The Best of Chelsea Kane Hairstyles

Chelsea Kane hairstyles are very popular among her fans. The star of shows like Disney Channel’s Jonas, Dancing with Stars, and Baby Daddy is equally known for the versatility of her hair. From updos to short styles to fancy bobs, Chelsea Kane’s hair has undergone an evolution of sorts over the last several years much like the actress herself.


Chelsea Kane Hairstyles

Chelsea Kane With Short Hair

Chelsea Kane favorite Short hair Cut

Chelsea Kane’s short cut style is girlishly cute yet; it makes a bold statement of transition to something that is more adult and sophisticated in appearance.


Chelsea Kane Asymmetrical Bob Flip

beautiful Asymmetrical Bob hairstyle for Chelsea Kane

There’s nothing like an asymmetrical flip Bob style. This Chelsea Kane’s hair is flirty and carefree. Also, it’s a flattering style for someone with her bone structure.

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Chelsea Kane Medium Cut Asymmetrical Bob

Asymmetrical Bob with Medium Cut for women

Chelsea Kane’s asymmetrical Bob style demonstrates that with growth, you can continue to wear this style throughout its lifecycle. Also, it’s a great transitioning look for someone who is planning to make the transition from an asymmetrical Bob style to a medium or long hair look. Hair is flipped on the ends so that a soft curl gives hair a bit of body.


Chelsea Kane Medium Cut Bob

Chelsea Kane Medium bob cut hairstyle your favorite

This medium Bob a great way to go for the young lady looking for a more grown-up look. This blonde Bob is sleek and perfect for the corporate world, running errands or a fancy, formal affair no matter what age you are. All you need is a thermal protectant, holding spray, and a light oil such as argan oil to hold down those flyaways!


Chelsea Kane Clean vs. Messy Bangs

Chelsea Kane Clean vs. Messy Bangs hairstyle

Chelsea Kane’s messy, flip stylings are an excellent take on an otherwise neat, short hairstyle. This style shows off her gorgeous blonde tresses and allows for fashion variations which can show off length and color with a gentle flip on those ends.


Modern Updo

Chelsea Kane Modern Updo haircut your favorite

This Chelsea Kane modern updo is fun! It is an age-appropriate and fabulous look for a formal or party event. Her brown roots add another dimension to the hairstyle and compliment her brown eyes.


Chelsea Kane Wavy Long Hair

girl Wavy Long Hair you like

Chelsea Kane’s long, wavy tresses give her an entirely different look. These cascading tendrils of curls are a replacement for the standard, straight Bob.  It demonstrates that a girl is entitled to not only change her opinion, but she can change her appearance.  This style is achievable with a flexi-rod set.


Foiled Blonde Hair with Layers

nice Blonde chelsea kane long hair

Chelsea Kane’s foiled blonde hair with layers is a common style worn by many with long hair. This style takes on many forms but rarely does it completely leave the long hairstyle stratosphere.  These days, this hairstyle comes to life with a blonde balayage and short bangs but remains designed to show length and style.


Blonde Waves

Nice Blonde Hair with Layers

Chelsea Kane transforms her classic Bob style with the addition of curls and waves to give this hairdo a different look.  Hair is slightly tousled but gives Chelsea a “lighter” appearance.

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Messy Razor Cut

Best Chelsea Kane Messy Razor Cut

This Chelsea Kane messy razor cut style hugs her face and presents her in a far more rugged light. This style has an edge and gives off a toughness whether intentional or unintentional. Bangs are long so that they cover the eyes and the length is a medium cut.


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