25 Valiant Undercut Hairstyles for Women with Long Hair

A female undercut for long hair sounds like so much work. You don’t have to worry if everyone can get it, so can you. There are so many cool and versatile hairstyles that will help you put that short section on display. Tag along to find out the many options, how to cut it, style it and how to grow out an undercut.


Preparation/Consideration before Getting Undercut

long undercut hairstyles for women

Getting a female undercut for long hair is a tough decision, especially for women. This is an unconventional hairstyle that features shaving a part of your hair. And it is not a strand or two, but it is a whole, very visible section. Of course, like with any new hairstyle, there are things that you have to consider.

The main one is to prepare mentally that this is not like a bob, lob, or any other short cut that you’ve had. It’s much shorter, and you’ll need to wait quite a while to grow it back. The second thing to keep in mind is that you will have a hard time while it’s growing back because it will go through all the different stages.

If you decide to keep it for quite a while, you will need to take trips to the hairstylist very often. Make up your mind on the location, whether it will be in the back, one side, or both sides. These are the considerations that should not discourage you, but you still need to know. When you really like this hairdo, you should do it, because let’s face it- an undercut is so cool.

What most women don’t even think of is that they can decorate the long undercut with so many shapes. It is on the positive side of considerations that will make you fall in love with it even more. This is not an expensive cut to get, but it can get hard to style when it starts to grow. In general, it’s a very positive experience and all the ladies that got it are so happy with it.


How to Grow Out Undercut

how to grow undercut hair

This is probably the hardest part of the whole hairstyle, but it is totally worth it. The happiness that a long hair undercut will bring you doesn’t even compare to the waiting period you’ll have to do. These basic tips can help you figure out how to grow out an undercut.

You will find it much easier to hide it while growing the hair if you change up the part. This is very important with side undercuts. If it’s in the back the long hair will cover it anyway. Rock a deep side part to the opposite side and no one will even notice that you have an undercut.

The second and more dramatic thing to consider is cutting the rest of your hair short as well. A pixie cut can be so flattering for numerous face shapes. That way the drastic difference in length will be more subtle and you’ll eventually grow it out. The process is much faster compared to if you would wait with a long hairdo.

Forget about your regular visits to the salon. Even if you were in love with the undercut, if you decide to grow it, make sure you’re not tempted to get it cut again. You can only visit the hairdresser for hair treatments that will help the growth or for advice. The third reason why you can visit is to cut the rest of the hair shorter.

Treat your hair right ladies and it will give back. Start shopping quality products that stimulate the growth of hair, including shampoo, conditioner, oils, and supplements. Avoid styling it with hot tools and dying it.

If you are desperate to get that long hair back, you can always buy extensions. These days there are affordable versions that are also high-quality and provide a very natural look. Use hair accessories often, to hide the shorter section in the mane If it’s winter, beanies and other winter hats can become your best friend.

Last, but not least, be patient! Things can’t happen overnight.


How to Style Undercut on Long Hair

how to style long undercut hairstyles

There are literally hundreds of ways to style an undercut with long hair. The first thing is the decision on the location. It can be in the back or on the side. Once you’ve dealt with that part, you have to decide whether it will be a simple undercut, or it will feature and patterns.

One of the most important parts of styling is the shape as well. Choose between triangle, square, rectangular and more. From there on, you will also find ways to style long hair. You are probably interested in how exactly a hairstylist achieves this hairdo.

They use a hair clipper, that comes with different extensions. Some will cut the hair very short, others will give a bit more length. You can sometimes even opt for a shaved cut when there is no hair at all.

The hairdresser should have a very clear idea of where you want the undercut, the length of the hair and the shape. Once you let them know, they will turn on the clipper and do their magic. The trick is to create parts where this detail will be located.

Professionals use clips to separate the rest of the hair to avoid mistakes and better visibility. If there are any patterns that you like, the hairdresser can use a drawing with your vision or a picture.

When it’s done, all that’s left is for you to decide how to style the hair. You can have it down in waves, curls, or straight. Updos are much more versatile because you can do a single bun, double buns, braids, twists and so much more.


Watch The Following Video to Learn Beautiful and Easy Undercut Styles with Long Hair


Stunning Long Undercut Hairstyles

We have curated a list of 25 most gorgeous female undercuts for long-haired divas here.

1. Curly Updo

long curly updo with undercut

Women with curly hair can also get a long undercut wherever they want to.

Ideal For: Great for the summer days when the hair tends to create extra heat.

How To Style: This style is done on two levels. The first is very short, while the second one is longer. They are divided with a sharp line. Ask that from the hairstylist and you can now gather the curls in a messy topknot.


2. Braided Undercut Hairstyle

braided long undercut hairstyle

Single or double, French or Dutch, braids are pretty, easy and efficient when it comes to showing off a female undercut for long hair.

Ideal For: Everyone with long hair can try out so many types of braids.

How To Style: Go for the braiding technique that is the easiest for you. If you have a friend to help you out, even better.


3. Crown Braid

long undercut hairstyles for women

When we said that every pattern you can think of can become a part of your hairstyle, we really meant it.

Ideal For: Great for different occasions, thanks to the sophisticated nature of the updo.

How To Style: The women’s long hair undercut style features a stunning oversized braid done horizontally. If you can’t do it yourself, ask for help.


4. Upside Down French Braids

upside down undercut with long hair

The gorgeous hair color, in a combination with the braid and undercut, will score you the trendiest long hairdo of the year.

Ideal For: Innovative gals who are ready for a change won’t be able to resist it.

How To Style: Instead of starting the braid in the front, start it right above the undercut. Finish with a topknot.


5. Emerald Green Hair

emerald long undercut

Undercuts for long hair are often so edgy that they work best when paired with a unique hair dye.

Ideal For: Women with long hair can upgrade the undercut with a color change as well.

How To Style: These curls are love at first sight. Get your curling wand it’s time for a makeover.