35 Half Up Half Down Curly Hairstyles: Some Tips & Tricks

What we love about the half up half down curly hairstyle is that they are feminine, romantic. Depending on our mood, we can also make them on the edgier side. Women and girls with curly hair have tons of options to rock this style. We bring you 35 ideas for half up curly hair. Scroll down to see them all.


How to Style Half Up and Half Down Hair with Curls

How to Style Half Up and Half Down Curly Hairstyles

While it’s easy to think curly hair leaves us out of trying out different hairstyles that’s, actually, not the case. The truth is that half up half down hairstyles for curls are numerous. All you need is to prepare bobby pins and hair ties, if necessary, to create a wonderful look.

For example, you can use bobby pins to connect the front section of your hair at the back of your head. Another style you can try is to create high or low buns using the hair on top while allowing hair in the bottom section to gently flow down your back.

The ponytail is also a good idea, but instead of picking up all your hair leave most of it down. Curls will add more bounce to your look.


How to Do Curly Half Up Hairstyles with Weave

half up half down curly hairstyles with weave

In order to create a half up curly hairstyles with weave, the first thing to do is to detangle the natural hair, separate it into four or more sections, and comb thoroughly. Spray your hair with water to make it easy to control.

Attach your weave and proceed to make a bun or ponytail while making the sure remainder of your hair is free and flowing down your shoulders and back. Weave can make your ponytails look more voluminous, buns bigger, and hair are fuller.


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Amazing Half Up Half Down Curly Hair Ideas

Scroll down to see 35 gorgeous half-up curly hair looks you can rock effortlessly.

1. Braid It Around

braided half up half down curly hair

Romantic girls will love this curly half up hair look. Create crown braids using front sections of your hair and connect them in the back. So easy.


2. Brown Curls with Blonde Highlights

half up curly hair

Pin up the sides and upper portion of your hair up and let the rest down to boost volume and bounce of your curls.


3. Tie It Up

half up half down curly hairstyles

Again, connect two sections from the side in the front and make them appear like they are tied to one another in the back for a casual, yet romantic half up curly hair vibe.


4. Half Up Bun

half bun half down curly hair

Buns are trendy, and it’s easy to pull them off. Make a high weave bun using only one portion of your hair. This half up half down hairstyle will be particularly awesome if your curly hair is long.


5. Braided Bun

braided half bun curly hair

One of the most popular half up half down curly hairstyles is to make thin braids. Then, create a high bun, and that’s it. You’re good to go.


6. Curly Crochet Braids

Create sleek stitch braids on the top of your head and leave curly hair down for a truly unique style.

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7. Half Curly Updo

Braids, buns, and curls are always a good idea, so why not combine them in one amazing look? Try this curly half up half down hairdo out, and you’ll love the result.


8. Braided Updo

Keep things simple and elegant with this half up half down style with curls. Both braids and bun create a wonderful combination you can pull off in different settings.


9. High Ponytail Braids

Braided ponytails are versatile. Instead of the “regular” ponytail, you can mix things up and switch it to one side or even in the front.


10. Feminine Look

half up half down curly hair with braids

Section your hair and make a half up double Dutch braids that you’ll let down the curly and wavy hair. Stunning!


11. Half Up Curly Bob

Half up half down curly haircuts aren’t reserved for long hair only. Short hair looks absolutely fabulous with top bun and gorgeous curls.

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12. Braids and Patterns

When making the braids, you can also try to create patterns, zig-zag, or any other style you look for an edgy half up look with curls.


13. Half Ponytail

Instead of buns and braids, you can just lift up a portion of your hair using bobby pins so that you also achieve dramatic volume.


14. Light Brown Curls Galore

curly half up hairdos for women

Bobby pin is your best friend. Using bobby pins lift up your hair a little bit, connect a few strands, and you’ll get this fairytale-like half up curly hairstyle.


15. Dookie Braids

curly hair braided half up half down

Use the length of the curly hair to your advantage to emulate this wonderful half up half down hairstyle. Braids are let loose down the back while front bundles from each side were taken in order to merge them in the back.


16. Half Up Curls with Cornrows

Curls are a forever style. To get a half up hairstyle, cut your curly hair into a bob. Style the top hair by weaving alternating thick and thin cornrows which ultimately end on a short curly ponytail which gives the impression of a curly bun.

You can wear this hairstyle either to a party or every day meet up alike without the fear of looking dull and boring.


17. Curly Pigtails with Half Braids

For this hairstyle, divide your top hair into four sections and weave them into French braids. Divide the lower hair from the middle and tie both the sides into kinky twin low ponytails.

This hairstyle is ideal for young girls who want to have a cool style. This hairstyle suits every face cut and skin complexion and gives you the vibe of a cool kid.


18. Spring Curls with Topknot

Spring curls is a popular variant of plain curly hair. If you want to achieve this look, use a styling iron rod to curl your hair into spring curls. Style the top hair by forming a topknot and adorn it with a beautiful baby pink ribbon.

Let the other half hair free at the back of your head. This hairstyle is perfect for your little girl.


19. Half Up Genie Ponytail

For a stylish hairdo, go for high half up half down ponytail. Style your hair into messy curls and tie the top hair into a ponytail.

Leave the lower half hair into messy curls and let them flow over your back and shoulders. Style the ponytail with a golden ribbon as well.


20. Chocolate Brown Hair with Topknot

For a beautiful curly half up hairstyle, get your hair dyed into a chocolate brown shade. Use some gel to slick the top hair down and then tie the curly hair into a topknot.

Leave the lower hair into beautiful curls styled into a bob hairdo. Once you get it, you will always want this haircut for every occasion.


21. Half Up Half Down Elegant Hairdo

If you want a super stylish and elegant hairstyle, try going with half up curly hairdo. Divide your frontline hair into a side part to form a forward fringe. Backcomb the rest of the top hair and secure them at the back of the head in the form of a twist.

Use a styling iron to curl the lower hair and let them flow over your back. Style the hairdo with beautiful white synthetic flowers.


22. Sun-kissed Curls with Bangs

In order to get this look, ask your stylist to give your hair a sun-kissed brown color. Use some styling products to curl your hair and then tie them up into a ponytail.

Leave the curly bangs on your forehead and the rest of the lower hair down for added style. This is a super elegant hairstyle that works best for almost every face cut.


23. Twisted Half-Up Hair with Curls

For a hairstyle that is guaranteed to level up your hairstyle game, get your lower blonde hair dyed into a subtle brown shade. Add beautiful beach waves into the hair.

Tie the top hair at the back of the head in the form of twisted curls. It is guaranteed that you are going to look absolutely stunning with this hairstyle.


24. Walnut Hair with Braid

Combining curls and braids is a trick to achieve an exquisite hairdo. For this hairstyle, use a styling rod to put curls into your hair. Take the top hair and part in the middle.

Weave each part into a braid joining at the back of the head. Place the lower curly hair at the back. This is all you got to do for an amazing hairstyle.


25. Kinky Curls with High Raised Bun

Half up half down curls are super easy to achieve and are quite low maintenance. Let your lower half kinky hair down to form your own cape.

Take the top hair and round them up into a high raised kinky bun. This hairstyle is ideal for black girls who have kinky hair.


26. Cotton Candy Space Buns with Subtle Curls

For a super cute hairstyle, go with cotton candy space buns and subtle curls covering your back. Ask your stylist to color your hair into all the shades of cotton candy for a look straight out of heaven.

Take the top half hair and middle part them. Round each section into a messy space bun. Let the lower hair flow over your back for added perfection.


27. Bun and Cornrows with Curls

For a unique but trendy hairstyle, take your top hair and weave them into cornrows. Next, connect the cornrows with the remaining top hair and raise them into a bun.

Weave some of the lower hair and curl the others. Place the lower styled hair over your shoulder. This is an all-in-one hairstyle made just for you.


28. Blonde Hair with Twists and Curls

If you have got blonde hair, then style them into a blonde hair with twists and curls hairdo. Work your fingers through your hair to sweep them backward.

Take the hair from either side of the face and bring them back by twisting and merging them into each other. Put loss curls into the lower half hair to complete your style.


29. Two Strand Twists

Two strand twists can work really well with a half up half down curly hair look. If you also want this look for yourself, then take the top hair and twist them into two strand twist cornrows turning back in the opposite direction to each other.

Style these twists using golden beads. Leave the lower half curly hair down over your shoulders in the form of a bob.


30. Messy Pinned Up Hair with Curls

If you are craving a messy look for a change, then it is time that you opt for messy pinned up hair with curls. Take the top half hair, twist them into messy hair, and pin them at the back of the head. Leave the rest of the lower hair covering your back in the form of luscious curls.


31. Wide Crimped Half Up Half Down Hair

For this hairstyle, first of all, dye your hair chocolate brown while leaving the roots dark. Slick down the dark roots of the top hair by using some gel and crimp the rest of the hair.

Take the top crimped hair and tie them into a topknot. Leave the lower half hair flowing over your back and shoulders for a beautiful hairstyle.


32. Short Curly Bob with Half Buns

If you have short curly hair, then give them the shape of a bob. Leave some asymmetrical curly bangs on your forehead. Take the remainder of the top hair and tie them into double buns. Leave the lower half hair open, covering your nape.


33. Elegant Twists and Rolls

For a perfectly elegant curly wedding hairstyle, opt for a half up half down look with of elegant twists and rolls. Sweep the top hair back and twist the side hair, connecting them at the back of the head.

Put loose rolls into the lower half hair covering your back. Style this hairdo by using a metal hair accessory for added style.


34. Combed Back Hair with Subtle Curls

For a beautiful and trendy hairstyle, comb back your top hair to give them the illusion of added volume. Secure the top half hair at the back of the head using some pins. Put subtle curls to the lower half hair and let them open, covering your back and flowing over your shoulder.


35. Textured Curls

If your hair lacks the texture you have always craved for, go with this textured curly half up hairdo. Work your fingers through your top half hair and secure them at the back of the head. Place the lower half curls over your shoulders for a classic but elegant look.


Now that you know how to style half up half down curly hair, you’re ready to get the party started. Choose the style you like the most and recreate it with ease. Have fun.

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