25 Brilliant Ways to Style Short Brown Hair

When women want to go bold with their brown hair, then it’s time to consider short hairstyles. These hairstyles are fun, bold, unique, and a great way to showcase personality. No matter if a woman wants short dark or light brown hair, there are great options for them to choose from.


Favorite Short Brown Hair Ideas

These are the short brown hairstyles we love. Be it light or dark shade we have got you covered.

1. Short Side Bangs

girl with short brown hair

Full and longer bangs look great when they are tucked away from the face so that a woman’s beauty can easily be seen. This cut has a lot of volumes, which is a great option for women who have full and thick brown hair.


2. Sleek Pixie Bob

 short brown hairstyles

A sleek bob won’t ever go out of style, as this short layered thick haircut easily shows. The layers are cut much longer than with other hairstyles, which allows the brown bob to look chic and put together. The strands can be tucked behind the ears if desired.


3. Curled Away From the Face

short brown haircut for women

Short hair looks great when it is curled away from the face. This hairstyle is longer in the back and shorter in the front and looks refreshing and updated thanks to the gentle curls and wisps that are pushed back from the face.

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4. Pixie Cut with Highlights

short brown hair

Shorter layers on top have a ton of volume, and these layers look great when paired with very short sides and in the back. The trimmed sides and back help women stay cool and make the brown hair on top of the head look even longer than it is.


5. Short Messy Hair

short curly brown haircut

This short brown haircut has a little curl and movement all over. A little bit of product can be used to easily hold the strands in place and keep the hair from falling flat.


6. Longer Bob

This longer bob is known as a “lob,” and has all of the movement and freedom of a bob with a bit more length. It’s a great option for women who have very straight and shiny dark brown hair and will look great for almost any situation.

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7. Cute Short Bangs

This short dark brown haircut stands out because of the bold and blunt bangs. They are much shorter than the rest of the hair, which is worn tucked behind the ears. With blunt lines around the face, this is not for the faint of heart.


8. Straight Bob

Keeping bangs out of the face can be a struggle for any woman, and this is a great way to handle that issue. By pinning the bangs straight back from the face and allowing the rest of the hair to hang loose, women look trendy and updated.


9. Chin-length Bob

These perfectly long bangs are tucked to the side behind the ear, creating a sleek and chic look. It’s a wonderful look for going to the office or spending time out with friends, as women look fun and fresh.


10. Moody and Curly Lob

short dark brown haircut

Moody curls look exceptional in dark hair. These brown curls have a mind of their own and are trained to fall gently around the head. Pinning them back on one side is a great way to control them at work and to ensure that a woman can see.

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11. Short Brown Hair + Blonde Highlights

A thick bob looks exceptional when it is paired with honey blonde highlights. By slightly stacking the back, it’s easy to give the illusion of a thick head of hair, even if the woman has relatively thin hair.


12. Short Blonde Balayage

Blonde tips set this look apart. The light brown roots are a great contrast to the tips, and by tucking them behind the ear, any woman can create a fun and funky look. regular trims are key to ensuring that the hair doesn’t look too grown out.


13. Perfect Caramel Cut

Perfect caramel highlights are dreamy in this brown hairstyle. The chin-length cut fits perfectly around the face, and the longer bangs can easily be brushed back and to the side. The end result is attractive and ideal for work in an office or going out with friends.


14. Strawberry Blonde Highlights

Short light brown hair doesn’t have to be boring, as this messy and curly look shows. The messy curls add a ton of volume and interest to the cut and make everyday fun and exciting. Thanks to the highlights, the cut has a lot of depth.


15. Framing the Face

Short Light Brown Haircuts for ladies

This is a simple cut that frames the face. The even color and lack of highlights allow the natural beauty of the woman wearing this short haircut to really shine through. Keeping the bangs cut to match the flow of the light brown hair is key to a great look.


16. Straight Bob with Bangs

The perfectly straight bangs on this cut match the straight line of the bob, giving the look a lot of symmetry. It’s all angles, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a really harsh cut, as it works perfectly on women with sharp features.


17. Slightly Longer in the Back

Allowing for a little additional length in the back of this short haircut helps to balance out the bangs.

There are some light highlights scattered around in the lighter brown hair to add some interest to the style, but otherwise it is a very relaxed and low-key option.

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18. Short Shag Cut

Teasing the hair at the crown to add a ton of volume makes this auburn brown haircut fun. The dark color perfectly frames the face, and the bangs are swept off to the side so that they are not in the way or getting in the eyes during the day.


19. Short Blunt Bob with Bangs

Girl with short brown hair who really want to stand out in a crowd will love the severe look of this cut. It’s all straight lines and sharp angles, making it a great option for any woman who knows exactly what she wants and is willing to work for it.


20. Short Pigtails

Short Brown Hair with Bangs

See-through bangs are a sweet way to break up a style. These bangs pair perfectly with small pigtails, resulting in an attractive look. A straight part down the middle of the head helps to create the illusion of symmetry.


21. Shorter Bob with Bangs

This shorter brown bob rests perfectly above the chin, giving it a lot of personalities. The bangs are kept shorter, as well, and are pushed slightly to the side to give the illusion of plenty of movement in the hair.


22. Longer Blunt Bob 

Not all short hairstyles need to be cut incredibly short, as this longer option shows. The brown hair is allowed to grow out into a long bob and almost brushes the tops of the shoulders.


23. Side Part Bob

Tucking hair behind the ear is a great way to break up the monotony of bob and bring new life into an old style. This option looks great because of being pulled back and because of the slight highlights.

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24. Middle Part Bob

Short Brown Haircuts

Brushing a bob back from the face and allowing the hair to curl around the shoulders is very attractive. This is a confident short haircut and style that will make any woman with brown hair wearing it look like she is in charge.


25. Short Stacked Bob

Short Brown Hair with Bob

A stacked bob has a lot going for it and is a lot of fun to wear. This light brown bob has a few layers cut into it to remove some of the weight of the hair and to allow it to have a bit more movement and style.


Any of these 25 short hairstyles are sure to be a great option for any girl with brown hair. They’re fun, updated and chic, and easy to style, which will make any woman look and feel her best.

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