35 Best Formal Hairstyles for Medium Hair (2020 Guide)

16. Windblown look


While windblown hairstyles are not recommended for formal occasions, you can make at least some of your strands a little loose to appear more stunning. Leave one hanging near your face.


17. Amazing waves

cute Amazing waves formal hair for girl

If you are going for a pageant or wedding hairstyle, you can try creating voluminous waves. Ask your hairstylist for keeping the hair curly in the back and wavy in front.


18. Women’s Pompadour for Medium Hair


High hair can make you look a little outrageous, but if you use a smart approach, you can become a real star. Keep your bangs high while the rest of your hair is short and neat.

Artistic Medium Length Layered Hairstyles


19. Wild curls

Wild curls formal hairstyle for young girl

Wild curls on top mixed with a tight ponytail in the back can be one of the greatest formal hairstyles for medium hair that you can enjoy on any occasion without frequent touch-ups.


20. Side weave ponytail

beautiful formal Side ponytail hairstyle for women

Sweeping your hair to one side can make you look gorgeous on the photos. Create a side ponytail and curl the strands to make it appear more voluminous. You can keep the rest of your hair straight for contrast.