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Top 15 Short Sew In Hairstyles for Women

Take a peek at the season’s trendiest short sew-in hairstyles once you’re ready for a change. You can step out with a brand new ‘do that looks both natural and fierce. At the same time, you can give your natural hair a break.

While you wear sew in hair, you don’t have to use heat, relaxers, or anything else on your hair. It gives it time to grow and thrive. All you have to do is keep up with your protective routine as it pertains to moisturizer and hydration.

The secret to a spectacular sew in is to visit a skilled stylist who won’t braid your hair too tightly. You also need to choose weave or a wig made of high-quality hair, not just because it looks more natural and is easier to style, but also because it’s less likely to get tangled or snarled.


Best Short Sew In Hairstyles

When choosing a short sew in hairstyle, you have one of two possible choices. You can go with a sew in weave, which involves sewing in sections of hair. Weave sometimes offers more styling options and more movement, simply because the sections are separate.

However, you can also opt for a sew in wig instead. Wigs provide an all-over natural look. It’s also quicker and easier to change wigs than it is to switch to a new weave. The decision is all yours. Talk to your stylist to figure out which option will work better with your natural hair, your braids, and the new hairstyle you want to get.

1. Red Head with Thick Waves

short red sew in hairstyles

Red hair adds such boldness to your personality that you would never have imagined. And, if you like the idea of short sew in hairstyles, then opt for really short red tousled hair with sideburn wave and more thick spree waves towards the side of the head.


2. Side Swept Hair with Trimmed Side

side swept short sew in hair

For a really cool style, sweep your short hair forward and then push them towards one side. Color the front strands blonde and leave the rest of the hair dark. Trim your hair on the other side for a breath-taking contrast. This sew in weave hairstyle is definitely going to make you look exotic!


3. Mixed Hues Asymmetrical Front Fringe 

mixed hues short sew in hair

For a short sew in style that is as dope as you are, cut your hair short and style them into asymmetrical forward-swept fringes. Dye them various hues of green, purple, and black for an absolutely rocking look. Go out looking like a real badass!


4. Jet-black Side Swept Short Hair

short sew in black hair

Black women with jet black hair look stunningly gorgeous and are supreme style icons. For this sew in hairstyle, cut your hair short and dye them a jet-black shade. Cover your forehead with your short front hair and then sweep them to one side. Cut the hair on the other side relatively short to complete the look.


5. Slicked Forward Short Glossy Hair

short sew in hairstyles

If you are a fan of hair styling products, then this short sew in hairdo is just for you. Take your styling products out to straighten your hair on one side and to put subtle waves to the other side.

You need to use some hair gel to slick your hair down on your forehead in a slightly curved manner. The gel brings a lot of shine to your hair for you to shine even brighter.


6. Sky-High Curls

curly Short Sew In Hairstyle

Short sew in with curls are, in a word, gorgeous. They allow you to embrace a natural sew-in while letting your own natural hair have a much-needed rest from styling tools and products. Curly sew in wigs and weaves also give you the chance to experiment with curls that are different from your own.

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7. Bob with Bangs

Short Sew In Hairstyle with bob

Just because you want a short coif, that doesn’t mean you have to go all the way short. A short bob is a fabulous compromise because, while cropped, it’s still long enough to play with and style. The bob here features a side part, as well as long side swept bangs.


8. Gray Bowl Cut

Girl Gray color Short Sew In Hairstyle

The right rounded cut is full of volume and body—this is a perfect example of how to pull off a bowl cut coiffure, by the way. It also illustrates another benefit of the sew in life: you can have fun with your hair color anytime you want. How about this gorgeous pewter-silver, huh?


9. Sassy Spirals

black women Short Sew In Haircut

Rihanna knows how to slay short sew in hairstyles, y’all. Her locks are always on-point, and this look is no exception. Her spiral curls form an A-line bob—that is, it’s short in the back and gets longer at an angle toward the front. Perfection!



10. Short Layers

Short Layer Sew In Hairstyle

To achieve volume, movement, and lift with a short haircut, layers are a must. By turning to a sew in wig or having weave sewn in, you can reap the benefits of layers without cutting your natural hair. Since layers take forever and a day to grow out, that’s a plus and a half.


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11. Short Side Parted Bob Sew In

There’s nothing prettier than a sleek, asymmetrical bob. It’s timeless but edgy, giving you high-fashion flair even if you’re just hanging out at home on the weekend. The wave over the eye scores extra points for creating a certain mystique.


12. Temptingly Tousled

Short Sew In Hairstyle

Say hello to one of the most versatile short sew in hairstyles you’ll ever come across. All at once, it’s edgy, adorable, easy to maintain, and flattering. Run your fingers up the back to create some cowlick curls, then tousle the top as messily as you like. You can keep the bangs over your forehead or brush them back, but they’re perfect camouflage on those sketchy eyebrow days.

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13. Curl Explosion

There’s little to say here except that this coiffure is everything. It is the bomb dot com. A profusion of curls like a glass of champagne is never a stunner.


14. Spirals for Days

Love the look of longer curls but still want to keep your ‘do relatively short? Go for a curly sew-in piece that hits above your shoulders, about even with the nape of your neck. You’re still in short hair territory!


15. Asymmetrical Crop

Short Asymmetrical Sew In Hairstyle your favorite

Told you—RiRi is the queen of short sew in hair. The bold strands slashing across her forehead and fierce face at a diagonal evoke an emo flavor, but we are here for it.

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You know what else is awesome about short sew in hairstyles? You don’t have to commit to cutting your hair. You can just enjoy a cropped coif for a little while. Which short hairstyle do you want to try?