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75 of The Cutest Hairstyles for Teenage Girls to Bump Up The Beauty

Teenage is the time to enjoy every opportunity that comes before you, break free of limitations, and think out of the box. Hairstyles for teenage girls are no exception. Different teen girl hairstyles can help change your look every now and then to make you discover your fresh look.

Well, the wildness of their personalities just doesn’t get restricted to their attitude. They always go for the most outrageous and extreme hairstyles and hair colors, as the biggest advantage of being a teenager is that everything looks great on you no matter what fashion you opt for.

Stunning Hairstyles for Teenage Girls

There’s no limit to the imagination and creativity of teenage girls; once they put their head on something, there’s no one stopping them until they finally get it done, which shows how adventurous they are. And when it comes to their beauty, there’s to step back.

Of course, they want to look perfect and to bewitch all the time, but because of the hectic routines of school, they want such a look that takes less time to style and is yet flawless.

Below you can see our collection of fabulous hairstyles for teenage girls that are simple yet attractive.

#1: Bob with Long Bangs

Hairstyles for Teenage Girls 1

This short hairstyle for teenage girls has long pointed bangs with a cute bob cut. It mainly suits the girls with round and chubby faces as it gives out an adorable look.

#2: Wavy look by Leighton Meester

Haircut for Teenage Girls

This style is portrayed by the famous Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester. She already has very innocent looks, but combining it with soft, loose waves makes it prettier.

#3: Angelic Braids

Hairstyles for Teenage Girls 3

This style is the perfect mash-up of the French braid and simple braid. This is called a waterfall braid. It is created by dropping a section of hair down and replacing it with a new piece that you pick up.

#4: Short Bangs Updo

short Hairstyles for Teenage Girls

This style is perfect for young girls with chubby and round faces as it will make your face cuts and outlines very prominent, which helps make your face look slim and stunning. Combining this look with the right highlights makes it more glorious.

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#5: Chocolate Brown Beauty

Hairstyles for Teenage Girls 5

If you have long, lush hair and can’t decide on a better look to carry all day long, style your hair with a bit of blow-dry and add moose to give it a fuller look. You can use a blow dry brush to mimic the look of a salon blow-out at home.

#6: Braided Headband

Hairstyles for Teenage Girls 6

Nowadays, many young girls prefer with braided headband look. It gives you an adorable look and allows you the freedom to play with your back hair. You can either style them up with a ponytail or leave them as it is.

#7: High Ponytail with Yellow Highlights

Teenage Girls color hair

This teen girl hairdo accounts for a very bold and blunt look. Yellow is a precarious Color for a hairstyle to carry. High Ponytail always gives an extremely hardcore look to your personality, and its mixing with the yellow color makes it more relaxed.

#8: Lavishly Long Layers

Hairstyles for Teenage Girls 8

Soft long layers with a hint of highlights create an absolutely magical look. If you are confused about what hairstyle you should go for, for your beautiful layered hair, this might answer your worries.

#9: Long Layers

long Hair for Teenage Girls

This is one of the most beautiful looks for long hair. Are you planning to go out on a dinner date? Then this hairstyle would look great on you, making your partner fall in love with you at first sight. You can also make it sassier with accessories.

#10: Bloomy Blue

Hairstyles for Teenage Girls 10

Are you planning to go out on vacation? Well, this might be the look you can prefer. It is a very simple and soft look of long layers with just a bit of blue highlights at the end, making it one of a kind.

#11: Glamorous Red

Teenage Girls red hairstyle

If you are a teenager aged 15, this hairstyle is perfect for you for a party look. It gives you an ideal doll look. You can also have this girl’s short hairstyle at special programs with beautiful long gowns or wear it with cute bride’s maid dresses, giving an enchanting look at your personality.

#12: Long Bangs

Hairstyles for Teenage Girls 12

Teen girls love to have long hair and rarely go to short lengths. For long hair, it is so many choices to style their hair. You can make buns, braids, high ponytails, curl them for more volume, or let them free for many styles and have a princess look.

#13: Low Curly Ponytails

Hairstyles for Teenage Girls 14

Looking for the best teenage girl hairstyle for prom or any other official dinner, this might be the one. It is an exquisite and gorgeous look, and you can always style it up with pearls and beads to make it more breathtaking.

#14: Pink Perfect

Hairstyles for Teenage Girls 16

This style has a wavy look with random layers to give it a more concentrated and complete look. With the addition of a perfectly pink shade, it looks astounding and very catchy to the eyes.

#15: Groovy Hairdo

Hairstyles for Teenage Girls 17

This long teen hairstyle might look good on you if you have trouble styling your hair or have no volume in your hair. It can create a fuller look into your hair, and you don’t even have to use any hair products. It only gives it a messier effect.

#16: Let’s Accessorize It

curly hair for teen Girls

It is not the kind of hairdo you wear casually; this style is best for dinner functions. Adding pearls and beads to this style makes it glorious, and do not forget to have a very sassy look and a confident smile to get along with this hairdo.

#17: Simplicity at its Best

Hairstyles for Teenage Girls 19

This teen girl’s hairstyle is one of the simplest and easiest looks you can carry anytime or anywhere. But, if you want to give it little saucy touch, then add funky highlights on the ends to make it look fresh and bold.

#18: Long Highlighted Layers

Hairstyles for Teenage Girls 20

This hairstyle you see in the image is carried by a famous pop star Hillary Duff, showing how perfect she looks with her long, lush hair, with the perfect brush of layers and highlights to make it all blend perfectly.

#19: Dead Straight

Hairstyles for Teenage Girls 21

Many women nowadays prefer straight hair, and when it comes to the dead smooth look, it gets easier to handle your hair to carry them in whichever ways you want them to be—a simple and cute hairstyle for teenage girls.

#20: Wavy Bangs

Wavy Bangs Hairstyles for Teenage Girls

This above style is carried by famous Hollywood actress Natalie Portman, famous for her movies like Black Swan and Thor. She truly is The Swan Queen like her character in the film or perhaps Hollywood’s Queens, as she is known to be one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood. And here, we can see the perfection of her look merged with the perfection of this hairstyle.

#21: Luscious Waves

nice hairstyle for girl

Teenage girls prefer long hair to style them up in many ways because when it comes to short lengths, you get bounded with just a few styles. Well, then you have to break free your beautiful long hair and not just tie them up all the time, give them some curls and waves, and let them breathe.

#22: Dutch Braid

Dutch Braid Haircut for girl

It is an absolute classic braided hairstyle for teenage girls with long hair that goes everywhere. You can wear it during your school hours or on a dinner date. It is one of the most elegant and decent designs. If you plan to go to a wedding, you can brighten it up with accessories to make it flashy.

#23: Messy Bangs

Hairstyles for Teenage Girls 26

Most teenage girls prefer having messy looks, as they are easy to carry around all day in schools and colleges.Style your bangs right and leave the rest for a messy bun to get the adorable messy look.

#24: Princess Braids

Teenage Girls Princess Braids wedding hairstyle

Now, this look is completely mesmerizing. Once you have it on your entire dinner date, your crush won’t waste any moment falling in love with you. Adding highlights create an even more magical look, making every twist and turn visible and beautiful.

#25: Light and Dark Blonde Locks

best Hairstyles for Teenage Girl

Many teen girls prefer leaving their hair messy rather than wasting so much time styling. So this particular look is best for young girls as it doesn’t want any styling, and you can get this look with a very common technique of wrapping your damp hair in a cotton T-shirt to get these fine curls in the morning.

#26: Dramatic Highlights

Sexy Highlights hair for women

This style is perfect for dinners and weddings programs. If you have thin and less hair, you can also have this look. Just tease your hair from the crown n and put some hair spray to keep it set. You can either curl those ends or leave them as it is. However, curls credit a more magical and fuller look.

#27: Straight But Messy

Hairstyles for Teenage Girls 30

It is one of the most loved looks of teenage girls as straight hair is quite in nowadays. Straight hair with messy looks seems extremely gorgeous on young girls.

#28: Wild Chaos

black hairstyles for girl

It is a vintage short hairstyle that teenage girls can sport & will make the best volume in the hair. It might look hard to style this look, but the only thing it requires is just a bit of hair product and blow-dry.

#29: Medium Blonde Layers

Medium Blonde Layers Hair for girl

Girls with medium-length hair always go for this style as it is elegant and straightforward. You can also make it flashier with some cute headbands.

#30: Side Ponytails

Hairstyles for Teenage Girls 33

Because of their tough routines of high school and colleges, teenage girls get less time to style them up every day. This style is one of the best for those, as it is like a bit of a messy look, but it still gives you volume and a pleasing personality.

#31: Long Layers

best Long Layers Hairstyles for Teenage Girls

This style is one of the classiest looks. Teenage girls who do not want to go for short cuts or long ones can have this style with a medium-length layer. On the other hand, young girls or women can carry this look irrespective of age. It gives your personality a much-contended look.

#32: Highlighted Locks

Hairstyles for Teenage Girls 37

They automatically look glorious once you highlight your hair and make curls in them. In addition, there comes a variety of shades in each curve or ringlet that gives an absolute magical appearance.

#33: Enchanting Curls

women Hair Enchanting Curls you like

Now, this is the ultimate style for teenage girls with long hair. If you plan to go on a dinner date, any other family party, or maybe weddings, then this is the look you should want. It is a very soft and elegant style with many curls that help you form a volume.

#34: Symmetrical Haircut

Hairstyles for Teenage Girls 39

It is the most wanted hairstyle of teenage girls nowadays. The highlights at the ends create bright flames in your hair. With an asymmetrical style of layers, this haircut looks terrific for teenage girls.

#35: Cute Highlighted Bangs

Cute Highlighted Bangs for little girl

Bangs are very much in nowadays teen girls with long and oval faces, or long forehead prefers this style. But who says it doesn’t look suitable for girls with chubby or round faces? The picture above shows how perfect it looks with a flawless blend of highlights.

#36: Blonde Faux Hawk

Sexy Faux Hawk for women

This long hairstyle for teen girls is gorgeous. The image above shows how excellent it looks on Hollywood’s famous singer Hilary Duff. It has a faux hawk on the crown; you can have it by teasing the hair from the top and front. You can either leave it as it is or can create something impressive like a low ponytail or a messy side braid.

#37: Curly Updo

Hairstyles for Teenage Girls with Curly Updo

Can’t decide what style would look great on your perfect prom night? This teen girl hairdo is what you need for your beautiful long hair with gorgeous curls.

#38: Highlighted Head Band

cute Hairstyles for girl

Braids hairdo gives an exquisite look to teen girls’ entire personality no matter what event or season. Adding blonde highlights to this look makes it even more graceful.

#39: Blonde Braid

Sexy Blonde Braid haircut

This style with the right makeup looks very unique. Though it seems pretty complicated to style, it is pretty simple. You need to make a simple braid on the front and flip it over to create a headband, and bind the rest of the hair into a low messy bun.

#40: Long Blonde Layers

Hairstyles for Teenage Girls 46

Blonde layers are one of the most effortless styles for teenage girls with long curly hair. It doesn’t require any products or any heat to style it. Instead, make a low ponytail or clip the hair from the top to have a fuller look at the front, and you are good to go.

#41: Side-Parted Puff

Hairstyles for Teenage Girls 47

It is an exquisite style with the side-parted puff, puff suits on long or slim faces, but the side-parted hairstyle looks good on young girls. To make it more fancy and attractive, you can either go for flashy accessories or can make it look fresh by using flowers.

#42: Gorgeous Puff

Gorgeous Puff Hairstyles for Teenage Girls

Teenage girls mostly prefer this blonde hair look because of its simple creation. Puff is incredibly easy to make once you master the art, and then it is like a piece of cake to get this look done, which although looks pretty intricate.

#43: Intricate Hairdo

Hairstyles for Teenage Girls 50

Teenage is the time of having fun and enjoying life to its fullest. Teenage girls have a very adventurous nature, which shows their unique and creative attitude. This hairdo has everything in it, curls, braid, and puff.

#44: Long layered hairstyle with the highlight

Long layered hairstyle with highlight for girl

It is one of the most easily styled looks. Long hair looks best with longer layers and a bit of highlights. Then, you can either style them with curls or just let them be straight and gorgeous—one of the cutest hairstyles for teenage girls.

#45: A Hint of Pink

hairstyles for teenage girls

Young girls love pink then why not incorporate some of it into the hair too? Make those medium-length locks noticeable by adding bubblegum pink highlights at the front.  Leave the hair free to sway with the wind.

#46: Braided Top

This hairstyle will make any teenage girl stand out among others. Braid the top strands to the back while securing them in a bun creating a top knot hair look. Straighten the remaining strands and leave them loose.

#47: Top Bun

On your busy days just brush the hair up into a top bun and secure it with an oversized bow hair tie. This style is quick and easy to achieve ad looks chic on young faces. Pull out some strands loose for a carefree appeal.

#48: Oversized Hairpins

Oversized hairpins have been trending this year and can amp up any simple hairstyle. Style the long lob with a simple middle parting and add hairpins on one side giving a fun girly look to the face.

#49: Mermaid Hair

teen girl hairstyles

This is the age to experiment with vibrant hair shades. Add a pop of color to a shoulder-length bob by alternating electric blue chunks with ashy purple ones. This style is ideal for girls who want to express their wild side.

#50: Pinned Back

Look flawlessly elegant on casual days by securing the side locks at the back with bobby pins. Enhance the style further by adding a jumbo bow at the back creating a simple cute look that won’t be ignored.

#51: Blonde Balayage

A balayage is an ideal way to melt a dark hair shade into a lighter one. Go for a short lob and add bright blonde streaks that dominate at the ends creating a balayage effect. Top off the look by adding loose bouncy waves.

#52: Chic Afro

Teen girls with kinky afro curls can flaunt them with confidence by adding subtle blonde highlights and braiding the sides sectioning the curls into parts. Pull out some curls and finish off the wild hairstyle by adding bobby pins above the ears.

#53: Drawstring Updo

Another effortless way to show off those beautiful curls is by styling them in a drawstring updo. Allow some curls to fall on the forehead creating middle-parted curly bangs that look adorable on teenage girls.

#54: A-Line Haircut

bob hairstyle for teen girl

Keep all the eyes on you by lightening your tresses to a platinum blonde hue and chopping them down into a short A-line haircut dangling above the shoulders. Style the hair with a deep side parting and the look is done.

#55: Boyish Look

Teenage ladies who want a low-maintenance hair look can clip the chocolate brown strands short all over the head with a textured short front fringe resulting in an undemanding bold boyish haircut.

#56: Straight Cut Bob

This style never goes out of fashion and is an ideal classic teen girl haircut. Flaunt your jawline by going for a straight bob just above the shoulders and chunky blonde highlights adding an instant glow to the face.

#57: Long Wavy Lob

A long lob resting on the shoulders is trending this season and can be spiced up by adding chunky blonde streaks to peek through the darker strands. Add loose waves to finish off this simple yet classy style.

#58: Twist-Back Style

Teenage girls can go for this bewitching hairstyle by twisting the side strands and securing them at the back while curling up the remaining hair to cover the back. A hand-tousle is enough to keep those curls bouncing all day long.

#59: Senegalese Twists

twist hairstyles for teen girls

Black girls can tame their curls by sectioning and styling them in these hot Senegalese twists while incorporating hair extensions. Wear the strands loose with a side part or style them in a high ponytail with chic hair cuffs.

#60: Romantic Waves

Standing in between the straight hair and curls are these gorgeous loose waves with subtle babylights that will surely turn around some heads. Wear them loose with a center parting or secure them in a high ponytail.

#61: Play with Purple

Teens who don’t want to overpower their natural hair shade can add a pop of color with these peekaboo highlights. Dye the strands in a dark purple and warm lavender hue and flaunt them with this low twisted ponytail.

#62: Long and Loose

Long luscious hair like this does not need any further styling. Trim the ends for a neat appeal and add subtle blonde babylights for adding some details to the look. Leave the tresses loose to dance with the wind.

#63: Braided Sides + Barrel Curls

Teenage girls can rock this jaw-dropping hairstyle on their prom. Braid the side strands and secure them at the back. Style the remaining hair into barrel curls and use hairspray to keep the curls in place.

#64: Braided Buns

cute hairstyles for teen girls

This girly hair look is simple and fun and keeps the hair out of the face. Braids down the sides with a center parting and style the ends into little low buns with hair ties. The flyaways add up to the look.

#65: Messy Ponytail

Here is another hairstyle for the lazy days. Flaunt those luscious long blonde tresses by styling them up in a loose side ponytail. Pull the hair loose and tuck out some strands for a flawless carefree appeal.

#66: Side Braid

An ideal way to show off those blonde highlights is by styling the hair in a side braid. Brush the hair with a side part and entwine it to the end making it fall on one side. This hairstyle is effortless to achieve.

#67: Top Knot Look

Style your hair in a top knot bun sitting on the head for the hot summer days. Enhance the look by adding a bun stick hair accessory. Tame the baby hairs with hairspray or leave them for an easy-going appeal.

#68: Ruffled Updo

Fine hair can be styled in a chic messy updo. Brush the strands back and secure them with bobby pins. Pull the hair loose for a ruffled look with a wavy strand falling on one side of the face.

#69: Half-Up Space Buns

space buns for teen girl

Space buns are funky and are an ideal hairstyle for teenage girls longing for a bohemian appeal. Style half of the hair into two middle-parted space buns with some loose strands framing the face.

#70: Ballerina Bun

Dance around like a ballerina by slicking the strands up in a high bun with a middle-parted front. Add a ribbon for an adorable finish and use hairspray to settle down the flyaways.

#71: Half Up, Half Down

A graceful manner to show off your long blonde mane is by styling it in a half-up half-down hairstyle. Take half of the hair and secure it with a colorful scrunchie at the top. This dreamy look won’t go unnoticed.

#72: Crossed Dutch Braids

Dutch braids are classy and look cute on young girls. Wear them with a twist by parting the hair in the middle entwining both sides diagonally for the braids to cross over at the back.

#73: Low Buns

What is better than one bun? Two buns! Girls who want a low-key hair look on a day-to-day basis can style their long locks in two middle-parted low buns. Secure them with hair clips matching your outfit.

#74: Slicked Back

Go for blonde money piece at the front and slick the hair back into a middle-parted low ponytail. Finish off by adding hairpins above the ears. This look is suitable for an oily hair day.

#75: Bubble Braid + Bangs

teen girl with bubble braid hairstyle

Asian girls can rock their eyebrow-skimming bangs by coupling them up with a bubble braid at the back. Secure the hair in a high ponytail and add hair ties at equal distances creating a cheerful bubbly hairstyle.

Teenage girls want a simple and cute style that looks good on them anytime. Teens are indeed the busy bees; because of this, they want quick and effortless styles. Let us know what you think about our collection of teenage girls’ hairstyles.