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25 Prettiest Hair Color Trends in 2024

Women like to try different hair colors these days and many of them are stylish and some are really pretty. Lately, there has been a surge in seemingly ‘unconventional’ hair colors that are being sported all around the globe.

From rainbow hair to unicorn hair, purples, greens and pinks, some of the most awesome dye jobs can be seen on all major social media sites including Tumblr and Pinterest.

We went on the search for some of the best hair colors that you will be able to rock this year and believe me, you will not be disappointed. With that being said, here are 25 of the prettiest hair colors women should try in 2024.


1. Glazing Blonde

blonde hair color

Blonde hair color can be pulled off in an endless amount of ways, but this glamorous bronze creamy hue is quite mind-blowing. Also, remember that when curling or waving your strands, use a product that protects the locks from the heated irons. 


2. Brown Ombre

brown hair color

When adopting a brown hair color, you can play with more shades and score a successful ravishing ombre that creates texture and makes your mane look healthy and strong. Wave the ends to obtain that astonishing bounce and dimension. 


3. Burgundy Red Afro Hair

burgundy hair color

Black girls can easily achieve a burgundy hair color that is bold, vivid, and a real attention grabber. Your coils will highlight the nuance, and if you want to maintain that shiny texture, use a shampoo for color-treated locks. 


4. Copper Ginger Hair

ginger hair color

A ginger hair color is a perfect match for a woman with fair skin and freckles. Dye your eyebrows in the same copper color if you don’t want to look washed out. Place your whole mane in a bun on top of the head. 


5. Violet Gray

silver hair color

When going for a violet silver hair color, you must be aware of the bleaching involved. Talk to your colorist and try to obtain this shade without irreversible damage to your strands. Beware, this color is addictive! Once you are done, you will probably never want to go back to your old shade. 


6. Pastel Pink

Pastel Pink Prettiest Hair Color

Pastels are all the rage this year and what screams “pretty” more than pink! This gorgeous dusty pink hair color is flattering against a multitude of different skin tones, making it just about the perfect color for almost everyone.

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7. Baby Blue

Baby Blue pretty Hair Color

Another pretty hair color riding the pastel wave is this beautiful baby blue. This pastel blue hair color pairs really well with black, blonde and grey if you’re looking to add some more dimension to the color.

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8. Just Peachy

pretty brown Hair Color for women

This lovely orange hue is one of our favorites. Featuring darker pink/orange roots this pretty peachy color is the perfect shade to consider this spring.


9. Pop of Pink Curls

Prettiest Pink Hair Colors for black girl

This vibrant pink color isn’t for the faint of heart. Featuring purple and orange hues, this pink is definitely going to turn heads, in a good way. Check out the beautiful honey brown hair color ideas.


10. Great Grey

Grey Hair Colors with girls prettiest look

This dye job is the literal definition of “50 shades of gray” featuring lowlights and highlights that make this color pop and sing. Ash gray hair will literally never go out of style…


11. Purple Balayage

The purple phase was a great one and we’re still loving it over here! This gorgeous purple hue pops beautifully in conjunction with her gorgeous brown skin.


12. Raging Red

beautiful red hair color

This deep red hue made the prettiest hair color list for a reason and it’s clear to see why. This red is perfect for the winter months when you’re looking for some color but don’t want to do something too bold. Browse light and dark red hair color options.


13. Green Ombre

green cute hair color for women

How does one rock green hair so effortlessly? Just ask this beauty! This green is one of the prettiest hair colors we’ve seen and was executed wonderfully to remain subtle while still being noticeable.


14. Pretty Polly

Prettiest Hair Colors

We can’t stress just how beautiful this reverse ombre is – it literally reminds us of parrot wings and we LOVE IT. The bold red and yellow don’t overpower the subtle green that was done on the tips.

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15. Peek-a-boo Hair

Unicorn Hair with Prettiest Hair Colors

If you can’t choose one, why not choose all! Peek-a-boo hair is a thing, and this pastel version is seriously gorgeous.


16. Silver Fox

It used to be that silver hair color only looked hot on men, but more often women are proving just how pretty it can be on them too! No matter your age, rock it on long hair or a short bob.


17. Chocolate Brown

dark hair color

Sometimes a girl just needs to go dark for awhile. Try your hair at chocolate brown – the color will shine in sunlight and looks super pretty when glammed up in a bow bun.


18. Rose Gold

Rose gold hair color became really popular a few years ago and the trend has never disappeared. We think it’s a sign you need to try it for yourself! See how gorgeous it is on long wavy hair with straight bangs?


19. Lovely Lavender

Assuming you have a job that allows you to play with funky hair colors, why wouldn’t you try this pop of purple? The light shade means it will flatter any skin tone.


20. Maroon

If you’re a woman with dark skin, you owe it to yourself to try maroon hair color. This pretty hair color stuns on twist braids woven into natural black hair but we’re sure you can rock it as highlights on lighter hair too.


21. Light Brunette

brunette hair color

Mix light blonde with dark brown and you get this balance of golden brown hair color. It’s a classic color choice when you want a neutral look or something office-friendly.


22. Rainbow

rainbow hair color

Why choose one hair color when you can rock them all? With light blonde as your base color, blue, green, red, and yellow will pop beautifully. Wear down or twisted up in this elegant bun updo.


23. Blue Ombre

hair color

Curious about the mermaid vibe but not ready to go all over with it? Try a gorgeous aqua blue on just the ends of hair. This is a great way to stay office-friendly while experimenting with your more colorful side. 


24. Henna Hair

Not only is henna hair color actually good for your hair (as opposed to other hair dyes), the pretty hair color flatters a multitude of skin tones, especially light or pale ones. 


25. Red Red Wine

A pretty merlot is all you need for that glow-up you’ve been wanting. This shade blends two tones of a deep purple/maroon for a unique result all your own. It’s best on olive skin tones.


You can achieve these pretty hair colors by going to the salon and getting it professionally done. The best thing you can do for your hair is to make sure it is dyed and maintained properly so that you don’t have excess damage that could possibly be avoided. Which one is the prettiest hair color for you?