10+ Micro Crochet Braids for Fashionista

Nowadays more and more African American women are drawn to the sleek micro crochet braids. But, why you ask? It’s definitely because of their impeccably small size (they reach invisibility at some point.) In addition to that, they are a design that is pretty easy to copy especially when you think about faux hair locks that are ready to go.


How To: Make Your Own Micro Crochet Braids?

  1. If you don’t have hair long enough for it, don’t worry buy some micro braid extensions of good quality.
  2. Get a latch hook crochet needle or a latch hook.
  3. Prepare your hair by washing it with shampoo and conditioner.
  4. Moisturize your hair with the help of some hair moisturizer to ease the braiding. Avoid excessive amounts; otherwise, your hair will get too slippery for braiding.
  5. Start braiding vertically from your hairline to the back of your head in rows. However, the number of rows will depend on the thickness you choose for each plait. Because of the thicker the braids, the fewer rows you’ll end up having.
  6. Join the ends of the braids together by using the back of your neck as an anchor.
  7. Attach the extensions to the first cornrow.
  8. Start off with a small amount of hair extension from the package. However, if you are using pre –plaited extensions you should start off with individual braids.
  9. Form a loop with your hair by folding your hair in half and equalizing each side.
  10. Place the latch hook crochet needle beneath your first cornrow.
  11. Put the extension in the latch hook crochet needle.
  12. Bring the latch hook crochet needle back through the cornrow to create a loop with the hair.
  13. Place the tips of your hair through the loop to form a knot.
  14. Secure the ends with an elastic band or by an additional knot.
  15. Achieve the full head micro braids by attaching extensions to cover all the already braided cornrows.

Uplifting Crochet Braids


YouTube Video Tutorial for Beginners

Since this style is convenient for kids, teens, and adults, we thought it would be easier for you to replicate it if you had the properly detailed walkthrough. Therefore, check out this YouTube video that simplifies all the steps and makes it easier for hairstyling newbies.


Top 10 Micro Crochet Braids To Kick Off Your Fashion Twist

On the other hand, if you are surfing the Internet searching for some inspirational tips and tricks, then you have reached your final destination. So, check out our digital catalog below of the top micro crochet braids and the epic hairstyles you can create out of them.


#1. Long Micro Crochet Box Braids

 Long Micro Crochet Braid hairstyle for girl

With braids this small it is rather easy to create a loose wavy vibrant movement. So why not take advantage of that and twist your hair into different style in order to add some kind of visually attractive feature to your plain straight plaits.

Marley Crochet Braids

#2. Color Coordination

brown Color Micro Crochet Braid haircut

Color coordination is major factors you need to keep in mind while you manage to pair up two colors for your upcoming micro crochet braids. Consequently, our advice is to choose two colors that belong to the same palette like the pinkish hue with the chocolate brown color.

Tip: This kind of rational color combinations work only for girls who don’t want anything too bright or too crazy.


#3. Not So Micro

black girl Micro Crochet Braid hairstyle

If you are the type of girl who is wild enough to think outside the box and is not afraid to stand out in the crowd, then this one is definitely yours. So, without further – a – do replace the microscopic scale with a larger one. Because this will help bring out your frizzy curls.

Crochet Braided Hairstyles for Kids

Tip: Thick hair works best with the design above. So, if you are intending on buying hair extensions, make sure you get the extra thick strands for a more voluminous look.


#4. Professional Yet Practical

bob with Micro Crochet Braid hairstyle

Are you a businesswoman? Are you too caught up in your career that you sometimes reminisce the good old days when your life was just casual? Are you tired of the same serious look that you had for so long? If you answered any or all of the above with yes, then you need to try this hairstyle out. Because it combines the sophistication every successful woman needs for her office hours. As well as the practicality of a casual look for a hangs out with your gal pals.


#5. Short Hair Works Too!

 Short Hair Micro Crochet Braid hair

The great thing about this design is its flexibility. Because it is not limited for those who are blessed with naturally long and break free hair. Thus, the possibilities you can create with short hair are probably what makes us so fond of the look. Because not only do they take a few years off our age, but also are lower maintenance.


#6. Messy Micro Crochet Braids

Messy Micro Crochet Braid hairstyle for young girl

Whoever said that micro crochet braids could start to get boring has not tried the messy style yet. And why wouldn’t we fall in love with it at first sight? It is practical, sport, and random which makes it perfect for girls who hate putting a lot of effort for their appearance. Moreover, carelessly sweeping it to one side can definitely get you some extra chic points!


#7. Layered Micro Braids

Playfully creative some random interlocking box braids to take this styling technique to a whole new level. And what makes it so breathtaking are the layers of hair that seem to gravitate to each other to create one whimsical sophisticated look.

Tip: This design works best for formal occasions rather than long-term hairstyles.

Popular Mohawk Braids

#8. Braided Updo

Micro Crochet Braid updo hairstyle for women

Pair up the micro braids with an updo to spice things up a little bit. Moreover, this shade of blonde adds a “ notice – me” feature against that dark skin color. Therefore, you can make sure you are the focal point of any room you walk in. So, to recreate this masterpiece:

  1. Wash your hair beforehand.
  2. Comb until it is knot – free.
  3. Divide it into several sections
  4. Braid just like mentioned in the “How to “ section above.
  5. Leave out about 2 – 3 inches of your hair tips without braiding.
  6. Wrap them around to form a bun if you want to enjoy the texture variety.


#9.  Middle Bun

Besides the nose piercings and freakish tattoos, you are going to need a hardcore hairstyle to go with your rebellious look. So check out this edgy look that combines a high up bun propped up in the middle of your head with loose plaits to sway with the soft breezy wind.

12 Artistic Medium Box Braids

#10. Faux Plaits

Faux Plaits Micro Crochet Braid hairstyle

If you don’t really feel like waiting in the hair salon for hours to get your braids professionally done, here’s a hairstyle idea for all of you impatient ladies out there. Because now you can achieve whatever micro braiding design you need with these faux hair extensions that don’t allow any unwanted hair loss.

Tip: Add some perm to get these curly hair tips.


Some more micro crochet braids to get ideas:

Short Curly Hairstyles for Black Women


In a nutshell, if you have a look around you will find that all African American women nowadays are sporting micro crochet braids all over again. And with the help of the list above you will achieve any flawless look you desire!

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