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Top 15 Short Brown Hairstyles with Blonde Highlights

There are many interesting options to make the short brown hair look more feminine and beautiful. The most interesting one involves blonde highlights.

Blonde highlights are known to make every hairstyle and hair color look fresher and nicer. The blonde shade brings a youthful vibe to face and the hairstyle of the person wearing it.


Blonde Highlights on Short Brown Hair

If you are one of those women with short brown hair, and you are looking for a trendy change, here 15 ideas to try out with adding blonde highlights.

1. Short Hair with Shaved Sides

short brown undercut with blonde highlights

Women’s undercut is a bit extreme but very interesting  short hair option. Not every women opt for this step, but it certainly does present an interesting look.

The brown base is present on the sides in the form of the shortly shaved undercut. The top is left longer, from front to the neck and it is done in intense blonde highlights. The styling is done upwards.


2. Pixie with Highlights

brown pixie with blonde highlights

This short highlighted hairstyle shows the domination of the blonde top over the brown hair. The sides are cut short, with the gradual change of the length as the hair moves towards the top.

On the top, the hair is left long and highlights are done in light blonde hair shade. The styling is done a bit upwards, sleek and swept to the back.


3. Asymmetric Bob

short asymmetrical brown hair with blonde highlights

The asymmetry in this brown short hairstyle with blonde highlights can be seen in the change of the length of the hair, more precisely, the top layer of the hair. The lower part of the hair is cut short and remains brown.

The top layer of the hair is choppy, some strands longer than the others. The highlights are done on this part of the hair, starting a bit after the roots and falling to the sides.



4. Short Bob

short dark brown bob with blonde highlights

The short bob is a common hairstyle for women of all ages. It is a popular brown hairstyle too. To spice up the look of the dull color, the addition of the blonde highlights comes as a youthful refresher.

The highlights are done through the hair, starting somewhere in the middle of the hair’s lengths. Some go higher and create a nice balance to the entire hairstyle. Wearing the short bob wavy is the best option to show off the blonde highlights.


5. Choppy Highlighted Mohawk

blonde highlighted mohawk in short brown hair

Cool, an edgy and brave hairstyle is the choppy Mohawk. This short messy hairstyle is associated with a specific character and personality, so it is not for everyone.

The sides are shaved and brown, while the Mohawk itself is done in blonde highlights. It creates a contrast with the color change as well as the style change.

The length of the Mohawk is different, there are layering and choppy parts.


6. Short Dark Hair with Highlights

This is another short hairstyle whose base hair color is dark brown . It is kept in the lower parts of the hair. The roots are also kept darker while the blonde highlights dominate the upper and top portion of the hair. They start just after the roots and create a nice contrast between these two hair shades.


7. Thin Highlights on a Straight Bob

These are discreet, even invisible blonde babylights. They are done vertically, thought the entire hair and they are thin. They start immediately in the roots and go all the way down.

They are subtle but still visible and create a nice look on the light brown hair. The short hair is styled straight and for this look to be kept, the regular highlight touch-ups are required.


8. Wavy Bob

The ashy blonde hair color are a trendy option for the younger generation. They tone own every shade and kill whatever yellow or reddish undertones might appear.

On the brown lob, the ashy blonde highlights can be done in the denser or rarer distance. It all depends on personal liking as the hair type. Whichever option is chosen, the look is fabulous, especially if you add waves to it.

Startling Auburn Hair with Blonde Highlights


9. Sharp Layering

This is quite an artistic hairstyle. The short light brown hair is done in sharp layering. Some parts are long ad fall to the sides, while the others are shorter and styled upwards. The base hair color is dark and brown. The blond highlight comes from all the sides.


10. Brown + Caramel Highlights

short brown hair with caramel blonde highlights

If you are not satisfied with having only blonde highlights, you can always and some caramel ones too. the combination between these two shades fits perfectly to the brown hair, especially on the short straight bobs.


11. Balayage Highlights

The blonde balayage on the  brown hairstyle starts somewhere in the middle of the length of the hair. The brown and blonde change of hair is gradual and well blended, without a sharp line. T

he hairstyle is short, a bit longer than the ears. the length changes, form shorter at the back to longer at the front.


12. Messy Pixie

The messy wavy top comes with intense blonde highlights. The sides are cut short, in an exact boyish hairstyle. The top is left a bit longer. It is messy and wavy. The highlights are blonde with a yellow undertone, starting almost at the roots. Some parts of the top fall over the brown sides.


13. Platinum Blonde Highlights

Adding an accessory or two can make each hairstyle more interesting and fashionable. This goes for the highlighted hair too. Short brown curls with blonde highlights can be made more vibrant and playful with the addition of some hair accessories instead of looking dull and boring .

Gorgeous Black Hairstyles with Blonde Highlights


14. Side Bangs + Highlights

short brown hair with blonde highlights

If you looking to some dominant change in hair color, try this option: short dark brown hair and light blonde linear highlights. Accent the side bangs and curls the back of the hair.


15. Short Stacked Bob

layered short brown bob with blonde highlights

This stacked bob is different than the regular stacked ones because of the cut in the back. Hat also makes it special is the position of the blonde highlights that start on the top and don’t go over lower than the middle of the hair.


With these interesting short brown hair with blonde highlights, there are lots of options for everyone’s taste. Choose your highlights and present a new, livelier hairstyle and look.