25 Dookie Braids Styles That’re As Charming As It Sounds

Back in time, dookie braids were primarily seen on the playgrounds as they were a go-to style that mothers would choose for back to school days. But, they have evolved and turned into a major trend that even adult girls and women can pull with ease. Basically, these are large braids that hang freely, but they can also be multiple individual braids. To show you just how awesome these braids really are we’re going to list 25 amazing ideas that you can rock.


Latest Dookie Braided Hairstyles

Dookie braids have come a long way, and now you have tons of options to choose from. Scroll down to see 25 styles you can pull off.

1. Jumbo Box Braids

dookie braid styles for women

Dookie braid is easy to maintain, and it protects hair while allowing it to grow. Black women have perfected this type of braid to the extent they now add various threads and accessories to make their style pop. One way of styling your braid is to use colorful threads. A combination of dark hair and pretty colors is mesmerizing.


2. Lavender Braids

lavender dookie braids

Everybody loves lavender for its great and relaxing scent. But, this plant also has a great color which has become a huge hair trend lately. Lavender purple hair color is strong but timid, feminine but edgy, and cool yet chic at the same time. If you want to have unique dookie style braids, then you may want to consider coloring them in lavender.


3. Blonde Box Braids

blonde dookie braids

Every woman should feel like a golden goddess on a daily basis. You’re smart, confident, capable of doing anything you set out for yourself. One way to show off your empowering golden goddess vibe is through golden braids. The mix of golden hue and dark hair is truly outstanding, don’t you think?


4. Braided Lob

best dookie braid styles for women

When it comes to dookie braids, we immediately think of long hair. But, you can look absolutely fabulous with medium box braid as well. For instance, longer bob or lob made entirely out of these braids is a unique, yet super chic take on the popular hairstyle. Isn’t it fantastic?


5. Red Ombre on Black Hair

red and black dookie braids

A combination of red and dark hair is truly unmatched. Regardless of the hairstyle and even length of your hair, you can never go wrong by pairing these two colors together. As seen in the photo below, your individual braid can have an amazing look when you opt for red and black.


6. Channeling Summer Vibes

Summer is almost here, and it’s highly likely you already have a bunch of outfit options ready for parties and what not. Take any outfit to a whole new level with dookie braids and a flower combo. Look at the photo below to see how pretty this hairstyle truly is.


7. Bob Crochet Braids

A huge benefit of these individual Fulani braids is that you have the liberty to use various hair accessories in order to accentuate their strength and beauty. The choice of these accessories depends entirely on you and your personal preferences. While likes and dislikes may vary, one thing is for sure – this is a super cute look.


8. Triangle Braids

Is Blue your favorite color? Then you should definitely rock blue dookie braid. Of course, you can opt for blue braids even if this isn’t your favorite color or if you just want to do something edgy and adventurous. Different shades of blue can work, but you’ll have the best effect of electric blue.


9. Spider Braids

Blonde comes in many shades. As a result, you can be any kind of blonde woman you wish whether it’s a platinum lady or icy queen. But, if you prefer warmer tones, then sandy blonde hairstyle is definitely a solution you’re looking for. Sandy blonde braids are adorable, right?


10. Huge Braids

big dookie braids for women

Dookie single braids with weave allow us to be creative, and that’s why we love them. Bring out your inner artist with huge braids and different colors and patterns. There are no rules here! Just close your eyes, imagine perfect braids, and go ahead and create them.


11. Lava Braids

We’ve already established that black and red are a wonderful combination. If you’re on the edgier side, you may want to try a striking, vibrant red shade that resembles lava. Just imagine how awesome it will look when you combine these red braids into a truly amazing hairstyle.


12. Braided Topknot

The easiest way to style dookie braids is to let them be free and flow down your back simply. But, you can step up your game by creating a top knot. Topknot will give your hairstyle a whole new dimension, and it’s needless to mention it’s one of the most casual styles around. Use colorful threads to make your braids pop.


13. Rihanna’s Braids

Rihanna is the ultimate style icon. Everything she wears is fashionable, and every hairstyle turns into a major trend instantly. It’s safe to say RiRi rocked every hairstyle under the sky and looked fabulous, of course. Channel Rihanna with these unique and super sexy individual braids.


14. Burgundy Braids

Red comes in a wide range of shades and hues, and burgundy is one of them. Draw the attention to your lovely braids with burgundy hair color for black women. This shade is ideal for women who love subtle changes, nothing too wild.


15. Braids with Beads

dookie braids with gold accessories

Gold and black are a good combination as well. For example, gold accessories and threads bring out the darkness of your hair and accentuate the dookie braids. You can rock this style longer or shorter, depending on your personal preferences, of course.


16. Brown Braids

One way to make your braids pop is to make sure they’re the same shade as your complexion. If your complexion is darker, then opt for darker braids. On the flip side, if your complexion is medium or lighter, then your braids should match. Take a look at the photo below, and you’ll want these individual crochet braids immediately.


17. Half Up Hairstyle

Different colors and designs are okay, but if you want something simple? Not a problem! If you’re a fan of minimalistic style and fashion, then plain black braids will certainly do the trick. You can use the upper portion of your braids to create a ponytail that will gently flow over the remainder of your hair.


18. Green Dookie Braids

If you looked for hair inspiration online, you’re probably seen tons of photos showing women with emerald green hair. This isn’t such a surprise; green is trendy. Nothing is stopping you from doing the same. Go green and have fun.


19. Bob Box Braids

Here’s a hairstyle that edgy women will absolutely adore – burnt orange hair. Short dookie braids that resemble a bob haircut dyed in orange will blow your mind (and everyone else’s). These braids are cool, unique, and cute – you should definitely try them out.


20. Braided Updo

bun with dookie braids

Top knots, buns high and low, all these hairstyles are popular lately among women who love the combination of elegance and casual vibes. Give your dookie style braids a new dimension with a cute bun that will also give you a little bit of drama.


21. Braided Space Buns

As mentioned above, two buns are super awesome. Therefore, there’s no need to limit yourself to one bun when you can do two. You can use all your hair, but if you prefer not, then you can allow your braids to remain still free and fierce.


22. Half Bun

One of the most fashionable trends lately is a combination of top knot and long hair. You can achieve the same (or even better) effect with your single braids. They can be blonde or any other color you’d like.


23. Colorful Box Braids

Isn’t one color enough for you? Then opt for two or three different shades. Colorful hair is a symbol of freedom, power, and creativity. Be brave and give it a try.


24. Dark and Light Contrast

dookie braids with highlights

Get more contrast in your hair with one light braid among darker dookie braids. Light and dark go together like two peas in a pod.


25. Braids with Undercut

dookie braid hairstyles

The same way lighter and darker braids go together perfectly different sizes are a good match too. Get two thicker dookie braids in the back and two thinner braids in the front. Cute!


There are many things you can do with a dookie braid, and this article gave you 25 outstanding ideas that will help you step up your braid game. It’s all about exploring different styles to determine what works best for you. Be open to different looks, and you’ll experience major confidence boost at the same time.