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12 Classy French Braid Styles to Rock with Short Hair

Yes, it is possible to do a French braid on short hair. And we’re here to give you all the examples that will make your life so much better. Finding creative ways to elevate your short crop can be difficult at times.

Thankfully the good old French braid is here to save the day. If you go through the inspiration below, you will see that you can rock a different one every single day of the week.

How to Do French Braid on Short Hair

How to Do French Braid on Short Hair

Start by choosing the place where the braid will be. You will need to pick a section and divide it into three equal parts. One will be on the left, one in the middle and one on the right. Take the left strand and put it over the medium one. Get the right strand and put it over the one on the middle (which was previously the left strand).

Use the left strand to put it over the middle. Now, during the next step, you will need to get the strand on the right and add some extra hair from the same side. It should be parallel or almost parallel with the left strand.

Repeat the process by braiding the left and right parts over the middle one, by also always adding extra hair from the side. This is the technique to use on any French braid, wherever you decide to place it.

Watch The Following Video to Learn DIY French Braid for Short Hair

French Braid Vs Dutch Braid

French Braid Vs Dutch Braid

French braid and Dutch braid are different & have a different braiding technique. The Dutch one looks like it’s an inside out variation of the French. Both are done with three strands and the difference in the technique is minimal.

For the French braid you use three sections, and you put each one on top of the other, as we already explained, by also adding hair from the side. This braid lays flat on the head, on the same level with the rest of the mane.

The Dutch braid also uses three strands, but instead of putting the leftover the medium one, you put it under it. The same thing applies to the right strand. While braiding, you’re also adding sections from the side. One of the prettiest things about a Dutch braid is that it is higher compared to the rest of the hair with a chic 3D-like effect.

Alluring Short Hairstyles with French Braids

These are the cutest short French braided hairstyles for modern girls to explore this year.

1. Side French Braid 

french braid with side part for short hair

A deep side part is a great way to be dramatic. It’s such an easy detail to add to your hairstyle, but still very eye-catching. Next time you want to decorate your short hair, feel free to use this French braid style.

Ideal for: Great for when you’re planning to go to a party or have an event.

How to Style: Style it by doing that deep side part with your comb first. Choose the section that you’ll be braiding and work the braid from the front to the back. Finish behind the ear, and do some soft waves on the pastel pink hair.

2. French Braided Bangs

french braided bangs for short hair

Braid your front bangs, so that everyone can see it.

Ideal for: All lengths of hair will allow you to copy this style.

How to Style: Upgrade the bob, lob, and pixie or any short haircut with a frontal French braid.

3. Oversized French Braided Buns

french braids for short hair

This is a year when messy is so in! French braided short hairdo doesn’t always have to be perfect and sleek. This is cooler if you leave several strands here and there.

Ideal for: Both younger and older women can work this mane. The younger can rock it at school, while adults can flaunt it with a maxi dress during summer.

How to Style: Do a middle part on the hair, in the back as well. Grab large strands of hair for the braid. Put the bottom part in two twisted buns.

4. Rose Gold Hair

side french braid with short pink hair

If braids are not enough for you, you can always change the hair color. Pink is the most feminine color, and there is a whole range of shades to choose from. When you combine it with a side braid and short, blunt bob, you will score an amazing look.

Ideal for: Great for all women who are willing to do changes. Having the same hairstyle and hair color for years can be so boring.

How to Style: Begin in the front and braid the strands all the way down. You should opt for a side part of this mane. It’s chicer and creates that unique moment.

5. Side Braid Bun

french braided bun for short hair

Massive braids are so gorgeous. Use one to decorate a romantic updo such as this one. Make it big, messy and bohemian.

Ideal for: If you have a wedding this summer, you can really stand out by copying this French braids on short hair.

How to Style: If you feel like you can’t do this by yourself, it’s much safer to visit your hairstylist. The whole point is to achieve that chunky braid on the side and put the rest of the hair in a low messy bun.

6. Half-Up Braided Hairdo

Half-up French braids are such a fun way to elevate your short hairstyle. This is a glamorous do that will definitely be of much help for special occasions.

Ideal for: This seems like the ideal orange brown hairstyle for a summer wedding. It’s got braids and curls, what more could you ask for?

How to Style: Select a section from the top part of the hair that you’ll use for the braids and the ponytail. Divide the front part into four sections for the two French braids.

Start doing them one by one. Once you combine the hair in braids. You can leave some strands in the front for a more fabulous look.

7. Braided Space Buns

french braided space buns for short hair

The classic space buns are now upgraded with braids. Use French braids on short hair to make the buns so much cooler. The most interesting part is that the French braids are upside down. They start at the neck and end all the way up.

Ideal for: Great for younger gals who want to be the most fashionable ones at school.

How to Style: Part the hair in the middle from the front and take it all the way to the back. Start braiding from the area above the neck, and finish off the braids in the top part.

Put the whole hair up in two messy buns. You might need an extra hand when it comes to doing these two French braids.

8. Glittery Double Buns

We’re all so happy when we see the glitter. That is why you can make these sparkles a part of your hairstyle.

Ideal for: It is great for when you need to attend a party or even for bridesmaids. You can do this French braid style with short hair without a problem.

How to Style: The first thing you need to do is section the hair. Create a middle part, and section the hair you will use for the two French braids in the front. Start braiding and when you’ve finished you can twist each one in a small bun.

Decorate the middle part with glitter and stones. You will probably need a special glue for hair, so do some research before you try this hairdo.

9. Double French Braids on Short Hair

Why do only one, when you can opt for two? You can always double up on braids as a very cute detail in the whole look.

Ideal for: Perfect for a long angled bob, and women who prefer minimalist hairdos.

How to Style: This hairstyle will look so sophisticated if you opt for a deep side part. Choose the spot where you’ll braid and that’s pretty much it.

10. Four-Strand Braid

Don’t you agree that a single braid can do magic for the mane? This is the best example of short hairstyle with French braids that you only need good ideas in the hair department.

Ideal for: Elevate your everyday looks and chic short crops with a middle braid.

How to Style: Section the hair and start braiding with four strands. If you haven’t tried this technique yet, all you need is to watch a tutorial online. It’s very simple and doesn’t take too much of your free time.

11. Classic Braided Updo

french braided updo for short blonde hair

Add a classic French braid to the side of your everyday bun.

Ideal for: Perfect for work, because it’s elegant and chic at the same time.

How to Style: You can decide where you want to place the braid, there is no right and wrong way to do it.

12. Braided Pigtails

french braided hairstyles for short hair

This is the simplest way to do a French braid on short hair.

Ideal for: A simple, effortless middle parted braids look, good for all ages.

How to Style: It’s all about the middle part. Once you create it, start braiding the two French creations.

Ladies, the time has come to try out a French braid with short hair. All these examples will really help you stand out in the crowd. Start trying them one by one and your life will never be the same.

FAQs on French Braid Styles for Short Hair

Is there any difference between fishtail and fishbone braids?

Fishbone and fishtail braids are mostly used as a synonym. The fishbone braids are the ones that African-American ladies do with cornrows and feature the shape of a real fishbone.

Can I try a dutch braid on my short hair?

Yes! Dutch braids are meant for all hair lengths, including short hair.

Do braid help in hair growth?

Yes, braids can only help with hair growth in terms of protecting the hair. This applies to ladies who often have their hair in a loose braid.

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