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8 Best Short Undercut Bobs to Copy

Short undercut bob is one of the trendiest styles this season. Not only does the undercut offer a scintillating range of options to try on, but it is also a style that is easy to adopt. The good news is that hair designers globally are waking up to the funky new potential of undercut bob.


New Looks With Short Undercut Bob

The advantage with undercut bob is that it allows a much higher degree of adaptability and versatility, but at the same time, designers need to understand well about where to draw the line. Check these creative ideas to style undercut .

1. Short Blunt Bob

short blunt bob with undercut

This is perhaps the most straightforward version of the short bob. Essentially the blunt bob, the undercut introduces a fresh dimension to the entire hairdo.

Not only does it come across as textured and multi-dimensional, but it is also a style that is easy to maintain but great to carry. It suits any type of occasion as well, both casual and formal.

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2. Undercut Bob with Gold Ombre

short undercut bob with gold ombre

The gold ombre gives this undercut on short bob a completely new avatar. It is esoteric, edgy and intensely stylish.

This is a chic form of styling that will always make you stand apart, both for its appeal and the intense charm that it exudes. It also gives your face a significantly younger look.


3. Short Bob with Bangs

undercut short bob with bangs

The short a-line bob looks stunning with the undercut and the baby bangs. Together they combine to create an intensely striking style that is both easy to maintain and great in terms of hair design.

The style goes perfectly well across age groups and suits most occasions. That is what adds to the versatility of this hairstyle to a large extent. It makes it a relatively more adaptable haircut.


4. Short Haircut + Shaved Sides

short bob with undercut

The fringes in the front completely change the look of this short undercut bob with bangs. It makes the style significantly more contemporary and brings out a casual and cool air about it.

If you notice carefully, you can also see a hint of shaved sides. These add a further dimension to the overall style.


5. Wavy Bob 

short wavy bob with undercut

The wavy bangs with undercut set this otherwise conventional short bob apart. It does not just celebrate the naturally wavy hair but at the same time gives a slightly edgy appeal to the overall style.

This is the kind of cut that always guarantees a second look.


6. Asymmetric Bob with Burgundy Highlights

The asymmetric ends along with the undercut and shaved sides make this style attention-grabbing. The burgundy highlights further emphasize the esoteric charm and makes it a style that easily wins admiration.

Though extremely cool, it is rather casual in terms of styling and may not suit all formal occasions.


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7. Nape Undercut 

short bob with undercut

The short choppy bob takes on a rather dramatic form with this shaved nape and the designer lines thereon.

It is not just a creative take on the conventional bob; the short spikes also add texture to the bob. It is a type of style that brings out effortless excellence from the word go.


8. Bob Weave with Shaved Nape

short pink bob with undercut

The angled short bob with undercut looks absolutely striking with the pink color. The shaved nape, along with the bangs on the sides, add a further dimension to this style.

This color also lends a distinctly esoteric charm to the overall hairdo. In many ways, that is what sets this style apart from the rest.


When you are looking for short bob haircut with an undercut, it is all about striking the right balance between comfort and creativity.

That is what will get you the right mix of styling. In many ways, this style is relatively more flexible and absolutely versatile, both in terms of age groups which can sport it as well as occasions where it is suitable.