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20 Trendy Curly Mullet Hairstyles for Women

If you’re like a lot of people, you probably didn’t know there was such a thing as a curly mullet for women. When most of us think of mullets, we picture them on men with a rocker/country vibe.

However, take a look at the numerous Instagram accounts dedicated to edgy hairstyles for women, and you’ll increasingly see women with curly mullets. A short front and sides with long hair in the back are key to creating this unique hairstyle.

Choppy or shaggy layers up top are used to create a sexy texture, but it’s not uncommon to see curls or waves mixed with straight sections of hair. 

Whether you desire soft curtain bangs or rich color, there’s a mullet for you. Scroll through, because we’re willing to bet you’ll fall in love with more than one of the styles! 

Flattering Curly Mullet Styles for Women 

There’s no need to worry about your hair looking like a masculine mess when you can choose from these 20 chic women’s curly mullets with room for the edge!

1. Blonde Balayage Mullet

Curly Mullet on Golden Brown Hair for Women

While a mullet is traditionally seen as a kind of masculine men’s haircut, you can change the rules by rocking your curly hair in a blonde balayage. This will give your mullet a beautiful feminine cut.

2. Long Mullet

Curly Shag Mullet with Bangs for Women

Lots of shaggy, choppy layers up top help to make this long mullet full and voluminous. Feel free to wake up and embrace the bedhead because that texture needs to be seen!

3. Tight Curly Mullet

When you have super tight curls, cutting them into a short mullet shape will enhance their shape to the fullest. The top and ends of this look are where the spring-like swirls look best. 

4. Curly Shag

Burgundy Curly Mullet for Women

The mussy curl texture in this lady’s mullet creates beautiful shag. Get it by asking your stylist for long round layers up top. All you need to do is work on some hair product with your fingers to get the finished look.

5. Subtle Mullet

Women's Mullet with Brown Curls

If you’re too nervous to go full mullet, this short curly one is more subtle and soft. Fem it up with blonde highlights and your favorite pair of dangly earrings.

6. Curly Mullet with Straight Bangs

Brown and Purple Curly Mullet for Women

Straightening your bangs and adding a dark color, like this purple shade, puts a whole different twist on a women’s curly mullet. Instead of coloring all of your hair, just add it to the bangs and the ends.

7. Elegant Mullet

If these thick curls don’t say elegant and chic, we don’t know what else to call them! Thicker layers up front contrast beautifully with thin curls in the back. Perfect the look with a curling iron and seal with hairspray. 

8. Curls with Glasses

Curly Mullet for Women with Eyeglasses

A mullet is a flattering hairstyle for any woman with glasses. The thick curly bangs up front nicely frame your face and flatter those adorable specs. This clear pair is an excellent match for a statement mullet.

9. Long 80s Mullet

Long Curly Mullet for Women

Just because you have a mullet doesn’t mean you have to chop off your long locks! You have to add those choppy layers up top to get an awesome 80s hairstyle and volume.

10. Textured Mullet

Textured Curly Mullet for Women

Unlike other curly mullets, this one is void of the shaggy layers up top, but it still has an edgy texture throughout the body. Straighten the top hair and keep your bangs cropped and straight to contrast nicely with a curly body.

11. Scissor Cut

Instead of having your hairstylist use clippers to shape a mullet, ask her to use the scissor technique. In this yellow-blonde curly style, the layers are more gradually transitioned with scissors than they would be with a razor or clippers.

12. Copper Split

Between the undercut of this curly mullet and the split color of copper and black, the only word to describe this lady’s haircut is edgy. If you’re not a fan of copper, try a sexy auburn or platinum blonde!

13. Springy Curls

Curly Mullet with Thin Hair for Women

We’re jealous if you have these tight, springy curls. No one will ever mistake you for adorable again when your ringlets are shaped into a beautiful mullet!

14. Mullet with Highlights

Curly Shaggy Mullet for Women with Long Blonde Hair

Combine chicness and edge into one brilliant mullet by rocking straight curtain bangs with long curly hair. A straight, shaggy top is also easier for some ladies to maintain than curly layers.

15. Waves and Curls

Short Curly Mullet for Women

Using both waves and curls in your mullet is a great way to play with all different types of textures. If you’re feeling daring, consider straightening the hair underneath it all for an interesting contrast. 

16. Permed Curly Mullet

Long Curly Mullet for Women with Ash Brown Hair

Craving curly hair but don’t have the texture? A perm will help you get the curly mullet you’re lusting after!

We love the way long permed hair mixes with a mullet and buzzed sides for a soft but punk hairstyle version. 

17. Ginger Mullet

Ginger Curly Mullet for Women with Round Faces

Do you have a medium to dark skin tone? Add a bright red or ginger shade to your curly mullet! This style demonstrates how beautiful the combination of bright color is with a dark base and dark skin tone. 

18. Thick Afro Curls

Mohawk Curly Mullet for Women

To all the ladies with natural thick black hair, add a mullet to your must-try list! The super-tight curls and thick mane are practically screaming for you to shape it into a kickass hairstyle.

19. Bleached and Copper Mullet

There’s no rhyme or reason to where the bleach blonde color is added in this curled mullet, but it works nicely with a rich copper color! Instead of buzzing the sides, leave them thick and long and thin out the back.

20. Blonde Ombre 

Two Toned Long Curly Mullet for Women

The blonde ombre on this dark black curly mullet is a very punk rocker. Mix straight hair with curls up top to get the most out of your texture, then scrunch in a mousse or hair cream all the way down for an all-day hold.

Be honest: how many of these curly mullets for women did you fall in love with? If the above styles demonstrate anything, it’s how versatile the mullet is and how easily you can personalize it. And with all the detail this look packs, it’s clear it will be sticking around for years to come.