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23 Best Short Hairstyles for Men With Thin Hair

Short hairstyles for men with thin hair offer a lot of room for personalization. These days men who rock a short haircut make it their own with fades, shaved lines, playful texture, and color. If your goal is to make sure no one can tell how thin your hair is, a detailed short hairstyle is perfect for you. Get inspired with our favorite choices for men’s haircuts below.

Manly Short Haircuts for Thin Hair

Take the worry and wonder out of styling your short, thin hair. Any of these 23 men’s haircuts will have you looking your most handsome.

1. Short Undercut

short haircuts for men with thin hair

The first one on the list is a unique style that will not only add volume to your thin hair but also promise a sleek and stylish look. The hairstyle is low maintenance and requires minimum effort on your part.

All you need is a good barber to get those textured sides and the taper in the right angles. Try it if you’re looking for something simple yet chic.

2. Spiky Textured Quiff

short spiky hairstyles for men with thin hair

Another good way to style fine hair is to add texture using wax or gel hair products. This will give you a classy look and add rich texture as well.

Men with thin hair especially on the top of the head should try out this short hairstyle. The spikes swept to the right only add to the trendy look.

3. Quiff It Up

short quiff haircuts for men with thin hair

A short quiff may not seem a suitable hairstyle for thin hair, but it gives a voluminous look to hair. The mass on the top covers up for the otherwise thinning hair. Pairing it up with some styling product adds texture and of course a stylish look overall.

Try this out if you feel like experimenting with your hair. However, one backdrop of the style is that it requires a bit of maintenance on your part, but the result is worth the effort.

4. Very Short Hairstyle

men's short haircuts for thin hair

This style adopted by the rock stars of the world is something to look forward to. Celebrities are wearing it, so why wouldn’t you try the trendy look?

For this style, men with thin hair need to add some hair products to achieve the complete look. It’s natural and messy for a carefree vibe.

5. Skin Fade

short thin hairstyles for men

Skin fades have been the talk of the year now. Their neat, clean look is incredibly versatile, making this men’s haircut worth trying.

Another benefit of skin fade is its short length around the temple and the back. This makes it a suitable short hairstyle for men with fine hair. Try it out if you fear thinning hair or if you’re looking for a clean cut.

6. Undercut Fade

Coming under the category of skin fade, drop fade is another trendy way to style thin hair. Especially this look in the picture. The hand-brushed-back hair on the top adds texture to the fine hair and gives off a thick lively look.

7. Short Faux Hawk

The faux hawk is another way to style your short fine hair. Go super short around the sides and use the mass on the top to form the style. This creates a thick look and the temples being faded add a gradient to the hairstyle.

8. Textured

The problem with fine hair texture is that they don’t seem to stand out and oftentimes lack the fullness to them. One way to get rid of this and to add volume to the otherwise dead hair is to fluff and puff them up with some styling material.

A layered cut will also serve the same purpose. Adding highlights gives dimension to the hair and provides a fuller look to the hair.

9. Slick Back Fade

While many might think that a slick is definitely not for fine hair, the matter is actually contrary to this. A slicked back hairstyle is a perfect way to add volume to the thin hair plus the style is low on maintenance and easy to pull off.

10. Men’s Short Spikes

men's short haircuts for thin hair

Spikes, as mentioned earlier, add a dense feature to your hair and this irregular spikes additionally gives a gradient and dimension to the hair.

This makes the overall outlook chic and appealing and solves up the problem for thin hair. However, this style is recommended for men with mid-length hair to get the right irregular spikes.

11. Asian Fade

Drop fade is another haircut category under short thin hairstyles for guys. However, this style can be improvised by the addition of patterns to them.

A clean line just below the fade gives off a cool vibe. The style is a must-try for all those looking to make a bold style statement with some funky hairstyles.

12. Formal Side Part Haircut

If you have fine short hair, rather than having them cut to a particular style, simply sweeping them to a side and applying some hair product to make them stay is another nifty trick to overcome the styling of fine hair. This style is classy and subtle, doesn’t require much thought and effort yet gives off a hip look.

13. Short Comb Over

Not fine with sweeping them to a side? Try brushing them up! This will add a dense effect to the hair. This style looks elegant especially when you are encountering a receding hairline.

14. High Bald Fade

While cropped up hair is one way to style hair, having a unique pattern in the crop top adds zing to the hairstyle. You can own the style completely by having a pattern of your choice carved in. However, this will require you to book a professional dresser who knows his way through this.

15. Wet Look

short thin hairstyles with gel for men

If you’re in your 40s and have thin hair, use wax or gel to get such wet look. These chic styles are classy and give you plenty of ways to choose from without having you to undergo any particular haircut in general.

16. Crew Cut

The crew cut is our favorite when it comes to mens short haircuts for thin hair. The style is neat and chopped up hair with the mass in the middle makes up for the lack of thickness in the hair.

17. Tapered Undercut

Want some length to your short hair? This style is a must-try then. A roguish look that brings out the younger you and of course makes up for the fine hair.

This fine hairstyle requires you to chop off the hair with a maximum length on the top and then messing up the strands at the top to get the cool look you want.

18. Military Haircut

Similar to a crew cut, this is another way to style short thin hair. This style proffers short length and neat cuts. With tapered temples and mass at the top, it stands to symbolize the true military outlook.

19. Short Wavy Hairstyle for Fine Hair

Not satisfied with the straight? Try the waves then. Waves naturally add volume to the hair and at the same time give a trendy outlook. For those having naturally wavy hair, this style is a perfect option to try. For those with straight hair, you can always curl them to complete the look.

20. Short Curly Hair

short curly thin hairstyles for men

If waves didn’t satisfy you, try these super cool curls. A mop of messy curl will say goodbye to all your fine hair problems. Have them styled whatever way you like but for fine hair, it is recommended to have them laced with some wax to add texture and volume.

You can also achieve a messy outlook by running your finger through the curls.

21. Simple Taper Fade with Beard

A perfect tapered cut is a style for those looking to keep it simple yet classy. This style is subtle yet trendy and also solves the problem of thin texture.

However, you cannot experiment much as the length is short and the temples are done in the regular tapered fashion without any improvisation. Needless to say, it is perfect for someone wanting to keep it low key trendy!

22. Buzz Cut

short haircuts for men with thin hair

A short buzz cut with fine hair is also a great option. The neat angles and the pattern add some versatility to the otherwise simple style.

The pattern makes a bold style statement and the hairstyle is especially cool to carry when it comes to black men.

23. Ivy League Hairstyle

short ivy league haircuts for men with thin hair

The popular ivy league is also another one of our favorite hairstyles you can try with thin hair.