Best Side Bangs for Short Hair

In today’s busy world maintaining long hair can be such a hassle, so why not give it a go with short hair with side bangs? Not only that short hair is easier to maintain, but it is also super stylish. If you want to know how to rock a short side bangs hairstyle, then just keep on reading!


Short Hair with Side Bangs

We’ve compiled here a list of 15 popular short side bangs hairstyles for modern women.

1. Short Wavy Bob with Bangs

Short Wavy Bob with Side Bangs

This simple wavy bob is amazing for the days when you feel like curling your hair or if you have wavy hair in general. The side bangs add that elegance factor on the short haircut, while the curls make the look fun and chic.


2. Side Bangs with Ponytail 

Ponytail with Side Bangs for Women

A fun and messy ponytail is the way to go on those lazy days when you just don’t have the time to do your short hair. This side bangs looks laid back and still fashionable.


3. Side Bangs with Messy Topknot

short hair bun with side bangs

This short hair with bangs on side style looks fierce and powerful, while the high bun gives it the simplicity effect, making this the perfect combination for a night out. It can be styled up with fashionable clothes and some flashy jewelry or styled down with a more casual wardrobe, the choice is yours!


4. Short Hair with Undercut for Women

Short Hair with Side Bangs and Undercut

If you are not afraid to unleash your inner goddess, then this is the hairstyle for you! This buzz cut on the side adds the surprise element to your long & chic short hair. Not only is this side bangs with undercut hairstyle so powerful, but it is also unique which means you are guaranteed to be in the center of attention.


5. Short Pixie Hair with Side Bangs

Short Pixie Hair with Side Bangs

This is the perfect hairstyle for women who have to keep it professional at work. This short haircut with the side bangs is elegant because of the hair structure, which will make you look like a true stylish icon!


6. Voluminous Hairstyle with Side Thick Bangs

A short hairstyle doesn’t have to mean short side bangs! This could be the right match for people with a busy schedule who still want their hair to look on point. The short hairstyle is very easy to maintain while the long side bangs make it super stylish and very fashion-forward.


7. Short Layered Bob

Short Layered Bob with Side Bangs

When you layer short hair it actually transforms your entire look into something a lot more voluminous, chic, and stylish. The side part bangs make this short hairstyle a little dramatic, but still wearable for your day to day activities. Women who are in their 20s will rock this simple cut the best!


8. Short Ashy Grey Hair

 Short Ashy Grey Hair with Bangs

This modern short hairstyle with bangs on side is a great way to go if you are looking to step out of your comfort zone. Say “yes” to being the new trendsetter with this amazing hair-do! It has a bold undercut which will allow you to express your bold style with ease.


9. Straight Bob with Side Bangs

Straight Bob with Side Bangs

Sometimes less is truly more. This side swept bangs combo is a favorite because it looks so powerful. If you don’t have the time to curl your short hair, but still want to make a statement, then you’ve found your match!


10. Pageboy Hairstyle

women with short hair and side bangs

If you want to look avant-garde and you crave unique hairstyles make sure you get this super cool bangs! Its clean cut and the stylish bangs make the look appropriate for all occasions. Why not be the trendsetter with this futuristic hairstyle?


11. Medium Bob

Thin straight hair will look the best with a simple medium length or short cut and side bangs. Such haircut always looks very neat and is easy to keep intact. Bangs for thin hair couldn’t get any better.


12. Multicolored Style

Giving hair some color is always a winning deal. Adding several different colors can make even the thinnest hair look voluminous. Darker hair on the bottom and lighter on top is a great way to add some volume and style to any short haircut with bangs on side.


13. Pixie with Bangs on Side

The classical bob will make any women look great. Long bangs add the pixie bob some outstanding style. Brushing the bangs to one side will make any bob with short hair look very stylish. If all else fails, go for the classics!


14. Swept Highlighted Bangs

side bangs for short haired girls

The swept highlighted bangs produce an impression of the windblown short hairstyle, which looks very fashionable. Such style might require a lot of maintenance but will stay intact for a long time. The volume here is guaranteed for any hair type.


15. Short and Side Swept Bangs

short hair with side swept bangs

Sweeping the bangs to the side and brushing them a little upward to add some volume is a great way to make any short hair look amazing. The side swept bangs are the style of choice among many movie stars.


FAQs on Short Hair with Side Bangs

The short hair with bangs can be carried out in many different ways. The one you should get depends mostly on you. Here are some answers to the FAQs when it comes to side bangs!

Which face shape is the best for side bangs?

Round face shapes will look the best with a strong cut with side bangs. Oval face shapes can pull off pretty much any style of bangs. Longer face shapes should embrace longer messy bangs. Heart-shaped faces should get layered bangs.


Which Short haircut suits side bangs perfectly?

All short hairstyles can work with bangs on the side, but it is up to you to decide which one you like the most and which one suits you.


Short side bangs is probably one of the best and easiest choices you can make today to save up time, money and still get a fresh new look-all at once! It is easy to maintain, there are many different short hairstyles to choose from, and side bangs is a great way to play around with your appearance!

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