46 Best Bohemian Hairstyles for Every Girl

6. Natural twist

Girl Natural twist bohemian hairstyles

Not all bohemian hairstyles involve letting your hair down. You can go for this natural runaround twist that looks just as amazing and keeps the hair looking neat for any occasion. Just make sure that no pins or bands are showing.


7. Braid-like headband


If you like bohemian styles, you know they are all about natural braids. However, you can use a little trick and purchase a braid-like headband to make your image unique. Wear it over your forehead.

Unique & Stylish French Braids


8. Silk scarf

 Silk scarf with bohemian hair

Adding a softly-colored silk scarf to your hairstyle can make your bohemian image even more stylish. You can lift your hair up into a high bun and tie the scarf around your head for a great look.


9. Bohemian Laces


Braiding the laces into your natural hair can help you make the braid look more voluminous while giving it a breezy bohemian feel. Add a floral wreath and get a stunning image in a matter of seconds.

Funky Box Braids to Wear with Pride


10. Side braids


A braid on the side coupled with a low and messy bun is a wonderful bohemian hairstyle that you just can’t pass by. This is one of the styles that keeps your hair more or less together and can be used for special occasions.