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30 Trendsetting Hairstyles for 30-Year-Old Women in 2024

Trying something new is ideal when hitting your 30s, as it’s time to let go of those damaged ends as well as the same quirky hairdo you’ve carried since your naive teenage years.

Although you might prefer anything that’s more mature, sophisticated, and easy to maintain to cope with your busy routine, there’s no need to take it too seriously as we’ve rounded up the best hairstyles for 30-year-old women below!

Beautiful Hairstyles for 30-Year-Old Women

Age is just a number when it comes to choosing a new hairstyle. Any hair length, texture, and cut can look stunning as long as you embrace it with confidence and love. Long, medium, or short, straight or curly, layered or blunt—all hairstyles will look great once you learn the key to styling them!

We’ve handpicked some truly inspiring hairstyles for women who have just turned 30 years old. Ready to be inspired? Read on.

1. Pinned-Back Long Waves

long hairstyle for 30 year old woman

There’s no need to chop those long healthy tresses as they’re truly every woman’s dream come true.

Change your styling routine a bit instead and try a wavy perm along with a good trim. Pin back those front chunks and tousle your romantic waves on one shoulder.

2. Asymmetrical Bob

undercut bob hairstyle for 30 year old woman

Set your look on fire with an unbalanced quirky haircut to set off the symmetry of that face for a change.

Recreate this groovy hairstyle for 30-year-old women by buzzing one side while snipping the other one into a side-swept soft bob.

3. Layered Curls + Arched Bangs

shaggy hairstyle for 30 year old woman

Straight bangs can look a little suffocating when entering your mature years. Snip them into a subtle arched shape to reveal some of that forehead while still hiding your wrinkles.

Finish off with a layered long bob to put those natural curls on full display.

4. Bold Buzz

buzz cut for 30 year old woman

Make jaws drop by opting for a bold buzz cut that’s ideal to start fresh with your mane while bringing all the focus on that pretty face.

Dye it in a cool platinum blonde hair shade and spice it up further with a shaved side design or some funky color blocking.

5. Classy Afro Puff

afro puff hairstyle for 30 year old woman

Most women learn to cope up with their natural hair texture when turning 30.

Here’s a timeless hairstyle for all the curly-haired black beauties out there. Pull back all the strands into a high ponytail and let it fluff up into a perfect puff all by itself!

6. Chic Middle-Part Pony

sleek ponytail hairstyle for 30 year old woman with glasses

Middle-part ponytails are back and a must-try for office-going gals who wish to look on fleek every single day.

Slick down the hair using hair gel and a comb into a low-lying pony. Add curls at the ends to avoid a boring flat look.

7. Soft Lob with Fringe

wavy hairstyle for 30 year old woman

Medium-length hairstyles never disappoint as they provide the styling benefits of both short and long tresses.

Play around with a shaggy lob with layers curled away from the face. A slightly side-swept full fringe is also suitable to hide a receding hairline.

8. Bobbed Box Braids

protective hairstyle for 30 year old black woman

African-American ladies aged 30 or above can enjoy a blunt bob while protecting their natural tresses with chunky box braids snipped equally along the jawline.

Incorporate your favorite extensions to achieve a color change without adding a drop of hair dye.

9. Curtain Bangs with Short Hair

feathered bangs hairstyle for 30 year old woman

Fringe bangs are another sophisticated hairstyle for 30-year-old women looking for a subtle change.

The front strands are layered to fall on both sides of the face softening its features. Couple them with shoulder-level layers that can be assembled in a pony whenever you like.

10. Sophisticated Headband Hairstyle

headband hairstyle for 30 year old woman

Headbands never go out of style and suit women of all ages. Keep it classic with soft layers without bangs.

The key lies in styling the strands appropriately. Try an off-center parting with barely-there loose curls. Put your hairband on top and don’t skip those chic ear hoops.

11. Messy Side Braid

side braid hairstyle for 30 year old woman

Messy is the new sexy and so is this careless side braid. Regardless of the hair length and texture, entwine those locks into a basic side knit.

Pull out some chunks to frame the face at the front and tousle the braid on one shoulder.

12. Bed-Head Bun

messy updo hairstyle for 30 year old woman

Talking about messy hairdos, here’s another one to make your thirties look like the best years of your life.

Try a blonde balayage to brighten the face and assemble all the hair into a disheveled bun with some strands spared to create a carefree vibe.

13. Deva Cut Curly Locks

Curly hairstyle for 30 year old woman

Maturity comes with age and so does the acceptance of one’s natural hair texture. Embrace those god-gifted coils after years of heat-styling by experimenting with a Deva haircut.

The key lies in layering the coils when dry to make them fall exactly where intended.  

14. Easy Half Updo

Half bun hairstyle for 30 year old woman

Half-up half-down hairstyles have always remained popular as they’re suitable for both formal occasions and everyday wear.

Try a half-up bun, braid, or ponytail to keep hair away from the face while allowing it to dance with the wind at the back.

15. Sexy Wet Look

Collarbone-length hairstyle for 30 year old woman

Wet looks are still on fire making them another must-try hairstyle for 30-year-old ladies.

Apply plenty of gel to damp hair and comb it back or in whatever direction you want making it look wet all day long. A layered bob would never disappoint!

16. Basic Blunt Cut

blunt hairstyle for 30 year old woman

The simpler, the better! Minimalists can keep their change of hairstyle basic by going for a straight blunt cut.

Such a haircut helps get rid of the damaged ends making your mane appear healthy and thick. Zero regrets guaranteed! Bangs are optional.

17. Cute Half-Up Pigtails

30 year old woman with Jet black hair

Rock pigtails to relive those good old childhood days without looking immature!

Play around with half-up half-down ponytails, braids, or even space buns to stand out from the crowd. Toss on some glitter and get ready to party all night!

18. Classic Ballerina Bun

sleek high bun hairstyle for 30 year old woman

Get through an oily-hair day by sporting an elegant ballerina bun on top of your head while adding a slimming effect to that cute chubby face of yours.

Create a super high ponytail and twist it around into a bun or use a hair donut bun maker instead.

19. Uneven Bangs, Wispy Layers

wispy bangs hairstyle for 30 year old woman

Wispy layers are a life-saver for ladies with thinning locks. The result is light airy tips that blend in seamlessly along the length.

Balance them out with wispy uneven bangs and some copper highlights to make eyes pop along the way.

20. Flirty Side Bun

side bun hairstyle for 30 year old woman

Keep it workplace-appropriate yet sexy with this flirty hairstyle suitable for professional 30-year-old women.

Tousle all the hair on one side and wrap it up into a basic knotted bun behind one ear. Pull out a few tendrils to frame the face. Or don’t!

21. Braided Twin-Tails

pigtail braids hairstyle for 30 year old woman

Shed off a few years with these adorable braided twin-tails and you won’t be able to hate them.

Twist back the front chunks before plaiting down the hair to keep everything in place all day long. Put on your specs and call it a day!

22. Cropped Wolf Cut

bottleneck bob hairstyle for 30 year old woman

The wolf cut is a mix between the good old shag and mullet and can be customized to become as soft or as sharp as you want it to be.

This one features a flawless golden blonde hair shade with short flowy layers ending at the nape.

23. Versatile Bixie

chin-length hairstyle for 30 year old woman

Another mix between two iconic hairstyles; the bob and pixie, is this one-of-a-kind bixie haircut.

The hairstylist will couple the roundness of the former with the sharpness of the latter to give you the ultimate face frame that’s low maintenance too!

24. Quirky Pineapple Updo

Bandana hairstyle for 30 year old woman

Get your bouncy coils noticed from a distance by piling them high up on the head to fall forward all around the face.

Throw in some highlights and rock fake curly bangs by putting on a bandana headband and get ready to be praised!

25. The Rachel

layered hairstyle for 30 year old woman

This hairstyle will look glamorous if you’ve just turned 30 years old, adding some strong Rachel Green vibes. It features plenty of feathered layers and wispy tendrils that hug the face and neck.

This look is high-maintenance, requiring regular blow-drying and touch-ups. But the effort is still worth it!

26. High Curly Ponytail

messy ponytail hairstyle for 30 year old woman

High ponytails never go out of style and lift the face like nothing else, making them a safe shot for all the ladies hitting age 30 or above.

Add curls, if not natural, to avoid a flat look, and assemble them high up at the back. Done!

27. Funky Split-Dye Hair

skunk stripe hairstyle for 30 year old woman

Give yourself a style shake-up without snipping off even an inch of that long luscious mane.

Look like a real-life Cruella by dying half of your black tresses into an icy platinum blonde nuance and that’s pretty much it! Iconic!

28. Feminine Claw Clip Updo

updo with side bangs hairstyle for 30 year old woman

Claw clip updos are another 70s hair trend that’s back and stronger than ever before.

Fold your hair into an 8-shaped loop and put on your claw clip. This is, undoubtedly, the easiest hairstyle for 30-year-old women you can ever get!

29. Long Goddess Braids

micro braid hairstyle for 30 year old woman

Look like an ethereal goddess by opting for super long knotted, or rather knotless, box braids.

Incorporate extensions to go as long as you want while knitting. Pull out chunks along the way to achieve a sexy hot mess of braids and curls.

30. Majestic Crown Braid

crown braid hairstyle for 30 year old woman

Keep your hair neatly tucked away from the face in an elegant crown braid updo that’s visible from all sides.

Braid the strands neatly all around the hairline or go all messy to make a style statement. The choice is all yours!

Each one of these hairstyles for 30-year-old women is worth a shot keeping in mind your styling routine and hair type as well as the facial features you prefer to conceal a bit or bring under the spotlight instead. Take things up a notch with a fresh hair color and you won’t regret your decision!

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