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25 Beautiful Asian Long Hairstyles for Women to Inspire

Asian women are known for their remarkable skin and long hair. When it comes to Asian long hair, women are always striving to set new hair trends. They are not afraid of experimenting and that is why some of the greatest hair trends come exactly from that part of the world.


Facts about Asian Hair

Facts about Asian Hair

Here are some less known facts about Asian hair:

  • Since the earliest times, Asian women have used the water they cook the rice in to wash their hair. The long and shiny hair symbolized longevity, prosperity, wealth and fortune.
  • The Asian women hair has twice the diameter and thicker cuticle than Caucasian hair.
  • Hair grows faster, it has the longest growth cycle and it can grow up to 1.3 cm in a month.
  • Hair is strong. The balding and shedding is very rare, as well as the grey hair which appears much later in life.
  • Because Asian’s hair is thicker and longer, it tends to lose moisture very quickly which lead to dry hair and split ends.
  • The Asian market is the prime source in supplying the world market with wigs and extensions because the Asian women’s hair is long, strong and rarely exposed to chemicals.

There is a lot to be learned from Asian women. Their hair routines and care regimes are quite unique in the world which speaks for the final result. The beauty, the shine, and the strength of their hair are unrepeatable. Because of that, their hair is considered to be the most beautiful and wonderful in the world.


Lovely Long Hairstyles for Asian Women

Get inspired by these 25 beautiful long hairstyles coming directly from the Asian women.

1. Cute Space Buns

space buns for long Asian hair

Nobody can slay the cuteness of Asian women hairstyles. Tie the long hair in two cute space buns leaving wispy bangs at the front. Keep the bangs straight or add subtle curls to them. Enhance the cuteness of this look by adding little flowers to the buns.


2. Chunky Highlights

Asian long wavy hair

Thick and long curly locks are precious and they can be further enhanced by adding chunky blonde highlights to them that start midway to the ends. This style does not overpower the natural base color. Allow the strands to sway freely with the wind.


3. Anime-Inspired Look

long Asian pigtails

Anime-inspired beautiful long hairstyles are trending these days among Asian girls. Dye the hair in a platinum silver hue keeping the roots dark. Add blue and purple chunks here and there. Tie the long hair in two high ponytails with wavy bangs and matching accessories. 


4. Brown and Blonde Waves

long headband hairstyle for Asisn Girls

Loose waves look elegant on long brown hair. The look can be further enhanced by adding warm honey blonde highlights. Leave some strands loose on the face while securing the remaining in a half ponytail. Add a headband for a romantic appeal.


5. Pinned-Back

lonh half up hairstyle for Asian women

This dreamy Asian hairstyle requires minimal effort to create and suits all face shapes. Comb the bangs neatly and pin the longer front strands on both sides at the back with bobby pins. Add bouncy loose waves to top off the look. 


6. Ginger Hair

hair color for long Asian hair

Although natural ginger hair is uncommon in Asian women, they have decided to carry it with style. This monochromatic look is simple to achieve. Bleach down the dark strands and add a ginger-copper hue to them. The emerging dark roots further enhance the style.     


7. Braids All Over

long braided hairstyle for Asian women

Tame your beautiful long locks with this funky and fun hair look. With a side part, create braids all over the head and secure with rubber bands. This style is easy to maintain and you can stay carefree for the entire day. 


8. Beauty In Black

Asian long straight hair

The beauty of Asian black hair is well-known. These shiny sleek pitch-black strands don’t require any further styling. Just leave them loose to sway here and there with a chic middle part. Set off the look with blood-red lips.


9. Light Blonde Updo

updo for older Asian women with long hair

This long hair updo is ideal for Asian women over 50 who want to keep it simple. Dye the hair in a light blonde hue. Secure the strands up in an elegant updo that goes perfectly well with all face shapes and hair textures.


10. Bubble Braids

long rubber band hairstyle for Asian women

Have a look at this beautiful long hairstyle for young Asian women. Use different-colored hairbands to create bubble braids with a middle part and a wispy front fringe. Add colorful hair clips at the top front to finish off this cute and fun look.


11. Creative Braiding

braids for asian long hair

Braids have never been out of style. With long hair, Asian women have decided to take the braiding to the next level. The hair is parted to the middle, braided in two equal tiny braids. The lower parts of the sides are done in micro fishtail braids that only bring more creativity to the look.


12. Long Beachy Waves

Asian women with long wavy hair

The loose beach waves on Asian long hair are appropriate for every occasion, especially for weddings. They are elegant and classic. With a bit of an updo, the look will get even more official tone.


13. Asian Ombre Hair

Asian girl with long blue ombre hair

Black & blue ombre is one of the most extraordinary ombre shades. The color is deep and makes the look mystique yet colorful. This color tends to fade so to keep the good look you must do regular touch-ups. The change in tones is best shown on long hair ombre.


14. Wavy Invisible Pony

Wavy Ponytail with Asian Long Hair

Creativity has always been a strong side for Asian women. Trying new looks also comes with hiding the most expected details like the headband. In this Asian long hairstyle, the entire hair is done is loose and soft waves, wrapped in a low pony with hidden pins.


15. Bouncy Medium Beach Waves

Asian long hairstyles for women

Waves are the trendiest long hairstyle for many seasons. They are worn all season round. The Asian women especially love the sleek look they provide. They start somewhere in the middle.


16. Long Thick Curls

For special occasions and events, Asian women with long hair like to keep the hair in the lines of appropriate and classic. The long hair is usually worn curled. It is separated on the side, and up top, the hair is smooth and sleek. As it continues down, it curls. The look is fixated with the use of hair spray.


17. Sleek Low Bun with Details

Creativity and addition of details and hair accessories were introduced by Asian women. As they are not afraid to try something new and incorporate some past trends, hair accessories have become a big thing. One of the most beautiful Asian long hairstyles for women is the low bun with added flowery accessories.


18. Asian Curly Hair

The contrast between the high part of the hair and the lower part is best seen in this Asian women’s long hairdo. As the hair is straight and sleek on the top, as it falls down, it becomes curlier, more voluminous and richer.


19. Minimal Curling

Long Asian hair with Curly Ends

Minimal curling is what appears as a difference in style on the ends of  Asian long haircuts for women. The long straight hair can be made more playful and interesting by doing minimal curls on the very ends. This can be done with curler or straightener and the look you will get is already approved by the Asian women.


20. Asian Blonde Hair

Zig-zag curls and the technique of curling are very trendy in the world. Asian women practice this long hairstyle very often and it is commonly seen on the streets. These curls are a different version of the old Hollywood glam curls. Its presence is particularly centered in the second half of the hair.


21. Ashy White Ombre

Hair colors and coloring techniques and combinations were invented by Asian women. The most extraordinary looks were first seen on them.

The ash grey hair to platinum blond is the top popular ombre combination that Asian women with long hair absolutely adore. The ombre starts with the ashy tones and the ends continue in platinum blond.


22. White Blonde Hair

White blondes and all of the other extra light blonde hair colors are a signature Asian long hair look for many women. The freshness these colors provide alongside their perfect skin color and tone is something that serves as inspiration around the world.


23. Long and Messy Copper Highlights

Asian women love adding some color to their hair. Those who wear their dark long and straight hair color end in a warm copper. Asian highlights make the look much more interesting. Keeping it messy is another casual and relaxed look.


24. Long Permed Hair

Asian long curly hair

You may have worn pressed hair when you were a little girl. But long-haired Asian women are bringing back this trend and it is absolutely great. The entire hair is pressed, combed up a little and the look is pretty unique.


25. Pony with Korean Bangs

Asian long hair with ponytail and bangs

Nothing makes the eyes pop like a high pony and fringes. The pony is pulled back up high, in a messy and unordinary look. The see-through bangs are also a bit undone. The entire casual vibe of this long Asian hairstyle is what makes it great.


There is a lot to be learned from Asian women, so it is no secret that they are the best hair trendsetters in the world. Choose the best Asian long hair look that inspired you most!