12 Gorgeous Blonde Highlights for Brunettes

Mixing two different hair colors together can create a really cool hair effect. Highlights and lowlights help to create the illusion of texture and depth in a hairstyle. One of the color combinations that seem to work well is a brunette with blonde highlights.


Blonde Hair Highlights for Brunette

Women need to take care of when they are dyeing their hair. Harsh chemicals can damage the hair and skin, so you should always read the label before using a new product. Light brunette hair colors will normally accept blonde highlights quite well; however, it can be harder to apply dye to darker shades.

To get light blonde highlights in dark brunette hair, you may need to bleach your hair first. Always get a professional stylist to help you with the bleach. Leaving bleach on your hair for too long can cause the hair to become brittle and snap. This will leave your hair in a real mess. Therefore, we have created a list of some of the best brunette hairstyles with blonde coloring.


Perfect Tousled Curls

brunette hair with blonde highlights

Get perfect curls by putting your hair into heated rollers. Spray the curls to set them once they have been removed from the rollers. Run your fingers through your hair a few times to create a tousled effect.


Sleek Hair and Feathered Curls

feathered curl brunette hair

Open up your face a bit by using a feathered curl technique to roll your hair away from your face. This also creates a lot of volume in your hairstyle.


Wavy Brown Hair with Caramel Highlights

Caramel highlights really help to add texture and depth to a brunette hairstyle. Highlights help to make your hair look much thicker and fuller.


Straight Cut with Face-Framing Barrel Rolls

Change your style in a really simple way by adding some face-framing barrel rolls to the front sections of your cut. This is a flirty and fun style for young women.


Layered and Feathered Highlighted Hair

Layering is a simple way to change the texture and depth of your hairstyle. Choppy feathered layers at the front of your style will help to create a natural frame around your face.


Big Soft Curls

Lovely soft big curls look beautiful on a long brunette hairstyle. Separate some of your curls out to help to create an even softer hairstyle.


Brown Hairstyle and Highlighted Bangs

Set your bangs apart from the rest of your hairstyle by highlighting them a different shade. Golden caramel colors really suit stylish brunette hairstyles.


Glamorous Haircut and Side-Styled Parting

side-styled parting brunette hair with blonde highlights

A long choppy bob mixes glamor with a casual look. A side-styled parting also helps to change the thickness and shape of your hairstyle.


Voluminous Waves with Short Parted Bangs

Large, voluminous waves look great on women with beautiful brunette hair. The blonde highlights help to set the waves off and give the hairstyle extra texture.


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Long Brunettes With Blonde Highlights

Sleek hair is a great choice if you want to show off your color and shine. Straightening your hair and adding heat protect conditioner will help to give you a lovely sleek look.


Caramel Highlights and Lowlights

Caramel highlights in brunette hair

Caramel highlights look beautiful on women with naturally darker skin tones. Golden caramel colors look really soft and touchable when they are worked into brunette or black hairstyles.


Big and Bold Glamorous Curls

big bold curls with blonde highlights

If you are looking for a glamorous red carpet style, you might want to try big bold curls. Highlights and lowlights will give your hair the appearance of extra volume.