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Brown Hair with Pink Highlights: Top 10 Ideas

Pink hair highlights are a great option for brightening and making every hairstyle more colorful and playful. Pink is the ultimate girl’s hair color and it is a vibrant and bold shade. The pink highlights on brown hair can come in a more intense or lighter option.


Lovely Brown Hairstyles with Pink Higlights

Here are the top 10 pink hair highlights ideas for women with brown hair to rock with pride.

1. Short Hair with Highlights

hot pink highlights in short choppy brown hair

This hairstyle is a daring and bold one. The color and the cut are suitable for women who want to leave an impression. The choppy cut is done on short to medium length brown hair. The length through the hair is different where some parts are longer than the others.

The pink highlights come just after the roots and they make the look playful. The styling is messy and unordinary.


2. Short Stacked Bob

brown stacked bob with pink highlights

The short-stacked bob is parted in the middle. The longest parts reach the chin, and the back is stacked and much shorter. The line where the length of the hair changes makes the hairstyle visually longer.

The highlights are low and come at the ends of the light brown hair. They start somewhere in the middle and go down. The pink color is light and not very intense.


3. Layered Curls with Highlights

pink highlights in curly brown hair

The layered curls come on medium length hair. The basic cut is layered which makes the curls appear upper and lower on the hair. The pink color highlights are coming through the hair and they start high.

With the change of the height of the highlights and the layering, the curls are getting a wonderful look. The combination of brown and pinks is beautiful on loose curls.


4. Braided Space Bun

pink highlights in braided brown hair

This hairstyle is consisted of around two Dutch braids that come interlocking and that way they create an unordinary look. The brown hair is medium-long, and the highlights are done in pink and blonde shade.

The hair is separated into 4 parts each done in a braid. As the hair is braided, each braid comes in different look because of the position of the highlights. They end in braided knots.


5. Intense Pink Highlights

long brown hair with pink highlights

This long brown hairstyle is made more interesting and great for summer with the addition of the intense dark pink hair dye. The highlights are rare at the top and as they go lower, the entire hair become pink. The hairstyle is a mixture of highlights turned to ombre.

Maintaining this much of intensity in the color requires regular coloring because pink is a color that fades quickly and with every wash, it will change and the look will be different.


6. Side Twists and Half Braids

If the hair is light brown, the pink highlights create a warm and nice look. the pink undertones alongside the light brown provide a warm look, and as the color fade, the pink turns to strawberry pink shade. This hairstyle presents a look at long hair.

Two strands from the side are twisted and end at the back. There, they continue in a tiny braid. The rest of the hair falls freely which makes the pink color even more visible.


7. Balayage Highlights

The wavy hair is more playful and interesting choice for those who like to spice up their look. The pastel pink hair highlights are more intense on the back, while at the front, the brown hair dominates with few very rare pink parts.


8. Wavy Bob

The waves are a cool look that looks good on every hair length and color. However, the pink highlights on short light brown hair create a wonderful look. The transition of color can be seen as the pink with a brown base turns to many other color variations.

Somewhere the pink turns to light pink, somewhere to strawberry pink, somewhere to light orange. All together these colors create a unified and beautiful look.


9. Shades of Pink Hair

pink highlights in brown hair

The pink nuances on the highlights come from the light baby pink to vibrant and neon pink hair color. The brown base wonderfully presents all of the colors and they all combined deliver fancy and trendy look.

The best way to wear so many different shades of pink is to braid the hair. In that case, the braid will be colorful and interesting.


10. Chunky Highlights

brown hair with pink highlights and balayage

The pink shade on the shoulder-length hair starts with high highlights and continues down with denser concentration. The pink nuances vary from pink to light purples leaving the brown hair underneath dominant as a base color.

The best way to wear and style the highlights is the medium beach waves or any other waves. They nicely show the pink color, and it is much more presentable than worn on straight hair.


Different shades of pink present different looks on different hairstyles. Each one is unique and beautiful in its own way. Pink highlights are great for long, medium and short brown hair. The final looks are modern, trendy and fashionable.