65 Unbeatable Hairstyles for Women with Oval Faces

31. Large curls


Over the years women with long and curly hair were considered to be the most beautiful. You can make different types of curls to look stunning. Consider creating large ones. They look impressive and take less time to style than small coils.


32. Dyed roots


Women with dyed locks try their best to keep the roots the same color as the rest of the hair. There is another way to deal with them. Dye them a different color. Make the color dark so when your natural roots grow, the difference won’t be too obvious.


33. Windblown layers


Long and soft locks look amazing but keeping them neat and healthy is very hard. That’s why many hairstylists will offer you an option to make layers. Layers don’t just make the hairstyle more voluminous, they keep the hair from dehydration.


34. Side part


A side part might sound like a simple styling trick but there is much more to it than just sweeping your hair to one side. Taking care of your side part is imperative. The hair needs to “get used to” looking its neatest with a certain side part.


35. Blond and messy


If your hair is naturally wavy, there isn’t much you can do to keep it very neat except for loads of hair products. So sometimes you can allow yourself to just let it down and be messy. You’ll be surprised to learn that your locks still look fantastic.