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21 Sew In Braid Hairstyles: Middle and Side Part Patterns

Sew in braids and their patterns are a special science that is actually very interesting. Every single pattern takes time to be done and delivers different types of hairstyles after the extensions. If you are an African-American you already know how important the patterns are and that they are the basics of a good hairstyle that looks completely natural.


Trendy Braid Hairstyles with Sew in

A middle part sew in braid pattern and a side part sew in braid pattern are much more than just braids. You’ll see why and how in the 21 examples below. If you were wondering what these designs actually are, get ready to learn more.

1. Vixen Sew in Braids Pattern

sew in braid hairstyles for women

The vixen is made of four sections, and is a complicated pattern to make.

Ideal for: Great for all sorts of sew in weave hairstyles that you can think of.

How to Style: This is probably one of the patterns that give you the most options for styling your hair. It is the hardest one to do, and usually a more expensive design too.


2. Pixie Braids

sew in braids with pattern

Ladies who prefer side parts over the middle, can get this pattern.

Ideal for: It is ideal for women who look for a natural finish in their extensions.

How to Style: There are so many ways to style this sew in braids, including updo looks. The part will always be on the side, but the other options are versatile.


3. Middle Part Braids

sew in braids with middle part

This is a middle part sew in braid pattern that also lets you play with fringe.

Ideal for: Great for straight hair with a middle part. One of the easiest patterns.

How to Style: Every lady who always has her hair with a middle part should definitely opt for this pattern braids for sew in. You can also choose to add some bangs, especially if the extensions are straight.


4. The Cornrow 

sew in cornrow braids for women

The classic cornrow can be upgraded in so many different ways. These days most people opt for unique designs that are the perfect fit for what the client is asking for.

Ideal for: This upgraded pattern gives the options of a middle part, and several ways of a side part. The hair can even be done in an updo.

How to Style: Since the options are diverse, you will really have a chance to transform the sew in braids into a number of hairstyles. Make sure that you try out all the different manes the pattern offers.


5. Deep Side Part

sew in braids for black women

Another side part sew in braid pattern, with the only difference that this is a deep side part.

Ideal for: Great for women who know exactly what they want. The styling range for this design is not as wide, but it is perfect for side parts and low ponytails.

How to Style: Sew in hair for black women are so popular because they deliver exactly what the client is looking for. In this case it is a hairdo with a deep side part on the right side. They will also be able to add bangs.


6. Beehive Hair Pattern with A Side Part

It starts with braids that eventually create concentric circles and end at the center of the head.

Ideal for: It is perfect for curly extensions, but not recommended for straight hair.

How to Style: If you’ve been longing for great braids, this is one of the best ways to do it. This braids for sew in comes with a side part, plus the option of having bangs as well.


7. Braided Bangs

If you want to get bangs in your new hairstyle, this is one of the braiding patterns to use.

Ideal for: Fringe is such a great way to upgrade your mane. This sew in braids design will help you get those trendy bangs without any effort.

How to Style: You will have full bangs in the front, no matter if you opt for straight or curly hair.


8. Lace Braid 

If you are interested in lace wigs, this is probably one of the best patterns for a lace frontal closure.

Ideal for: This is what any hairstylist will recommend if you want a lace wig which is very easy to use.

How to Style: The style features a middle part sew in braid pattern, which means that you will have to style your wig with a middle part.


9. Deep Side Part with A Beehive Back

This is braids with weave is not that complicated and is used in many cases.

Ideal for: It’s ideal for gals who prefer a deep side part but still want to keep that natural-looking vibe of the hair.

How to Style: The beehive in the back will help you achieve a much more natural appearance of the extensions.


10. Cornrow Ponytail

sew in braided hairstyle for black women

This is the easiest and most basic pattern. It delivers both a middle part sew in braided ponytail and a side part.

Ideal for: Since the straight back cornrow is both a middle and a side part pattern, this means that you’ll be able to choose between several options.

How to Style: Style your hair with middle or a side part with this design. It is the cheapest one because it is the simplest for braiding.


11. Fulani Style Braids

A mix is always a good idea because it means that you’ll have more options.

Ideal for: If you’ve already decided on the middle part, you should definitely get this pattern.

How to Style: This is a hairstyle that will feature a medium part. It is a great balance of horizontal and vertical braids with sew in for a much more natural look and the possibility of an updo.


12. Crossover Pattern

This sew in braid pattern gives you so many options about how to style your hair.

Ideal for: The biggest advantage of the crossover pattern is that it’s perfect for ladies who love all types of updos. Their hairstyles will look perfectly natural as if there are no extensions at all.

How to Style: You can style it in many ways, including an updo, part on both sides and more.


13. Sew in Curly Hair

The beehive is a pattern that is usually done when the client is getting curly extensions, braids or twists. It can be done with a middle part or a side part in the front.

Ideal for: This beehive pattern sew-in braid is the one that gives a very natural look for braids and curls.

How to Style: There is no need for special styling. Leave the curly Crochet braids be and enjoy your brand new hairstyle.


14. Feed In Braids

The fact that there are many small feed in braids means that you will have the opportunity to decide between middle and levels of the side part.

Ideal for: Perfect for indecisive ladies.

How to Style: It’s a great pattern because women love having choices. Some will decide to have a middle part, then change their mind. That is why this is such a great option.


15. Box Braided Bob

Side Part Sew in Braid with Pattern

Get a very deep side part that will help you stand out from the rest.

Ideal for: Perfect for ladies who are obsessed with intense parts of the hair.

How to Style: You can tell right away that this pattern delivers a very deep and dramatic side part. That is the way that you will be wearing your hair if you choose this braid style with sew in.


16. Half Vixen with A Middle Part

It is a combination of two designs with a middle part sew in braid pattern. The back is in the vixen shape for a more diverse hairstyle range.

Ideal for: You can always mix and match the patterns to get all of the features that you need from your new mane. This means that you wanted a middle part, but also want to wear your hair up.

How to Style: The vixen design gives the chance of all types of hairstyles including braided updos with a very natural vibe.


17. Diagonal Braids

Get ready for one of the coolest manes you’ve seen so far with a very daring part.

Ideal for: If you are always up for a unique look, why not try the diagonal part.

How to Style: The diagonal part is even more interesting and alluring than the ordinary middle and side.


18. Asymmetrical Pattern

Asymmetrical means that both sides are different. In other words, this also means that it comes with sew in braid pattern. There are many asymmetrical designs out there, depending on what the client needs from it.

Ideal for: When you know what you want, explain it to the hairstylist so that they know how to do the braids. This style will give you the chance to do updos and enjoy a side part as well.

How to Style: In this case, the styling option is a side part.


19. Vixen with A Beehive

This is a combination of two separate sew in braids style. The front is a vixen, while the back is the beehive.

Ideal for: It is perfect for women who want to have loads of options. These are the ones who can’t decide and won’t settle on a single hairstyle.

How to Style: It is a very versatile mix of patterns that allows many ways of styling the hair. You can choose between a middle and side part, and also between an updo or a half-up bun. That is what makes the design so good.


20. Zig Zag Sew in Braids Pattern

Zig Zag Sew in Braids

This is a great way to get many hairstyles from the extensions.

Ideal for: If you are one who wants to have all the options on the table, you definitely need the zig-zag pattern. It is among the most commonly used ones.

How to Style: Style it however you want to, because the zig-zag braids for sew in is very versatile. Feel free to choose between the parts and the way to work your straight or curly hair today.


21. Micro Braids

sew in micro braids for women

This is very similar to the cornrow pattern, with the only difference that the braids are much smaller.

Ideal for: It is a much better design for straight hair, because is detailed.

How to Style: If you’ve been looking for a way that the straight extensions look extremely natural, this sew in braids is the pattern you want. The whole process will take longer, remember that.