65 Unbeatable Hairstyles for Women with Oval Faces

51. Short Pixie

Short Pixie hairstyles for oval faces
A short pixie is one of the smartest ways to outline your oval face shape. If you have fine hair and hate too much maintenance, this hairstyle can blow you away. Consider short wispy bangs to complement the look.


52. Curly and short

Curly and short hairstyles for oval faces women

This mix of a pixie and shag is a wonderful choice for women with curly hair. You’d need to spend some time styling such a mane, but only the top part. The long bangs outline your eyes while the pixie shows off your oval face shape.


53. Blonde and wild

oval faces girl Blonde hairstyles

If you have straight hair and a wish to make a statement, this hairstyle for oval faces is for you. This short A-line bob improves the volume and leaves the strands on top long enough for you to create a wild look.


54. Shaggy

Shaggy cut hair for oval faces girl

This hairstyle is not a perfect choice for an oval face shape but if your face is between long and oval, it can be a great pick. The shaggy feeling this pixie gives create a romantic and windblown look that can help you make a statement.


55. Chin-length bob

Chin-length bob hairstyles for oval faces women

If your hair is straight, a chin-length bob can become a great tool for outline your oval face. The strands are falling nearly down the sides of your face, while the bangs are just long enough not to hide the shape.