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13 Manly Asian Buzz Cut Styles to Explore in 2024

The Asian buzz cut is not only simple but stylish as well. It doesn’t only solve your problem of receding hairline but also gives you a solution with modish buzz cut hairdos.


Best Buzz Cut Styles for Asian Guys

Be it a crew cut, butch cut, ivy league hair, or a flat top hair; buzz cuts are never going out of style any time soon. And we can’t be more happy with that. While being trendy, buzz cuts are big-time hair problem solvers.

This Asian men’s buzz cut boosts your confidence and helps you achieve your hairstyle goals with a brighter smile and stylish haircuts. Below, we have assembled a list of 13 Asian guys with buzz cut styles for your ease:

1. High and Tight Haircut

Asian Guy with Buzz Cut

This is an Asian buzz cut style which is loved by everyone. In order to get this haircut, you have to cut your top hair short and leave the upright hair on the top to form pomp. A taper fade is added to this comb over haircut to increase the contrast between the super gelled hair and the shaved sides.


2. Buzz Cut for Curly Hair

Asian buzz cut for curly hair

If you are a fan of a buzz cut, then this haircut is specifically for you. Mid fade on the sides and the short kinky top hair is extremely trendy. The temple cut creates a neat look, which is best for a buzz cut for Asian men. It is an equally fashionable and modish haircut.

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3. Receding Hairline Cut

Asian buzz cut with receding hairline

If you are a victim of receding hairline, you might like the idea of converting it to a super stylish haircut. You can also get an artificial receding hairline butch cut, ask your barber to do that for you.

Almost equally trimmed hair on all sides is the essence of butch cut. This short haircut for Asian men is so trendy and easy to carry.


4. Fancy Geometric Buzz

buzz cut for Asian men

This is one Asian style buzz cut for men where long hair doesn’t work. Cut your all hair equally short to get this hairstyle. Now, dye the remaining hair in the form of geometric shapes in different colors for a cool and complete look. This haircut is for the ones who love experimenting with their hair and are a die-hard fan of funky hairstyles.


5. Burr Cut with Fade

Asian buzz cut with temple fade

It is an everyday Asian buzz cut look that doesn’t require a lot of mess. This Asian men’s fade haircut is almost about a shaved head with a neat frontline hair.

An added taper fade increases the style of this simple haircut. With this haircut, you can rest assured that you won’t have to deal with last-minute haircut emergencies.

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6. Short Crew Cut

asian man with buzz cut

It is a low-maintenance hairstyle that requires little styling. To get the perfect short crew cut, start with clean, dry hair. Choose a #7 and start by clipping the hair at the back of the head, then move to the sides. Finish by clipping the top of the head. Use a comb to blend the hair and create a smooth, even finish.


7. Hard Parted Buzz

asian buzz cut with line

Instagram / asianhaircare

Hard part is a timeless style to achieve a clean and sharp look. It can be achieved by shaving the sides of the head down to the skin and leaving small hair on the top. The hard part is then created by shaving a line on the side.


8. Brush Buzz + Fade

grey hair buzz cut for asian men

Instagram / barber_q_monk

This look is perfect for guys who want a low-maintenance style that still looks great. To get the brush buzz, go for a short buzz cut on the top with fading on the sides. The key for this style is keeping your same size on the top while it gradually fades.


9. Low Fade

asian buzz cut with fade

Instagram / simply.faded

The low fade is one of the hottest hairstyles for Asian men right now. This style is clean, crisp, and modern. To achieve this look, you’ll need to cut your hair short on the sides and back. The sides should be faded down to almost nothing, while the back can be faded down a bit more. The top should be smaller too, which you can keep simple with a comb-over.


10. Buzz with Design

asian buzz cut with design

Instagram / lepok_barbershop

If you want a versatile Asian buzz cut, try adding some design on the side. Just keep your hair medium on the top while fading the sides with the number one clipper guard. In addition to that, adding hair line on the sides will give you a cool look.


11. Tapered Crew Cut with Line Designs

Asian buzz cut with design

Short hair is always an ideal choice of haircut for men. It keeps you from all the fuss of high maintenance haircuts and styling products. Fade with a line hair designs is an ultimate haircut winner.

Short hair on the top with line design reaching the mid-length side of the head from the temple fade looks divine. Add a high fade to the haircut for an added perfection.


12. Skin Fade

Asian Buzz Cut with Skin Fade

A combination of both slightly longer hair on top and shorter hair on the sides, this Asian guy with buzz cut hair look is ideal for any and every occasion.

To get this haircut, style your long hair on the top by raising them minimally on the front. Shave the hair towards the sides to the skin for a neat look. You are definitely going to shine with this haircut.

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13. Low Fade

Asian buzz cut with low fade

Asian men’s buzz cuts are favorite among the youngsters and adults alike. This hairstyle of equally trimmed top hair almost suits every face cut. A low fade is added to this haircut for more style. If you have any haircut rules at your school, then this haircut is ideal. You can look super stylish without breaking any rules.


An ultimate haircut that is equal parts trendy and stylish is the buzz cut. For all the people who lack confidence due to their hair problems, Asian buzz cut comes to your rescue every single time. It is your supreme game-changer.