Pre-Twisted Hair for Crochet Twists – 7 Things You Must Know

Crochet Twists continue to be very popular among women who loves twisted hairstyles. Pre-Twisted Crochet Twists offer an alternative method for adding hair and creating new styles without excessive manipulation of your own hair. Basically, the process requires your hair to be braided into tiny cornrows and hair is crocheted on top of your own hair. The individual crocheting your hair uses a latch hook tool to insert the pre-twisted hair beneath the cornrow.


Common Questions About Pre-Twisted Hair for Crochet Twists

There are many pros and cons to wearing pre-twisted hair via crochet twists. The style is affordable and is an excellent way to protect your hair from significant damage.

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Here are seven things you should consider before embarking on a crochet twist hairstyle.


How Long Can I Wear Crochet Twists?

One of the perks of wearing crochet twists is that it only takes three to four hours to complete, and you can wear crochet Twists for 30 to 60 days with proper care. Some women are able to wear their hair in this style for upwards of three months.


How Much Hair Should I Purchase for Crochet Twists?

The amount of hair you should purchase may vary person to person. Nonetheless, you should plan to purchase five to eight bags of hair to ensure that you have enough hair to achieve the degree of thickness you are seeking with your Crochet Twist style.


What is the Best Hair to Buy for Crochet Twists?

Take a little time to research the reviews on the various hair products on the market. Not all are created equal, and if you are not careful, you might end up with a nightmare on your hands and partially in your hair. Choose the best hair for the style you are planning to wear. Pay attention to the thickness and texture of the hair as this will drive the amount of hair you purchase.  Also, the thinner the twist of hair you purchase, the more hair you will need to buy. The larger the twist, the fewer the packages of hair you will need to buy.

The good news is that the hair is affordable, averaging $5 to $10 a bag. Favorite brands include Femi and Equal Jamaican Twist Braid.


How Should I Care for My Hair While Wearing My Crochet Twists?

You should plan to establish a weekly regimen for your scalp. The key to wearing Crochet Twists is to ensure that your hair has adequate moisture two to three times per week. Thus, you will want to use a light oil like argan or olive oil to moisturize your scalp and roots. Also, for itching, a peppermint oil and olive oil mix will work well to cure you of the itching.

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Do I Have to Wear the Same Style with my Crochet Twists?

Pre-Twisted hair offers a wealth of versatility for the diva looking to keep a fresh look. Check different Marley crochet braids here.


Are Crochet Twists Painful?

Crochet twists are not painful and are a wonderful way to avoid creating tension on your scalp or edges as seen with regular twist styles that involve your root.

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Can I Wash Crochet Twists?

You will need to know if the hair you purchased is able to withstand the hair washing process. Not all hair recovers from a dousing of water or shampoo. It can cause hair to become tangled and shaggy!

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Crochet braids require your extra attention and maintenance. The pre-twisted crochet twists will give your style a unique look. If you take care, these crochet braids won’t disappoint you!

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