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27 Stylish Drop Fade Haircut Variations to Copy in 2024

Looking for a haircut filled with cool, sharp detail? The men’s drop fade haircut is a winner!

This style is similar to a fade haircut, except the hair gets shorter and shorter at the back and sides of the head. It follows a gradient, so the shortening of lengths is subtle and smooth.

Any man who likes a fade haircut should try this style. While it does best flatter men with a square or rectangular face shape, you’ll see from the styles below that it can be worn with any haircut on pretty much any face shape and look great!

Cool Drop Fade Haircuts

These cool drop fade haircuts won’t let you down when it comes to suave style!

1. Slicked Back

slick back hair with drop fade

If you like to look suave and fresh all the time, a slicked-back drop fade haircut is for you. It’s best for men with several inches of hair up top to work with, as longer hair smooths back more easily.

2. Short Layers

medium drop fade haircut

If you have thick hair, one of the most flattering haircuts for you will be on that layers the top and pairs with a drop fade. This style’s super short layers make the hair easier to shape with fingers and a little hair gel.

3. Hard Part

drop fade cut for older men

You may be getting older, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. Keep yourself feeling youthful by pairing a hard part with a fade. Comb your hair away from the part or comb it straight back.

4. Shaved Line + Fade

low drop fade with line design

For men who are attracted to haircuts that incorporate detail, have your barber shave in one or two curved lines in your fade. The style above uses one shaved line to accentuate a thick wavy head of hair.

5. High Drop Fade

high drop fade with beard

A high fade haircut may be clean cut, but it looks very handsome paired with a rugged Viking beard and spiked hair. The contrast of sharp shaved lines with an edgy haircut and bushy beard works very well.

6. Straight Layers

tapered drop fade cut

If your hair is naturally straight, you can easily get some movement going in your hair just by asking your barber for short layers. For a formal look, use gel to comb the hair back.

7. Tapered Fade

men's drop faded haircut

Some men prefer more statement-making haircuts. If that’s you, try an off-center hard part with a tapered drop fade. Thicker hair in particular, will look great with this style since the hair’s texture is shown off with a heavy part.

8. Zig Zag Fade

Drop Fade Haircut with Design for Men

Are you currently rocking a hairstyle that comes to at least the middle of the sides of your head? If so, you can liven it up easily with a fade featuring edgy zig zag shaved lines.

9. Curls with Shadow Fade

Curly Top with Drop Fade

A shadow fade is a tasteful touch on many men’s haircuts. Men with thick hair can cut down on bulk, as well as styling time, with a drop fade that also gives shape to the hair.

10. Crop Top Fade

Men's Crop Top Drop Fade

Straight layered short hair tops off this men’s haircut. The crop top fade features a bluntly cut line of hair that is slightly more pronounced than a regular drop fade haircut.

11. Black Man Fade

Afro Drop Fade Cut for Black Men

Black men typically have suave haircuts, one of which is skin fade. With a shape up, this cut can make any man’s face shape look like a model. Rock it with locs or twists, or use it to enhance naturally curly hair.

12. Faded Pompadour

A high pompadour is just the shape to show off thick locks. The smooth top with a sharp-looking bottom will show everyone you’re on your game.

13. Brushed Up Front

Drop Fade for Men with Fine Hair

For men whose hair is only slightly thick, get a sexy textured front by working in product with your fingers and brushing up the front. You’ll get a messy/bedhead look that looks great with a drop fade.

14. 360 Waves

Another handsome fade hairstyle for Black men is 360 waves. Your hair doesn’t need to be too long to get the cool effect and it looks good with or without a cleaned-up beard.

15. Textured Hair

Textured High Drop Fade

A skin fade is the way to go if you want a neckline that is bare and/or easy to maintain at home. In the summer months, go with a long textured top – it’s the beachy men’s hairstyle all the ladies will love.

16. Quiff Fade

Quiff with Drop Fade for Men

How suave is this men’s shape-up quiff haircut? A sharply trimmed beard with curved cheek lines handsomely complements the drop fade. It all leads the way to a smooth quiff, which is longer in front than at back.

17. Choppy Hair

Drop Fade Cut with Neckline Design

If you have any kind of thickness to your hair, enhance it by going with a choppy haircut and working on the product with your fingers. A mid fade will help you show off your new haircut, and you can even liven it up with shaved parallel lines near the nape of your neck.

18. Fade and Beard

For your crazy curly or wavy hair, give it some framing with a drop fade and a great beard lineup. That sharp line along your cheekbones will flatter your face no matter its shape.

19. Short Shape Up

Low Drop Fade

For men with a round face shape, flatter it with a shape up on a short haircut. A dropping effect will add definition to your face. For facial hair, go with a wide line trimmed short, but follow a straight line at the cheekbones.

20. Highlighted Quiff

Drop Fade Haircut with Pink Highlights

If you love playing with hair color, try it on a quiff or a pompadour. The thick shape will rock bright shades, like this hot pink. Its edgy touch makes the top pop, while a drop fade makes the bottom stand out.

21. Long Brush Up

Spiky Drop Fade

If your hair is a medium to long length up top, you’re in luck. This long brushed up front and wavy body is just the look for you and it takes only seconds to style since the bottom half is already cleaned up with a fade.

22. Blue Flat Top

Blue Flat Top with Drop Fade

If you’re a Black men who admires statement haircuts, try your thick hair in a flat top. Your black mane will love the addition of an eye-catching dark blue.

23. Short Braids

Braided haircuts are a popular choice for Black men because they’re both stylish and long-lasting. Aim for at least two along the top of your head, then add the drop fade to pull the look together.

24. Low Drop Fade

Drop Fade for Men with Comb Back Hair

To give thick hair shape, ask your barber for short layers. When it’s combed back, like above, you’ll have the perfect look whether you’re going out or just hanging out at home. A skin fade will help it stand out too.

25. Box Fade

Flat Top Drop Fade for Guys

Your afro textured hair deserves a handsome haircut to make it look its best. This flat top features rounded edges. Any kind of fade will nicely emphasize its height.

26. Platinum Fade

Platinum Drop Fade Haircut

Platinum is a great color to use to make a haircut shine. These short layered hairs are brushed forward and to one side. With help from a shape-up, faded sides can give a round or oval face sharper definition.

27. Long Front, Messy Back

Drop Fade Cut with Messy Top

When your hair is long and naturally straight, a drop fade haircut like this is easy to transition to. Hair will be longest in front where it covers your forehead completely, and shortest in back where it’s textured and messy.

Things To Consider Before Getting Drop Fade

Fade haircuts are trendy yet professional. Drop fades are especially great for those looking for a change but hoping to keep most of their current length. Before you decide to get one, there are a few things to consider.

Current Hair Length

One of the main characteristics of a drop fade that makes it so dramatic is the amount of hair left on the top and crown of the head. If the hair on your crown does not have a lot of lengths, this fade would not be a good choice. When the hair here is too short, it tends to stick out. Pomades and hair gel help with this if necessary.

Shape of Your Head and Face

Things To Consider Before Getting Drop Fade

The shape of your face changes the final look of any haircut, and the drop fade is no different. The effects of this are also two-fold with it. It creates a dramatic look at the back and sides of the head.

The drop fade looks great on anyone, but it is best on round or boxy faces. A gradient fade elongates the face and makes rectangular faces look longer. At the back of the head, the gradient paired with the extra fading makes the crown of the head look fuller. Flathead shapes work best with this added volume.

Cost of Maintenance and Upkeep

A freshly-cut drop fade is a show-stopper, but looking that clean-cut is no accident. This faded haircut is notorious for being a high-maintenance hairstyle.

This dropping style has a smaller fade area than other fade haircuts, so this style looks overgrown quickly without regular maintenance. If you are interested in this look, keep in mind the cost of multiple trips to the barber for upkeep.


Here are some commonly asked questions about drop fade haircuts for men.

What are the types of drop fade?

There are two types of drop fades and many hairstyles to wear with them. For the fade on the side of the head, there are shadow fades, and skin fades. This refers to how low you want the hair on the sides of the head.

Who suits the drop fade best?

The drop fade looks great on anyone, but it is best suited for round or square face shapes.

What’s the difference between a drop fade and a low fade?

The difference between the two fades is that a drop fade “drops” the edge line down in the back of the head, unlike the low fade, which is a taper in the hairline. A drop fade also creates a U-shape or V-shape in the back of the head.

Is a drop fade similar to a taper?

Drop fades and tapers are similar because they both have a gradient fade on the sides of the head. They are different because the faded haircuts create an arch around the ear. Tapered haircuts have straight lines horizontally around the head from temple to temple.

Can I have a drop fade in the military?

Yes, you can have a drop fade in the military. This is one of the most famous military haircut styles.

How much does a drop fade cost?

It costs $30-$40, depending on your location and any additional requests.

How long will a drop fade last?

Drop fades last anywhere from two to four weeks, depending on how intricate the fade and parting are. The fades grow back fast on the sides. They require more maintenance than other haircuts.

Did any of the above drop fade haircuts catch your eye? Make your decision based on what will be easiest for you to maintain and what will help your hair’s natural texture look its best.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to put your personal touch on your haircut, such as with shaved lines or color.

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