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20 Gorgeous Pink Hair Highlights Styles

One of the best things about having hair is being able to play with colors. Pink hair highlights have become quite trendy, thanks to the many shades of pink and the plethora of hairstyles there are to flaunt the color. 

Pink can be used to create any vibe or look you’re going for. Feeling moody and mysterious? Try a dark magenta pink. Soft and flirty? Peach pink will convey your feelings. For sophistication and chicness anywhere, opt for rose gold pink. 

To get the right color of pink highlights, most hairstylists will recommend seeing a professional. However, if you’re experienced with hair coloring or you’re feeling brave enough to DIY, take a look at the step-by-step guide below for a refresher first! You’ll be seeing pink in no time.

How to Do Pink Hair Highlights – A Step by Step Guide

Step by step Guide to Do Pink Hair Highlights

First things first, if your hair is a dark color (brown or black), you’ll need to bleach your hair to lighten it so that it’s prepared to hold your new pink highlights.

You’ll also need to decide which shade of pink hair highlights you’d like. A few of our favorites include:

  • peach pink
  • pink lavender
  • platinum pink
  • bubblegum pink
  • fuchsia pink
  • rose gold or rose quartz pink

All of these are gorgeous shades of pink and would make a wonderful addition of color to your hair, but your hair color does need to be lightened first if it isn’t already.

Once you have your pink color picked out and you’ve decided where you want to apply it (ex. face-framing; evenly throughout your hair; ombre; etc.), follow these steps:

  1. Start with clean, combed hair. Avoid washing your hair the same day you’ll be coloring it. We recommend washing hair one day, then highlighting the following day.
  2. Put on a hair cape or a shirt you don’t mind staining. Section off your hair according to where you’ll be adding the highlights. 
  3. Prepare your color mixture (all at-home hair dye kits come with instructions to follow) and try the strand test to be sure you’ll be happy with the color.
  4. Using the hair applicator brush, apply the color to small, fine sections of your hair. 
  5. When finished, wait for the color to set according to the hair dye instructions (typically 20-30 minutes)
  6. When time is up, rinse out your color and follow up with a conditioner.

Watch the Following Tutorial to Learn Diy Pink Highlights

20 Pretty Pink Highlight Hairstyles to Try

Now that you’ve seen how you can achieve pink hair highlights, check out the prettiest ways to style them!

1. Pink Shag

pink highlights on short hair
Instagram / hairby.a.n.d

Three words that always go together: pink hair and shag. If you love a shoulder-grazing haircut, we recommend adding highlights to a cute shaggy bob with straight bangs, concentrating dark pink in the body and light pink in the bangs.

2. Pixie with Pink Highlights

pink highlights on black hair
Instagram / sassyhairanddayspa

A few hot pink hair highlights instantly edge up a dark long pixie with an undercut. If you tend to wear your hair combed back away from the face, these highlights are placed perfectly for you.

3. Chunky Highlights

pink highlights on blonde hair
Instagram / everlastingelegance

If you have a light to the medium blonde mane, consider pink chunky highlights added throughout your hair. The long wavy locks are seen here in a half updo and stand out beautifully with light and dark highlights.

4. Face Framing Highlights

pink money piece highlights
Instagram /

For women who have naturally dark hair, here’s a gorgeous way to try out pink streaks highlights. This neon shade is absolutely stunning in thick highlights around the face.

5. Brown and Pink Highlights

shaggy hair with pink highlights
Instagram / livebytheswordsalon

If you have the freedom to do whatever you want to your hair, go crazy with color! Rock both a hot pink and a dark purple in a short curly hairstyle for playful femininity. 

6. Strawberry Pink Highlights

pink highlights on brown hair
Instagram / crybabycortes

Another gorgeous shade for brunettes is this strawberry pink. It brings a beautiful lightness to dark brown hair. Near the roots is where color is darkest, but it lightens up at the ends.

7. Bubblegum Pink 

pink highlights for older women
Instagram / hairgurl_salon

Express your sassy side with fun bubblegum pink hair highlights! Even an older woman’s short salt and pepper haircut look absolutely lovely with a little pink added.

8. Neon Raspberry Pink

pink highlights for black women
Instagram / ashimarywig

To draw all eyes to your face, have your stylist place thick raspberry pink highlights in those first two strands at the hairline. In the rest of the hair, opt for thin highlights, making them chunky only at the ends.

9. Light Pink and Purple

braided hair with pink highlights
Instagram / hair_spa_nl

Welcome spring’s florals with light pink and purple highlights in the front half of your hair. This long hairstyle features two half Dutch braids. It’s a beautiful look for any lady. 

10. Hot Pink Curls

hot pink highlights
Instagram / luxebeautique

These perfectly swirled curls are Instagram-ready. For Black women with short hair, treat your locks to these coiled black curls highlighted in hot pink

11. Blonde + Pink Highlights

chunky pink highlights
Instagram / savascissors

They’re not quite neon, but these chunky pink hair highlights are still bright enough to catch everyone’s eye. They’ll look gorgeous on women with platinum or very light blonde hair. 

12. Rose Pink Hair

pink balayage highlights
Instagram / hcartistry

Light and dark rose highlights make a gorgeous statement in long wavy or curly hair. With color this gorgeous, you can rest assured you’ll look amazing 24/7.

13. Pastel Pink Highlights

If you prefer a muted color when it comes to highlighting your hair, you’ll love the understated beauty of these pastel pink highlights. This shade works best if your hair is at least a light blonde.

14. Hot Pink

pink hair highlights with bangs
Instagram / britanyraquell

Playing with different shades is a fun way to style your hair highlights. This perky brown ponytail boasts a bit of magenta hair color on the body and bright pink in the straightened bangs.

15. Dark Peachy Pink Bob

bob haircut with pink highlights
Instagram / danycerfoglia_hair

Another shade of pink highlights perfect for women who want understated beauty they can wear confidently anywhere is this peach pink. The color is easy on the eyes in a short straightened bob.

16. Waves with Highlights

pink highlights
Instagram / harrycharlessalon

Can’t decide which shade of pink you want for highlights? When in doubt, stay in the middle of the color spectrum. A medium pink will be just as flattering throughout your mane, and you can always darken or lighten them!

17. Thin Pink Highlights

pink highlights on curly hair
Instagram / hairbyannriordan

While the top half of this medium-length curly hairstyle features thin raspberry pink highlights, the bottom is loaded up with the color. This clever way to feature the shade lets your natural hair color peek through.

18. Pink Babylights

pink highlights on medium hair
Instagram /

Babylights may be thinner, but they’re still an effective way of adding color. Consider pink babylights if your hair is fine or thin, as your hair will handle it better than chunky highlights.

19. Strawberry Streaks

pink peekaboo highlights
Instagram / candicecasillohair

A side braid flaunts a mixture of light and dark pink streaks. These two shades are perfect for your hair if it’s light blonde, and the placement of highlights is ideal for a temporary subtle addition of color. 

20. Mermaid Highlights

pink hair highlights
Instagram / salon_arcana

To truly make a statement with your hair color, we say try a blending of purple, blue, and pink highlights! On this redhead, the colors look like something a mermaid would have, but a blonde base will make them look gorgeous as well.


Are pink hair highlights tacky?

It’s actually tacky to criticize another’s appearance. Everyone is different – what may be considered ‘tacky’ to one person may look good to another.

That said, there are tasteful ways of doing pink hair highlights and other ways that look more like accidents. It’s generally best to avoid splotchy or lazy hair dye jobs if you want to look decent.

Can I do pink hair highlights on brown hair without bleach?

You can attempt it, but the result will not be what you’re looking for. Lightening dark hair with bleach is necessary in order for the color to penetrate a hair follicle and attach.

If you do add pink hair highlights to brown hair without bleach, the result will either be darker hair or not the pink you were looking for.

Do pink highlights fade quickly?

The length of time your pink highlights last depends on the type of dye you purchase. Semi-permanent lasts 6-8 weeks, demi-permanent about 40 washes, and temporary about 15-20 washes.

Also, lighter shades of pink highlights will generally fade more quickly than darker shades.

Which style of pink hair highlights was your favorite? We won’t blame you if you loved them all! When choosing how you want to add pink highlights to your mane, consider the effect of the placement in the above styles.

Highlights throughout your mane are a commonly chosen style, while face-framing highlights are a more dramatic statement. 

In the end, all that matters is that you love your new look!

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