35 Best Formal Hairstyles for Medium Hair (2020 Guide)

26. Braided messy updo

This is one of the most elegant formal hairstyles for women with shoulder-length hair seen this year. Braid a loose fishtail with the front hair and backcomb the remainder hair. Secure all the hair together into a messy low bun. Leave a strand of hair at the front and add some flowers at the back to sum up the elegant look.


27. Slick back twisted bun with front flicks

Ombre hair is ideal for this haircut with darker top hair and lower blonde hair for a stark contrast. To achieve this haircut, slick back all your hair into a low twisted bun. Leave front flicks on either side of the face and flaunt your look.


28. Two-tone wavy hair with vine headpiece

For a plain but flawlessly graceful look, put loose curls in your two-tone hair and leave them down hanging at the back. To add more style, bind a vine headpiece on your loose wavy hair at the back.



29. Half tied wavy medium length hair

For all of you who have medium length hair, this medium formal hairstyle is for you. Put loose waves in all of your lower hair to start with the hairdo. Once you are done with the waves, tie half top hair into a stylish half ponytail.


30. Two-tone Twisted Hair Ponytail

medium formal hairstyle

Having two-tone black and blonde hair is a fashion no other shade can beat. For this hairdo, twist your front hair all the way to the back of the head and tie them into a ponytail. Wrap a strand of hair on the headband securing the ponytail to finish the style.