short hair with long bangs falling over the forehead.

16. Stacked Pixie with Bangs for Square Face

Stacked Pixie with Bangs for Square Face 

A short-stacked cut pixie with bangs is a great option for a squared face. It gives texture and volume without further accenting the face lines. The bangs that come over the forehead add more definition.

17. Spiky Long Pixie Cut for Square Face

Those women with a square face who are willing and daring to try something more extreme can try wearing their hair sharp upwards. For this pixie style, the gel is necessary as it will hold the hair upwards.

18. Wavy Pixie Cut

This is another cut that looks more like a short bob rather than a pixie. It is wavy and chic. The soft locks are falling to the sides naturally, and the one side is a bit shorter than the other.

19. Messy Pixie

Shaggy Pixie for Long Face

The shaggy pixie cut for a long face comes with a longer hair left at the top of the hair, falling to the front of the face. The sides are cut short.

20. Tousled Pixie

Tousled Pixie for Heart-Shaped Face

The messy and tousled cut of the pixie with bangs creates a look that suits the heart-shaped face. The top hair is shorter, and as it comes to the front it gets longer and open to the sides.

Pixie is a nice cut that can be easy to maintain and style if you have the right cut. Always keep in mind that the pixie hairstyle should accent and follow your face lines and add to your beauty. We hope this article will help you to find the perfect pixie cut for your face shape.