8 Best Chunky Highlights for Dark Hair

With chunky highlights added to your dark hairstyle, you can change your whole look. Every color from blonde and black to more fun and vibrant ones like purple or blue look gorgeous as chunky highlights. So whether you’re starting with long or short dark hair, be brave and try out chunky highlights to add a whole new spin to your current look!


Chunky Highlights for Dark Hair To Try

For eight gorgeous ways to wear chunky highlights on dark hair, check out the looks below.

1. Chunky Peekaboo Highlights for Dark Hair

chunky peekaboo highlights for dark hair

On light brown short straight hair with bangs, light purple chunky highlights are a fun new detail to add. If you have bangs, focus the highlights near the front framing pieces to be more noticeable.


2. Chunky Blonde Highlights on Dark Hair

chunky blonde highlights on dark hair

Who doesn’t love the way blonde highlights bring warmth and light to dark hair? Even if it’s not summer, you can get a gorgeous glow all year round with chunky highlights.


3. Chunky Balayage Highlights on Dark Hair

chunky balayage highlights on dark hair

For a less in your face look with chunky highlights, try balayage. On dark brown hair, this shade of light blue is stunning and sure-fire way to get that pop of color.


4. Chunky Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

These blonde chunky highlights start a quarter of the way down from the roots and add a touch of light to dark brown hair. There are only a few chunky highlights here but they’re well-placed to make a statement.


5. Chunky Highlights on Dark Hair

chunky highlights on curly dark hair

Natural curly brown or black hair gets a step up from being traditional with both blonde and caramel highlights. They start a little further away from the scalp as well for a different take.


6. Short Dark Hair with Chunky Highlights

Chunky highlights in caramel and golden shades add a flirty touch to dark brown hair on a pixie cut. Have your stylist add in short layers so that the highlights show up even more.


7. Front Chunky Highlights on Long Dark Hair

To bring all the focus to your face, have your stylist concentrate on adding chunky highlights there. On dark brown hair, a medium shade of caramel highlights really flatters green eyes.


8. Blonde Highlights on Dark Red Hair

dark hair with chunky highlights

For women with light or pale skin tones, go for a dark red base with blonde chunky highlights. Whether your hair is short or medium, add large curls to the ends and face-framing pieces to finish this look off.


Chunky highlights add a beautiful touch to any dark hairstyle. Evenly placed around the hair, as a balayage halfway down the hair, or concentrated just up front, there is no wrong way to add them to your look for gorgeousness.

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