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10 Unique Brown Hairstyles with Auburn Highlights

The brunettes might think that having brown hair does not open interesting coloring options for their hair. However, the highlights on brown hair are trendy and, in fact, a suggested choice for those willing to make some change in their look.

If you are not interested in blonde or lighter brown highlights, why don’t you try the auburn highlights on your brown hair for some fancy combo? This reddish tone will spice up your look.

Best Auburn Highlights Ideas for Brown Hair

Auburn is a shade that complements brown hair perfectly. The undertones go well on every hairstyle, especially when they come as highlights. Here are ten unique ideas to rock brown hair with auburn highlights! Go through the styles to get a lovely new look for you.

1. Low Braided Bun

brown hair with auburn highlights

To start, this is a unique hairstyle for every official event where you want to leave an impression with your hairstyle. The long brown hair is done in auburn highlights and then styled. There are side braids that come together at the back of the head.

With the rest of the highlighted hair, create a low bun. The look is beautiful because it makes the entire hair colorful.

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2. Curly Highlights

auburn afro highlights in brown hair

The auburn color highlights are especially accented on the brown afro hair. The afro curls can look boring sometimes and the auburn shade is what makes them fresh and exciting.

On these medium curls, the highlights can come at any place and position. There is no specific line or order. As the hair grows a bit upwards, it is best to have a more concentrated portion of highlights in the front parts.

3. Pixie Bob with Discreet Highlights

short brown pixie with auburn highlights

The short brown pixie bob is a classic look that barely ever goes out of style. The addition of the highlights makes the look more unique and brings warmth to the face. These two shades complement each other nicely and create a soft and different look.

Auburn brown hair color looks good on each hair length, and the position of the highlights in this haircut is focused on the top portion of the hair.

4. Long Hair Highlights

long wavy brown hair with auburn highlights

The long brown hair usually lacks shine and liveness. To make it look more beautiful and warm, the light auburn highlights will create a look that will not go unnoticed.

They start somewhere in the middle of the hair’s length. Some are higher, some are lower but they all interlock and make the hair look colorful while keeping the dark brown base.

5. Half-Up Bun with Highlights Underneath

half up bun brown hair with auburn highlights

When the highlights are done only in the lower part of the hair, they will be more discreet and hidden when the top part of the hair falls over them. But if you want to accent them and show them, a half-up bun like this hairstyle will do that.

The upper portion is tied up in a low bun while the rest of the hair with the highlights falls freely in curls.

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6. Choppy Bob

The short light brown haircut in a choppy bob looks good with an auburn shade. For the most excellent effect, the highlights should be done in the old-fashioned way – just from the roots. The color will fall over the entire hair portion, giving the brown shade a new shine and tone.

7. Auburn + Blonde Highlights

Those women with long light brown hair looking for a new and chic change can try highlighting their hair with a combination of blonde and auburn shades. For the best effect, the long wavy hair is suggested to be layered.

The highlights should come continuously – one color after the other. That way, they will complement each other and blend with the brown base.

8. Auburn + Wine Highlights

The combination of auburn and red wine hair is a deep and intriguing color scheme that suits women of older age. These deep and warm colors are profound yet refreshing to the person wearing them.

Consequently, the highlighting is done, leaving the dark brown base visible between the highlights. The hair can be worn curly. The curls will appear as a mixture of both shades.

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9. Short Stacked Bob

short brown bob with auburn highlights

The short dark brown hair looks great with the addition of highlights. In this hairstyle, the cut is sharp. The back is shorter and the front parts are longer. The auburn highlights start at the top and are present throughout the hair.

What defines the highlights is the layering of the bob. It goes perfectly with the auburn red hair color, creating a beautiful and well-formed look.

10. Braided Updo

brown hair with auburn highlights

A hairstyle suitable for elegant occasions is the braided updo. The highlights are on the brown hair and accented even more with the braided updo.

Not many hair shades create warmth with their look. However, auburn highlights look extremely good on brown hair and every hair length.