25 Chic Individual Braids for Women

Like other braided hairstyles, individual braids are a beautiful and protective option for women of color. They’re recognized by their square or “box”-shaped style.

There are a variety of lengths and colors you can wear them in and they’ll last at least four to six weeks, meaning you’ll spend less time in front of the mirror each morning. So what more are you waiting for? See why individual braids are your next hairstyle.


Individual Braids

For 25 beautiful ideas on how you can wear individual braids, check out the styles below.

1. Long Individual Braids

long individual braids

Long braids will come to the waist, maybe longer. They’re stunning left down or gathered up high in a ponytail, or you can try this half updo bun.


2. Individual Braids with Curly Ends

individual braids with curly ends

When you’re growing out your natural hair, don’t sacrifice its texture. You can sport individual braids on a medium hairstyle but maintain curls by only letting the braids come to an inch from ends or by mixing the style up with half curly and half braids.


3. Medium Individual Braids

medium individual braids

These braids are a balance between thick and thin, the perfect style if you can’t decide on thickness. Liven up your hair with a fun pop of color like light purple.


4. Individual Braids for Short Hair

individual braids for short hair

On short hair, individual braids will thicken up your hair, giving it a beautiful textured feel. Part hair in the middle or at the side before your stylist begins braiding and wear hair down to show off the style.


5. Blonde Individual Braids

blonde individual braids

Sure you could try a weave or a wig to get the beautiful blonde hair color you want or you could wear blonde individual braids for a more romantic, glam feel.


6. Individual Jumbo Braids

individual jumbo braids

Not only do jumbo braids cut down on the length of time it’ll take your stylist to install these beauties, but they also make for a statement look, especially when the ends are loose.


7. Individual Crochet Braids

individual crochet braids

Get the best of both braids and loose hair by having your stylist or a friend braid the hair from the scalp to about three or four inches down. Leave the rest of the hair loose for a thick, gorgeous look.


8. Individual Ombre Braids

individual ombre braids

Sure you could choose a caramel or blonde to make an ombre on your long braids, or you could try a brighter color like dark blue that fades into baby blue.


9. Individual Braids for Natural Hair

individual braids for natural hair

Whether you’re growing out your natural hair or you’ve already done so and are looking for a way to style it, individual braids will have your back and keep you looking amazing.


10. Individual Twist Braids

individual twist braids

If it’s the boho vibe you’re looking for in your next hairstyle, try out these tiny individual braids in both light and dark purple shades. You can even decorate the braids with a couple hair cuffs.


11. Knotless Individual Braids

knotless individual braids

To avoid a bumpy look at the scalp, try knotless individual braids. They last four to six weeks and there is less of a tugging feeling, so no headache from this amazing style.


12. Small Individual Braids

small individual braids

Another glam look to try are these microbraids. Started at a side part, this style will add dimension and give you a beautiful edge in what might otherwise be a plain hairstyle.


13. Individual Box Braids

individual box braids

Determined to find a hairstyle that will turn heads? Combine layered long box braids with a medium shade of blue and gather them into two space buns for a look no one else will have.


14. Individual Braids for Kids

individual braids for kids

Your little one deserves to have her own fun hairstyle to show off at school or to keep the hair out of her face at soccer. Try these sporadically placed individual braids, a quick style that will last all day.


15. Individual Braided Updo

individual braided updo

When you’re ready to switch up your braids from wearing them down over your shoulders, gather them into a high rounded jumbo bun for sophisticated style perfect for work.


16. Thick Individual Braid Updo

Individual Braided knot Hairstyle

This shoulder-length style is universally flattering. Gather the top half of your braids into a cute updo, leaving the rest down to frame your face.


17. Fun With Colors

Black And Bright Green Individual Braid Style For Women

In addition to the shocking scale of these braids, it has several extra eye-grabbing points including:

  • The bold green hue that is flashy enough to glow in the dark night and glisten on the sunny day. So, whenever you are looking for a way to shine bright like a diamond remember that there is no easier way to stand out in the crowd than to have some fun with colorful alterations.
  • Another worthy note is that weave is a great way to add length and volume to your hair especially if you want to protect your natural hair locks or they are not long enough for the style you have in mind!

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18. Curled Tips

While everybody opts for straightened plain hair tips to even out the split ends, there is always another way to keep those ends fresh and ready to party.

In conclusion, when it comes down to simple women individual braids you need to spice things up. And this stylish apparently chose to add a dramatic twist to the classic braids by curling up the tips with a curling iron.

Tip: Add some hairspray upon finishing up to make sure there are no surprise flyouts.


19. Short Braids

Whether your natural hair is long or short, you can always find a way to turns odd in your favor and look as incredible as ever! So you can either try out braids like box braids or modern accessories like headbands or hats to bring out the best you.


20. Violet Crochet Braids

Violet Crochet Individual Braided Hair

No girl can stand a chance against the one with the unusual hair color. And this time of modern times is when colorful and festive hair is the trendiest of all. So make sure you pick out a bold striking color if you ever decide to go with this idea.

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21. Double Trouble

double up pony style women individual braids

When half of the heart of an outfit is solely depending on your hairstyling, you need to double up on your sleek individual braids just to make sure you don’t lose any styling points. So, instead of plain braided styles, here’s a pony style with auburn hue to take your look to a whole new level.


22. Frontal Updo

Whoever said that braided hairstyles are not versatile is definitely wrong. Because it is clearly evident that there are no limits to the creativity unleashed under the name of these women individual braids. So, for our new trick, we introduce the front braided bun as the next big hit to hardcore edgy women everywhere!


23. Long And Curly

Let us guess, you are asking yourself the most obvious itching question ” How on earth can I end up with curled braids ?”. The answer is simple, thinner braids = more curled up effect. It will give them that bouncy zig-zag vibe you desperately want to achieve!


24. Braids Can Be Chic Too

Loose Individual Braid Hairstyle

Lose the jingling head accessory if you are thinking about attending a more formal event in which it would be rendered inappropriate.

Other than that, you are totally on the safe side with this one for any elegant night you are attending. Just let the braids with middle parting hang around your shoulders and let them work their magic.


25. As Cute And Easy As It Gets

Individual Braid Hairstyle With Ombre

In addition to the hinting change of hair color using the faded ombre effect, this design is extremely peculiar yet ridiculously easy to copy. Because all you need to do is grab all of your braids and give them a nearly twist to get that wavy feel!

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