65 Unbeatable Hairstyles for Women with Oval Faces

21. Long curls



Many women dream of having curly hair. But if your natural locks are straight then wielding a flat iron every day can become a real headache. What you can do is just curl the tips of your mane. This way you can go easy on your hair and your time.

22. Amazing layers


If you’ve got an oval face shape, you can easily allow yourself all kinds of experiments. Consider getting a layered hairstyle where the frontal layers will be much shorter than the ones in the back. It will help make the maintenance easier without stealing away any hair length.


23. Long bob with blunt ends


Modern women like experiments. Usually, they go for something wispy and asymmetrical. But blunt bangs shouldn’t be overlooked. A simple long bob with blunt bangs will look amazing on any girl with thin and straight hair.


24. Long pixie


If you’ve got an oval face type, the pixie is a wonderful choice since you don’t have to bother with making your face look longer or shorter. This boyish look will suit any girl who is brave enough to sport it. Remember, such pixies make you look younger.


25. Get a sun-kiss


Girls with dark skin look amazing with light locks. So if you are not afraid of challenges, you can ask your stylist to lighten up your mane. Consider going blond in several stages. One of them would be this wonderful sun-kissed color.


26. Get hair extensions


Your dreams about long locks are not coming true? Growing long hair is a tough job that not all of us have enough patience to do. The easiest way out would be to get hair extensions. They are attached pretty fast and will allow you to enjoy your new image for weeks.


27. Burgundy strands


If you want to add your hair a little flavor, consider highlighting several strands with a certain color which is not much different from your own. If your hair is dark, then burgundy strands would be a great idea. You will really make an outstanding impression!


28. Stylish ombre choice


Women with oval face type can go for any ombre colors they wish. Consider dyeing the top part silver and the rest blond. This choice might seem a little wild but the result is really stunning. Avoid this hairstyle only if you are over 40.


29. Long and side-swept


Want to flaunt your amazing long locks but it is very hard to keep them neat? Create a side-swept hairstyle by brushing all of your hair on one side and let it fall down your shoulder. This is a great look for photo shoots.


30. Dark and shiny


If you want to add your long hair some good shine, there are several ways to go about it. One of them is to keep it very healthy. This is not always possible, especially if you dye it. The other one is to use the right hair cosmetics. Ask the hairstylist for advice.