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23 Brilliant Red Hairstyles for the Blue-Eyed Beauties

Natural red hair or not, we have a long list of gorgeous red hairstyles you should be rocking if you have blue eyes. The best thing about our list? These 23 hairstyles feature their own unique shades of red to flatter a multitude of skin tones and hair textures.

From long pale red spiral hair and red ombre dreads, to burgundy balayage and a dramatic red-orange pixie. Be prepared to be blown away by the beautiful options available!

Fiery Red Hairstyles for Blue-Eyed Ladies

Red hairstyles are suitable for everyone due to the fact there’s a perfect shade and length for different face shapes, eye color, and other factors. What about the red hair and blue eyes combination? It’s one of the most powerful combinations, and we have 23 amazing hairstyles to prove that.

Curious to find the best red hair shades for blue eyes? Scroll and pick your favorite.

1. Dark Red Layers

red layered hair for women with blue eyes

A rich dark red is the ideal shade for women with blue eyes and a light skin tone. The contrast of light and dark coloring is dramatic and will help to accentuate long layers.

2. Red Ombre

red ombre hair for women with blue eyes

With platinum or light blonde as your base at the scalp, a bright red ombre will completely transform your look. You can even add a tinge of orange in there, like this long hairstyle with dreads shows.

3. Medium Hair with Long Bangs

medium layered red hair with blue eyes

Is your skin on the paler side? Try a bright red on a wolf-cut medium-length hairstyle with side bangs. Keep your bangs long to just about the ear-length and sweep them to the side, so we’re drawn and peek through those blue eyes of yours.

4. Copper Red Waves

woman with copper red hair and blue eyes

A short copper red hairstyle is perfect for giving your look a pin-up/vintage vibe. The key is in parting your hair off center and adding soft waves that you pin back with red bobby pins.

5. Puffy Updo for Long Hair

red hair for women with blue eyes

Who could say no to this stunning updo? After curling your hair, gather it into a loose high bun, taking care to leave a few spiraled tendrils loose along your face to draw attention to your blue eyes.

6. Pixie with Red Bangs

red bangs hair for women with blue eyes

If an edgier hairstyle is what you’re after, opt for this trendy pixie. The short parts of it should be black or dark brown to help show off a long bright red bang. Add in layers to help with texture and movement.

7. Messy High Bun

red updo for women with blue eyes

This rusty shade of red is so close to natural, no one will question if it’s your real hair color! To get it off your shoulders and make blue eyes stand out, gather it all in a high messy bun right on top of your head.

8. Red Undearneath with Dark Bangs

red hair for women with blue eyes and glasses

If there’s a knock-out way to rock red in long hair, it would be this red underneath dark hair color which looks killer on women with blue eyes. Dark red in the top half of the hair and in thin bangs leads the way to a mostly bright red, wavy mane.

9. Ginger Waves

ginger red hair for women with blue eyes

Ginger red is a safe bet when you can’t decide which shade to choose for your long hair. Part your hair off-center and let the color enhance the soft waves in the ends of your mane.

10. Straight Chestnut Red Hair

chestnut red hair for women with blue eyes

For women with a medium skin tone, we recommend a chestnut red hair color, which will also flatter your blue eyes. Try the color on a simple straight bob with straight bangs that come just past your eyebrows.

11. Pale Red Curly Hair

woman with pale red curls and blue eyes

If you’ve ever had dreams of looking like Merida from the Disney movie Brave, you’ll want to choose pale red, which is a gorgeous color against blue eyes. Add tons of gorgeous spiral curls to your long mane and you’ll be Merida’s long-lost twin.

12. Red Orange Pixie

red orange hair for women with blue eyes

The contrast of red-orange hair with a pale skin tone and blue eyes is too dramatic to be ignored. The only thing that could make it better is an edgy haircut, such as a long pixie with messy, wavy texture.

13. Vintage Red Hairdo

vintage red hair for women with blue eyes

Victory rolls in the top half of your hair are the quickest way to achieve a vintage pin-up hairstyle for red locks. Fill the bottom half of the hair with tight spiral curls and leave your bangs thick, long, and straight.

14. Subtle Auburn Red Hair

girl with red curly bob and blue eyes

Women who love subtle shades and demure looks may want to go for darker reds. This is especially the case if your natural hair color is dark as well. A combination of dark red hair and blue eyes is to die for. For a complete effect, use a curling iron to get subtle locks for the prettiest look ever.

15. Reverse Ombre

two toned red hair with blue eyes

There is no need to limit yourself to one color if you don’t have to. Make your blue eyes pop with a two-toned look. Use a striking red shade that gradually lightens and becomes subtler for an amazing effect. This look will be particularly awesome on a girl with red hair and blue eyes who likes edgy styles.

16. Red Short A-line Bob for Boss Babes

red a-line bob for girls with blue eyes

Are you a woman with her eyes on the prize? Successful businesswomen need a hairstyle that not only matches but boosts their confidence. You can achieve that goal with bob. This sleek hairstyle is always trendy. Red bob weave, combined with blue eyes, is like hitting the jackpot. Isn’t it gorgeous?

17. Long Middle Part Hair

long red wavy hair with blue eyes

Long hair is always sexy, but it’s even hotter in red. You can choose any color you want, including copper shade. If you wish to keep it simple, just let your hair flow down your shoulders and back. After all, sometimes the best effect is when you don’t do anything wild at all.

18. Medium to Short Curly Red Hair

red curly hairstyle for women with blue eyes

If you have curly hair, then the red color will accentuate your locks even more, in addition to making your blue eyes pop. But, if you don’t have curly hair, you may want to consider using hair rollers.

While curling iron can do the trick, make sure you avoid heat styling as much as possible to keep your red strands looking perfect at all times. A classic red hairstyle for blue-eyed girl.

19. Pigtail Braids

Red hair is one of the rarest hair colors and take advantage of that! What we love about long red hair is that we can style it any way we want. Braids have always been a popular choice for more reasons than one.

There are different types of braids to suit every woman’s personal preferences. Make two long braids. This red hair and blue eyes combo will not only rejuvenate you but also bring attention to your eyes.

20. Red Ponytail with Bangs

red ponytail with blonde bangs and blue eyes

Channel Ariana Grande and her high ponytail with blood red hair while accentuating your blue eyes. High ponytail is not only chic but also very practical as it keeps hair out of your way. For a unique effect, you may want to get bangs in a different color to achieve an edgy look.

21. Short Curly Bob

As mentioned above, fiery red hair and blue eyes are a perfect combination. To introduce more playfulness to your hair, you can rock gentle curls. This way, your hair will basically bounce and look adorable. Just take a look at the photo below. Hair is shorter, bouncy, curly, fiery red, and it’s perfect. The look is even stronger with blue eyes. Try it out.

22. Unique High Weave Ponytail

sleek red ponytail with blue eyes

Every girl or woman loves ponytails, but instead of the classic look, you may want to go one step further. Pull your dark red (or any other shade, of course) hair up in a ponytail that you’ll secure with a hair tie. Then, use a different hair near the end of the ponytail for a voluminous yet fun effect.

23. Copper Red Hair

girl with medium length red hair and blue eyes

Classic red hair and blue eyes go a long way, and we’re absolutely here for it. Use mousse to boost the volume of your hair for an effect that is both minimalistic and fashionable at the same time.

Now that you know more about the red hair & blue eyes combination, you’re probably eager to dye your hair or try some hairstyles from this post. Remember, red hair requires a lot of maintenance to remain perfect at all times, so make sure you care for it properly.

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