70 Brilliant Bob Weave Hairstyles To Go Against The Current

#21: Curly Bob

Curly black bobs weave hairstyle for women

Big curls give your bob width rather than length. Controlled curls can help to create a bob which is reminiscent of the big styles which were popular in the 70s and 80s.


#22: Blunt but Wispy

weave bob hairstyles 23-min

If you want a blunt cut, but you want to look less severe, you can try adding a little wispiness to your hair. Get your stylist to make a few choices cuts to feather out your hair.


#23: Scruffy Bob

Scruffy Bob haircuts for asian women

This weave bob looks a little bit messy on purpose. Make choppy cuts to the end of your hair to give is variable length and then run your fingers through it to give it a slightly tousled look.


#24: Spiral Curls

weave bob hairstyles 25-min

Wrap your hair around the length of your curling tongs to create long, spiral curls. This look is an amazing style to wear to your next big event.


#25: Voluminous Waves

cute weave bob hairstyle for girl

Volume can be achieved by brushing upwards from the roots. Get a loose wave of scrunching product through fistfuls of hair whilst you blow-dry it.


#26: Side-swept Fringe

weave bob hairstyles 27-min

Put in a side parting and then sweep your fringe over from one side to the other. This will help to keep your hair out of your eyes, as well as giving your style a touch of class.


#27: Sleek Bob with a tail

women best Sleek Bob wavy haircut

For a funky twist, have one long section coming out of the back of your bob. Keep the rest of your style with a blunt cut.


#28: Thick Bob

weave bob hairstyles 30-min

A thick weave looks really good in a bob style. A little bit of layering at the bottom of your bob can help to give your hair more shape.


#29: Shaggy Bob

 Shaggy bob wavy hairstyle for women

Cut a lot of layers into your weave to create a shaggy bob. Run a little bit of styling product through your hair to create a slightly messy tousled look.


#30: Face Framing Layersweave bob hairstyles 32-min

Cutting layers into your hair will help to frame your face. For the best effect, cut to chin length at the front and make gradually longer cuts as you go further back.