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10 Stunning Braided Mohawk Hairstyles with Weave

Lots of hairstyles can come from braids, but the braided Mohawk hairstyles are one of the most interesting ones. If there isn’t enough hair there is always have weave to make it easier!

Braided Mohawk with weave come in many different variations and they present one of the most unique and extraordinary looks. The braids can be thin, medium or thick, pulled together or fall separately.


Latest Mohawk Braids Styles with Weave

These stunning 10 weave braided Mohawk looks can be an inspiration for your next hairstyle.

1. Cornrow Mohawk + Weave

mohawk braids with weave

This exceptional weave Mohawk look requires lots of time to be done as well as proper care. The natural length or the hair can be extended to the desired length, and on that length, the braids are made. The sides are done in cornrows, with clean lines between themselves.

Starting from the outer side, the braids go towards the middle part of the hair. Together with the braided portion of the middle they look like a Mohawk but tied up in a pony.


2. Braided Mohawk Updo

mohawk braided bun with weave

Creativity and practical looks come together in this exquisite braids hairstyle with weave. The entire hair is braided in very tiny braids, including the sides.

Some of the lines are not following a pattern. The top part of the hair and the braids is pulled together in a large twist.

This twist resembles the look of the Mohawk. Since the braids are long, the Mohawk starts from the back to the front, finishing in a large side bun.


3. Side Braids + Mohawk Fishtail

fishtail braided mohawk hairstyles with weave

The elegance of the fishtail comes as the centerpiece in this French braided Mohawk with weave look. The hair on the sides is braided in tiny braids, parallel positioned and divided with clean lines.

The middle portion is braided in a high and big French braid. It starts as a regular braid but finishes as a fishtail braid.


4. Braids + Long Curly Mohawk

side braided mohawk with long curly weave

A quite daring, but interesting look can be done when the middle part of the hair is let free and the sides are braided. This certainly requires professional styling and maintenance but it is a look you cannot beat.

The tightly braided sides finish with on the top of the head, where the curly weave hair fall like a rich and long Mohawk.


5. Shaved Sides + Mohawk Braid

undercut and mohawk braids with weave

Three different styles come together in one look. The shaved hair is the first look and comes from the sides. Next, come tiny and short lemonade braids. The middle and top portion of the hair is weaved and done in a huge Mohawk braid. Its length goes over the waist.


6. Braided Afro Mohawk

The afro hair is voluminous and bouncy so every hairstyle is big and rich. The sides are tightly braided and the braids do not finish.

They are open to the top and blend with the rest of the afro hair. This is done in the line of the weave Mohawk position and the final look is very interesting.


7. Modern Braided Mohawk

This modern pigtail braids style comes with lots of volume and height in the hairstyle. The hair is divided into three parts and tow clean sidelines. Each of the sides is braided in a low French braid. The top portion of the hair is done in a big faux hawk braids with weave.


8. Curly Mohawk Pony

Like most of the other hairstyle, this one also has a lot of braiding to the sides. The braids are super tiny with clean parts between them. The middle part of the hair, from top to bottom is also done in braids.

Those braids are pulled up in a pony and then curled. Each curl makes its definition and texture which make the entire braided mohawk with curly weave hairstyle pretty unique and rare.


9. Purple Weave + Dragon Braids

braided mohawk hairstyles with purple weave

Adding some purple weave on the black hair brings freshness to the look. That is quite visible with this extraordinary hairstyle. The sides are done in cool stitch braids.

What is eye-catching is the central Mohawk braid. It starts as a small one, then braids into a middle one and then in a big one. Just when it should finish, the purple weave continues in a fishtail braid.


10. Mohawk with Jumbo Twists

thick mohawk braid and twist hairstyles with weave

The Mohawk twists that are done in this braided weave hairstyle are thick and big. They are pulled in a pony and fall over to the sides. However, their position and the look makes just right for a resemblance of a Mohawk, the sides are braided in tiny braids, all portion in a different direction.


All of these looks are fabulous and very interesting to try. The weave will provide the desired length and the technique is exquisite. If the regular Mohawk is boring for you, these braided mohawk with weave styles are some pretty cool replacements.