70 Brilliant Bob Weave Hairstyles To Go Against The Current

Did you know that you can combine the bob and weave hairstyle to come up with a gorgeous and unique hairstyle? Well, it’s commonly known as Bob Weave.

A weave is a hairstyle which has been created by sewing extensions into your hair to help you to create a completely different look. Depending on the type of extensions that you have put in, the weave can consist of real or artificial hair.

If you choose artificial extensions, you should always make sure that it is safe to use heat on them before you style your hair with straighteners or heated tongs. You might want to consider getting a weave if your hair is not as thick as you would like it to be or if your hair is taking too long to grow. The weave is also a brilliant choice if you want to transform your look instantly. You can go from short hair to long hair in just a few hours.


Why choose a Weave Bob?

A bob is a brilliant choice for your next style because they are in fashion at the moment. There are different bobs to suit every face shape, so you will be sure to find a style which suits you. There are also classic choices available, as well as funky styles which be sure to turn a few heads. Although a few of the pictures in this list are of natural hair, rather than a weave style, you can easily work with a weave to create any style that you want to wear.


  #1: Highlights and Lowlights

bob weave hairstyle for black women

You can give your hairstyle more texture and depth by adding complementary highlights and lowlights. Colors that complement your naturally shade can also help your hair to look like it has more sheen.

Most popular weave styles for women


#2: Pixie Weave

weave bob hairstyles 2-min

A pixie weave looks great if you have smaller facial features. For extra Hollywood glamour, keep your style much shorter at the back than it is at the front.

Short pixie haircuts


#3: Bob with weave Bangs

Heavy Bangs weave bob hair style for young girl

Heavy bangs look perfect with a bob style. For a really eye-catching look, team blunt bangs up with dark eye makeup. This is great if you have striking eyes.


#4: Short Bob Weave

weave bob hairstyles 4-min

A longer front section is perfect for framing your face, whilst a shorter back will will help to give the superstar style. The style looks best with bangs.


#5: Arched Fringe

bob marley hair weave haircuts for women

An arched fringe follows the natural curve of your face. It looks really good on a chin length weave bob with a blunt cut.

Fringe Bangs for Classy Women


#6: Wavy Long Bob

Wavy Long Bob hairstyle for beautiful women

If you have a thicker style, a long bob might look really good. Tight waves look really beautiful as part of a casual style and as part of a glamorous ‘do which would be great for formal events.


#7: Sleek WeavyeBob
weave bob hairstyles 7-min

If you are the type of person who doesn’t like to have a hair out of place, then a sleek bob is the perfect choice for you. Using heat serum and straighteners will help to give you a perfect look, but make sure your weave can take the heat before you use them.


#8: Loose Waves

weave bob haircut you like

Very loose waves look beautiful in a bob style. To create waves, you can put your hair into curlers, and then brush through it without putting any hair spray in at all. This will leave you with very loose waves.

Different bob cuts trending right now


#9: Red Alert

color bob wavy haircuts for women

Red highlights or lowlights look subtle yet quirky in a darker hairstyle. The colour looks better in dark brown or black hair than it does in blonder weave bob colours.


#10: Asymetrical Bob

women Asymetrical weave bob hairstyles

Just because you have chosen a bob style, doesn’t mean that you have to have something symmetrical. Keep your hair chin length at one side, but drop it down to your collarbone at the other side.