15 Best Pink Highlights for 2022

Pink is the new black in the world of fashion. No wonder, pink highlights are a rage. 2021 in many ways has been all about defining the edge that highlights can lend to your fashion sensibilities.

Just how much is too much, and what is just right is important to understand. It is only this understanding that helps you achieve the appropriate balance and make a statement with pink.


Pink Highlights

Here are some of the best pink highlights in 2022 that not only add subtle undertones but make loud statements about your fashion sensibilities in a definitive and decisive manner. The range and potential of pink can be overwhelming.

1. Highlights on Long Layered Hair

pink highlights for women

If you thought that there is nothing more you can do about your long dark tresses, think again. These subtle pink highlights make the layers stand out and also exude a subtle but assertive charm.

It lends a certain degree of softness to your face, and this further highlights the power of pink.


2. Bob with Undercut

side swept bob with pink highlights

The peek-a-boo highlights give a definitive edge to your hair styling. Coupled with the undercut and the side-swept blonde, it is all about understated styling and emphatically establishes your absolute feminine charm.

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3. Wrap-around Ponytail

pink highlights on golden blonde hair

The pink hair highlights are very strategically positioned in this style. They almost come across as a piece of hair-tie to keep your hair together.

It surely adds a brilliantly stylish touch to the overall hairdo. The most interesting aspect is the simplicity of the streaking and the depth of styling that it brings forth.


4. Highlighted Bangs

pink hair highlights

Ombreing your hair always made them stand out, especially if you have the length and the volume to flaunt.

The highlights, however, enhance the oomph factor a notch higher and give it a rather unconventional touch and brings out the brilliance of light pink hair color.


5. Black Hair with Pink Highlights

Black Hair with Pink Highlights

The combination of the subtle pink tones with the black base tones is rather striking in this case. The highlights do not just define the edges but also bring out the intensity of the hair’s base color tones in an emphatic way.

The wavy layers get a refreshingly new lease of life with this combination.


6. Balayage Highlights

This asymmetric haircut coupled with the uneven bangs is all about breaking conventional styling sensibilities in a beautiful way, and the pink balayage highlights go on to further add to the overall effect.

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7. Dirty Blonde with Pink Highlights

This kind of  hair coloring is all about highlighting the ends in a dramatic way. The contrast between the blonde and play of pink and purple highlights make a stunning combination.


8. Long Hair + Highlights

The glitters further add to the charm of the rose pink hair in this highlighting and make for a stunning styling option altogether.


9. Pink to Blue Ombre

The blue ombre is striking anyway, but the addition of pink enhances the wow factor. It strikes a balance between the funky and the conventional styling elements.


10. Half Waterfall Braid

braided blonde hair with pink highlights

The pink highlights turn this simple braid into an absolutely exotic and attention-grabbing style.


11. Wavy Bob with Highlights

If you like highlights, then it is difficult not to like this one. It is all about pink power from the word go and helps you get an edge in a stylishly cool manner.

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12. Short Tousled Hair

The white blonde hair is anyway making a striking statement, but the highlights in pink make it even more emphatic.

It lends a subtle softness to the face and cuts the icy coldness of the steely white shade. That is what adds to the overall charm largely.


13. Braided Bun

Come to think of it, these are just some braids but what makes these blonde braids stand out are the pink color hair highlights that intersperse the deep brown and golden tones.

The pink hair does not just cut the monotony but adds a unique, vibrant touch to the overall hairdo.


14. Pixie Cut with Highlights

pixie haircut with pink highlights

The disheveled charm, the chaotic order of this short hairstyle is beautifully highlighted with pink shade.

They bring about an air of casually cool styling that will make heads turn wherever you may go. It is all about showing the cute quotient.

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15. Short Hair + Shaved Sides

full pink highlights

When you talk of effortless styling with subtle undertones, it is often about these little nuances and touches that make a standout impression.

This full highlights style is one of the best representations of the style. This is easy, cool and absolutely stunning in every possible way.


Therefore, if you are keen on hair highlights, the trick is to combine the perfect length with the most appropriate cut. Pink is that way an extremely versatile hair color.

All you have to do is pair it well to make the most of the combination. In case you are still unsure, you can easily refer to this list for some interesting ways to adapt the pink highlights to the hilt.