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25 Dashing Beard Beads Styles You Have to See

You may have had seen men walking around in beard with beads. The beard beads that you see are a beautifying bit of gems that one can string through the beard. What are beads doing attached to the beard? Straightforward inquiry! This helps men achieve a couple of beard styles without a moment’s delay.

Picking up the whiskers beads and using them appears entirely dope if styled legitimately. For those who have long whiskers, the beads make sure the beard remains clean and slick in the events that you attend.

Consider the Vikings and their huge beards. How would they have had carried out that kind of exercises; the sword and hatchet swinging, had it not been for the braids and the beads?


Popular Beaded Beard Styles

Styling beard beads is truly basic. Here are some styles for you to look over.

1. Verdi Beard with Braids

beard styles with beads

This beard style with beads add neat texture and that needed finishing edge to the overall look.

Ideal for: Verdi cut, short beard with thinner volume and a rough texture, and a long mustache.

How to Style: Pull your beard together and simply tie it with a rubber band first and then fix the beads. For the mustache, simply fix the metal beads at both ends of it.


2. Long Hair with Beard

long beard with beads

Looking for an easy beard bead style? It is not only easy but adds an urbane touch to your outlook.

Ideal for: Short thick beard.

How to Style: Comb your beard into three equal parts, to make three pigtails first with the help of rubber bands. Arrange the metal beads in all three.


3. Class, Sass and Form, All in One

classy beard style with beads

Who knew ponytail beards would look even better with beads?

Ideal for: Medium/short grey/blonde beard with thicker volume.

How to Style: For this look take some hair from the side of your chin leaving some behind and tie them into a ponytail. Repeat the same on the other side of your chin. Finish off with metal beads on each, place them right over the rubber band to hide it.


4. Bohemian Beard

long bushy beard with beads

For all the long bushy beard keepers out there, this boho style is made for you.

Ideal for:  Long beard with thicker volume.

How to Style: Take the hair from the chin into your hands, comb them and divide them into three equal sections. Knot them into slick and long braids, accessorize them with metal beads as shown in the picture.


5. Formal Look

long beard with metal beads for men

If you’re looking for a neat and functional look beaded beard look then here’s your pick.

Ideal for: Medium length full beard.

How to Style: Comb your beard thoroughly, and apply beard gel. Pull your whiskers together and tie a rubber band to it creating a ponytail. Similarly, secure the beard ponytail with two more rubber bands; one in the middle and the next close to the ends. Fix the metal beads right on top of the bands.

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6. Braided Beard

grey beard with beads

This man has a long, grey braided beard, which is a unique style for any older man.

Ideal for: Anyone who wants to add a touch of luxury and distinction to the look.

How to Style: Grow your beard on the chin and make it long enough to create a medium braid. And finally, secure it with two wooden beads.


7. Full + Connected Mustache

braided mustache with beads

Instagram / barbarian.beard

This style can give you a unique and rugged look, while you will also get a number of practical benefits.

Ideal for: Whoever intends to keep their face warm in cold weather.

How to Style: Simply grow your facial hair and comb it out every few days. Then make braids using your long mustache.


8. Bubble Beard

long beard with beads

Instagram / ed_rucker_ks

The bubble is a fun and flirty way to style your long beard.

Ideal for: Perfect for older people who want to look cool.

How to Style: To get the look, start by brushing your beard and making several bubble shapes using metal beads.


9. Beard Dreads

beard dreads with beads

Instagram / pelocohairstyles

It is an innovative way to style your beard.

Ideal for: Man with a long goatee.

How to Style: Grow your goatee very long while you make them dreads. You can shape them into several dreads and styles with different types of pellets.


10. Short Sparrow

Some people believe this style gives a more rustic and vintage feel to a person, while others find the style to be beautiful and stylish.

Ideal for: People who want to give a vintage touch.

How to Style: Make two braids from both sides of your chin and secure the end with golden sword-style tube beads.


11. Decency on Top Beard

This is the most sophisticated beard along with bead style that one can wear anywhere.

Ideal for: Stubble/ tapered beard

How to Style: To achieve this look, take a thin strand of your beard from either the centre (chin area) or the sides (jawline). Secure them with rubber bands and arrange a metal bead on them.


12. Savage

Barbarian-inspired beard bead styles are not that common but no wonder they are the coolest.

Ideal for: Verdi/Bandholz cut, medium/short beard with long mustaches

How to Style: If this is not easy then what else could possibly be! Just grab a pair of metal beads and secure the ends of your mustaches with them.


13. Up-to-The-Minute

How could the jazz be kept away from the realms of beard with beads? It is unconventional but it’s happening!

Ideal for: Short/Medium length beard.

How to Style: The secret to this trendy bear style with beads is using as many metal and plastic beads as you can. Make sure to incorporate thin sets of strands to knot into 5 or 7 braids; creating 1 or 2 in the centre (chin area) and the rest on each side of the jawline. Enhance them with multiple metal and plastic beads.


14. Braided Beard

A traditional Viking beard incorporates two braids. If you’re a Viking fan, this one’s for you!

Ideal for: Long beard with thicker volume

How to Style: Comb your beard properly and apply beard gel to it. Make two sections, and tangle each section into a braid. Once done, arrange two metal beads to each braid; one at the middle and second at the bottom of the braid.


15. Mexican Beard & Mustache Style

blonde beard with beads

A chic beard with beads style for a contemporary and polished look.

Ideal for: Anchor/Balbo beard

How to Style: First, firmly fix the beard into a ponytail with a rubber band. Adorn it with a single or multiple metal/plastic beads.


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16. Long Goatee

The loose beard braid adorned with jewelry puts up a hip and suave look.

Ideal for: Long goatee style grey beard with thinner volume.

How to Style: It involves three quick steps; comb your beard, apply beard gel, make a loose braid. Stick two or three metal beads to it; one at the top near the chin, next somewhere in the middle and the last at the very bottom.


17. Two in One

There are two braids in it, but the style is quite different from that of Vikings one. It’s different yet appears flawless.

Ideal for: A Long beard with thicker volume.

How to Style: Take hold of the hair from the chin area and make a braid out of them. Repeat the same for the rest of the beard. Add the metal beads to the braids and voila!


18. Casual Ginger Beard Style

Here is a laid-back beaded beard look for a fun Sunday.

Ideal for: Ducktail beard cut/Thick, rough and medium-length beard

How to Style: Comb your beard. Take hold of a thin strand of beard from the centre and craft a braid. Do the same by making two more braids on each side. Keep the ends loose. Add a metal bead to each and you’re good to spend the rest of the day with it.


19. Ne’er-do-well, But Still Charming

It’s never too late to go rogue with a little twist and be a debonair anyway. The Viking beard beads style says it all.

Ideal for: Long/short beard

How to Style: Simply part your beard into three sections, make three thin pieces of bread. Make sure to start from where your chin ends. Use plastic beads or metal beads, one in each or multiple in each. All up to you!

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20. Chill Out

scruffy beard with beads

Casual mood calls for a casual beard styling day. You can make use of this beads on beard look on that day.

Ideal for: Short beard/Van Dyke Beard

How to Style: Grab hold of a thin strand of hair right from the middle of your chin and secure it with a metal bead. That’s it!


21. Eccentric Beard Look with Beads

No need to worry about your long beard anymore because you’ve just found the miraculous idea to style it.

Ideal for: Long beard with little or no volume

How to Style: First of all apply beard wax or gel to your beard and then comb it carefully with a light hand. Tie multiple rubber bands with equal spaces, creating a ponytail. Make use of seven to eight metal beads to revamp it.


22. Avant-Garde

Now, this is what is called a groovy yet warm beaded beards fashion.

Ideal for: Bandholz cut Medium-length hipster beard

How to Style: There is no trick involved in it at all. All you need are several plastic beads. Refer to the picture above and arrange the beads to your beard to achieve this beard and handlebar mustache look.


23. The Novel One

braided beard style with beads

There are many men who prefer a calm and nonchalant look always. In case you’re one of them, you will be pleased with this one.

Ideal for: Short/Medium length beard with a mustache or without

How to Style: Divide your neck beard into two equal segments. Starting from the below the chin, loop both segments separately into a braid. Clip a metal bead to each and you’re done.


24. The Newest Style

beard styles for men with beads

For all the minimalist beard beads style lovers; here’s the one that you can pull off modestly and still look casual.

Ideal for: Chin strap beard

How to Style: Basically, you only have to clip a metal bead to your beard to enhance it.


25. Natural and Flawless

short thick beard with beads

Beaded beard looks the best in its crude form; it’s just there artlessly.

Ideal for: Full scruffy beard

How to Style: These appear a lot like tiny pigtails and so to recreate this look, effortlessly pin the metal beads to four strands; two on each side, leaving the centre as it is.


Beards are known to be an indication of pride and masculinity. Ever since the onset of prehistoric Egyptian occasions, they have spiked through 2022 too. The Norsemen and Vikings are the exclusive examples. No doubt, beard beads are so hot.