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12 Cornrow Man Bun Hairstyles for 2024

Among all the cornrow variations, the cornrow man bun is the ultimate champion. This hairstyle makes you the favorite person of a spotlight on any occasion.


Cornrow Man Bun Ideas

Hairstyles are a real game-changer, and with cornrow man bun you are automatically the star of the party. This hairstyle enhances your personality and gives you a chance to be the best version of yourself. Below, you will find 12 best man bun hairstyles with cornrow braids for men that you will fall in love with.

1. Black and Blonde Man Bun with Two Braids

Black and Blonde Cornrow Man Bun

Cornrows go really well with African textured hair. If you want to add some style to your hairstyle, then add some blonde color into it. Divide two vertical sections of hair and braid them into classic three-strands cornrows.

Take the smaller sections by dividing them into triangular parts and knit smaller braids connecting with the bigger braids. Join the cornrow braids to form a man bun. Add low fade to the remaining hair.


2. Classic Man Bun Braids

Classic Cornrow Man Bun

This men’s braid hairstyle is included in the classics for apparent reasons. If you would want to lay your hands on this classic man bun with cornrow hairstyle, then part your hair into small sections running from the frontline to the back, braid each section into traditional cornrows. Join all the cornrows at the end to form a tiny man bun.


3. Man Bun with Shaved Sides

Cornrow Man Bun with Shaved Sides 

A mix of reverse French braided bun with back and side shaved hair is simply classic. If you want to get this hairstyle, middle part your hair and knit French man braids on both the sides.

Combine the cornrow style braids at the back of your head to form a man bun. Shave the rest of the hair to the skin to complete the look.


4. Three-strands Braided Man Bun with Fades

black guy with cornrow man bun

Braids can be styled in really cool ways. Divide your top hair into small sections and braid them all. Combine all the braids at the tip of your head into a bun. Add subtle trim to the hair below, then a-line design, and then a low bald fade for an assorted fade hair look to complement the beard.

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5. Man Bun Braids with Taper Fade

cornrow man bun with fade

Cornrow braided man buns are really cool. For this hairstyle, divide the hair on the top into small sections and braid them all. Combine the smaller braids to form a French cornrow and then at the end, join the cornrows to create a bun.


6. Braids with Line Design

Elaborate Dutch braids for men are the braids of 2024. Divide your hair into different sections to knit them into differently sized braids combining into each other. Round up the braids to form a cornrow man bun style. Add a high top fade with part to the hair through which runs a line design.

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7. Ugly Man Bun

Hair twisted into thin cornrows are an ideal hairstyle. Weave your hair into thin twisted braids going into different directions and then joining at the apex to form a man bun with cornrow. Trim the side hair slightly for a neat appearance.


8. Silver Cornrow Man Bun

Silver Cornrow Man Bun

If you are tired up of your naturally dark hair, then give them a twist of sleek silver hair for added excellence. Divide the hair into small vertical sections braided into three-strands braids which finally form a cornrow braided man bun for modern guys.

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9. Twisted Man Bun with Undercut

Twisted hair is something out of this world in a very positive aspect. Shave your hair into a fohawk style and then divide the top hair into small sections. Take two parts and twist them together.

Once you are finished with all the hair, join them together to form a topknot. Add an undercut to the rest of the hair.


10. Zig Zag Braids

This hairstyle is for a stylish twist to the hair. Divide the top hair into equal parts and form two straight cornrows. Take the side hair and form cornrows which overlap and then connect to the other cornrows creating a bun for men. Add a high bald fade to the hair to complete the look.


11. Slick Back Bun

Slick Back Cornrow Man Bun

For this hairstyle, you need to have long hair. Divide the hair into equal parts and then braid them into tightly packed cornrows. Join all the cornrow braids s at the tip of the head to form a man bun.


12. Curly Man Bun and Temple Fade

cornrow man bun for afro hair

French braids are another version of cornrows. The middle part your hair and knit both the parts into French braids. Join the braids at the back of the head to form a cornrow man bun. Trim the remaining hair for a curly temple fade and a neat frontline.