50 Funky Box Braids for Women to Wear with Pride

Box braids are a hair style which is traditionally associated with African textured hair, however, anyone can give this amazing look a go. It is possible to create these braids by hand but hair tools are also available that will speed up the braiding process. It is also possible to buy hair extensions which are already plaited for you. These extensions are a great choice because they are very easy to weave into your hair.


Bold and Beautiful Box Braids

Although box braids are great for everyday wear, they can also be fashioned into stunning styles which are suitable for glamourous events or evenings out. The versatility of this hairstyle is just one of the things that make box braids so popular among black girls.


#1: Chunky Plait

Box Braids for Women 50

Extra long box braids look fantastic when they are styled in a funky chunky plait. Throw your plait over to one side and pin it in place for a particularly contemporary look.


#2: Ombre Braids

box braids hair for women

These braids go from dark to light as the hair tumbles down. Although these purple-pink braids look great, you can choose an ombre look in any colour that you want!

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#3: Knotted Head Scarf

Box Braids for Women 48

Wrap your box braids up with a colourful piece of fabric. This is a traditional hair style and will take you back to your African roots.


#4: Crowning Glory

box braids styles for black women

Twist and plait your braids around across the front of your head to create an off-centre crown of hair. You can leave the rest of your hair down or pin it up.


#5: Punky Purple

Box Braids for Women 45

If you are having extensions put in your hair, then you do not have to choose a “natural” colour. These punky purple braids are eye-catching, fun and vibrant.


#6: Shaven SidesBox Braids for Women 44

Keep your box braids long in the middle, but shave the sides of your head for a striking look. Keep it plain shaven or shave a pattern into your hair.


#7: Bandana and Big Braid

Big Box Braids hair for girl

Take a large section of hair from one side and sweep it around your head like a bandana. Hold the bandana section in place by styling it into a chunky braid at the rear centre of your head.

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#8: Go Wild

Box Braids for Women 42

If you are going to go wild with green hair, you can add another twist by accessorising your hair with a crown of flowers. Bright white and pink flowers offer the perfect contrast.


#9: Alpine Plaits

Box Braids for Women 41

Put your box braids into two classic alpine plaits. These plaits only take a few minutes to complete and they will help to keep your hair away from your face and eyes.


#10: Chunky Braids

box braids haircut

Rather than getting tiny braids put into your hair, choose a chunkier option. It is often easier to do chunky braids with natural hair than it is to do smaller braids.

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