10 Popular Half Braided Hairstyles for Black Hair

Half braided hairstyles are one of the best options when it comes to styling your black hair without too much effort. These hairstyles are beautiful and they look spontaneous and fun. Braids are super versatile and you can play around with the many different kinds there are.


Half Braided Hairstyles for Black Women

Because there’s an unbelievable amount of half braided and braided hairstyle ideas for women with black hair, we want to help you out by providing a top 10 of gorgeous half braided hairstyles for you to choose from!

1. Crown Braid

half crown braid for women

This half crown braid is beautiful and it allows you to let your black hair down while still keeping it out of your face. It looks effortless and it will give that touch of chic to any of your outfits.

If you’re feeling particularly bohemian, you can even pick fresh flowers and decorate your crown braid.


2. Waterfall Braids Tied Back

half waterfall braided hairstyle

This look might take a bit of skill, but it’s nothing you can’t learn to do with a little determination.

Waterfall braids are beautiful and they create a very simple, yet cool half braided hairdo for black women. You can leave your hair straight for a more laid-back look or curl the ends for a perfect semi-formal look.


3. Side French Braid

half side french braided hair for women

French braids are a classic and they’re pretty easy to learn. Side French braids are even easier half braid hairstyles to put together and they are the perfect compliment to any casual outfit for black women.

They seem effortless and they look purposefully messy, which is what we’re going for. This is the perfect choice for when you’re feeling lazy but you still want to look chic.


4. Half Up Boxer Braids

Half Up Boxer Braids for Black Women

Boxer braids are in and they’re cool. They offer a tough-looking hairstyle while still being chic and stylish.

However, not everyone can commit to full boxer braids, so that’s why half boxer braids are a good compromise. You get the coolness of the boxer braids while still wearing your hair down!


5. Fishtail Braid

half fishtail braided hairstyle

Fishtail braids are another classic for women with black hair and they look great! They make for a casual look and they are both elegant and classy.

This half fishtail braid hairstyle is the perfect choice for your everyday, casual activities and it will compliment all your outfits.

It also allows you to wear your hair down while still doing something extra.


6. Pull Through Braid

The pull through half braids doesn’t look like any other kind of braid and it offers a casual, yet stylish look. It’s easy enough and it will look great for almost any occasion.

This kind of braided hairstyle looks better for those lucky women who have black hair and it also looks better on longer hair, so keep that in mind.


7. Faux Hawk Braid

half faux hawk braided hair for black women

If you want to try something different and chic, you should go for a half faux hawk braid for black women. This kind of braid can be styled in many different ways and it will always look amazing.

The half up faux hawk braid is great for a more casual look, while the full faux hawk braid you see in the picture is really made to impress. The only downside is that this kind of hairstyle requires big hair!

Blissful Side Braids Hairstyles for Black Girl


8. Half Up Braided

half up braided hairstyle for black women

It doesn’t get any easier than this half braided hairstyle! This is a great choice for work, hanging out with friends, coffee dates, or to just to run errands.

This braided hairstyle for black girls allows you to wear your hair down and yet it has a little something extra to show purpose and to stand out.

It’s effortless, simple, and it looks very pretty. If you curl your hair, you will have the perfect compliment to any semi-formal outfit.


9. Half Up Half Down Braid

Half Up Half Down Braided Hair for Women

This half up half down hair with braid is super simple and it will compliment your outfits very well. It makes for a carefree, casual and beautiful look. This is definitely something anyone can learn how to do and it can get you out of a pickle when you don’t know what you do with your hair.

Once you master this braid, you can move on to add more braids. The black half up and half down braids can be double or triple so you can make your hairstyle look a lot more busy and elegant.


10. Knotted Looped Half Up Braid

looped half braided hairstyle

The knotted looped half braid is super easy to do and it’s lovely. It makes for a romantic hairstyle and it will look polished, elegant and beautiful.

This is another simple option that you can definitely master and you can always come back to it whenever you need to compliment a fresh, casual look.


Half braided hairstyles are super versatile and there are many different things you can try out, so give any of these choices a shot!

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