20 Best Quick Weave Bobs to Try in 2021

Quick weave bobs are all the rage for 2021. To create a quick weave, hair extensions are glued directly to a protective cap that is placed on your head. Similar to a sew-in weave, hair is still braided into cornrows and then sewn into the braids.

Because they last for a few weeks to a month, quick weaves make choosing your bob hairstyle easy. Styles range from straight and short to curly and long curly in any color you can imagine. We’ve compiled 20 of the very best quick weave bob looks right here, so take a peek!

1. Curly Quick Weave Bob

If you have difficulty growing out your natural hair, try out a quick curly bob weave. Choose tight ringlets, loose waves, and hair as thick as you’d like it. Add layers if you’re working with lots of volume.


2. Middle Part

Nothing says ‘chic’ more than a sleek middle part bob. With a quick weave, creating your ideal middle part look is easy. Middle parts are best on symmetrical face shapes, especially if your bob is medium or short.


3. Side Part

Side parts are the most versatile of all parts. The curtain-like shape they create is suitable for every face shape, and a great starting point for your quick weave style.


4. Bob with Bangs

Bangs are a great way to frame a face, especially if your face shape is oval. Long, see-through bangs look great on quick weaves if your face shape is round. Side swept bangs will suit anyone!


5. Short Quick Weave Bob

Short bobs are perfect for framing a pretty face. Typically, a short bob hits along the jawline or stops right at the chin, making it the ideal style for long or oval face shapes. A side part helps to open things up, especially for straight hair.


6. Long Quick Weave Bob

While any babe can rock a long quick weave bob, full cheeks appear slimmer with these long lines. Long bobs are also flexible. Cut it shorter when the mood strikes or pull it into an updo as you desire.


7. Shoulder Length Bob

Shoulder length bobs are super versatile as quick weaves. The length flatters every face shape and looks gorgeous when either straightened or curled.


8. Blonde Quick Weave Bob

Why not see if the saying, ‘blonde have more fun,’ is actually true? This stunning blonde quick weave is glamorous, yet the blunt cut ends make it truly modern.


9. Half Up Half Down Bob

Half up half down styles are playful, sweet, and rather trendy. Because bob hairstyles are pretty short for ponytails, half up styles are a great option for pulling hair back to reveal your face and let you get down to business.


10. Asymmetrical Quick Weave Bob

Asymmetrical styles aren’t for everyone, but if the look is calling your name, you should go for it! This quick weave bob styles looks best with a side part, but feel free to make it as deep or as shallow as you’d like.


11. Blunt Cut Bob

Blunt cut bobs look amazing on faces with soft, feminine features. These quick weave bobs have razor-sharp ends that look best when framing the chin. Add blunt cut bangs or a wispy fringe to round out this gorgeous look.


12. Wavy Bob

Waves make quick weave bobs feel full and sexy. This style is asymmetrical, but only slightly, so as to not overpower the waves. Blow them out away from your face for a brightening effect.


13. 27 Piece Quick Weave Bob

Perhaps you’d like to add sweeping bangs to your hairstyle where you normally have none. A piece quick weave is a great way to fill out your current style. They are perfect for adding some layers, dimension, or more texture to your look.


14. Layered Bob for Black Women

Add definition to your quick weave bob with subtle layers. The first layer of this look effectively shapes the cheekbones on this babe, giving her round face shape dimension. Layers are flexible, though, and can be cut for any effect you desire.


15. Quick Weave + Feathered Bob

Sleek and straight is fine, but don’t forget that layers look great on bob hairstyles. Feathered quick weave styles like this one amp up the texture and are especially suitable for older women.


16. Red Quick Weave Bob

Bobs are a great hairstyle for trying out bold colors like this fiery red. This red hairstyle, in particular, has the perfect amount of red to black contrast so the bright color won’t overwhelm your look.


17. Weave Bob with Shaved Side

Looking for something a little different when it comes to your next quick bob weave? Shaved sides or smaller shaved details are edgy and cool.


18. Bob with Invisible Part

Invisible part weaves are a technique that makes it appear as though the hair is coming from your scalp. It’s intended to look natural, so we love it on all quick weave bob styles.


Two Big Braids With Weave


19. Quick Weave Ponytail + Bob

Sometimes, your weave bob hairstyle needs an up-do. This ponytail style is chic and neat. For a touch of playfulness, leave the front pieces of hair out on either sides of the face and give them soft, subtle waves.


20. Quick Weave Ombre Bob

Thank goodness ombre styles are actually trendy these days! Now babes can rock root growth as an actual style that is lovely on a weave bob. We love the way this ombre starts around the eyes to open up a gorgeous face.

We like quick weaves bobs for the easy application, but we love them for their versatility! Wear your favorite look stick straight, feathered, wavy, chin-length, or rather long. Let your quick weave bob express your individual style and flatter your best features. So, which look will be your next?

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